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Welcome to RVGFANATIC. This is my one man pet project to document, chronicle and commemorate my favorite system ever: the 16-bit Super Nintendo. Opening on January 7, 2007, it's been my passion from day one to produce a website where SNES fans can relive, remember, replay and (re)discover all the great classics, hidden gems and quietly solid games from the endless SNES library. You will also find numerous Super Nintendo articles and editorials. I hope you enjoy the site, and that it brings a warm glow to your heart as we look back to simpler times and recall what was truly an awesome gaming era. If my work encapsulates just a tiny bit of '90s SNES magic, mission accomplished

Feel free to sign the guestbook or email me at RetroGamer7 @ yahoo dot com. Also be sure to check out my Patreon page. This is one way to support the site if you've been a fan of my work over the years. The site isn't free to run ad-free so any funds would go to support that. But it's OK if that's not in your interest to do so. Thanks for visiting!  -Steve

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BLOG RVG Patreon Here's a way to support me if ya been a fan of my work over the years
SR96: Killer Instinct Can you believe it's been 20 years since Killer Instinct hit the SNES?
SR95: Double Dragon V Everybody has their own closet guilty pleasures. This one's mine!
SR94: Adventures of Hourai High Cliques, clubs, crushes. It's another day at Hourai High
SR93: Harley's Humongous Adventure SNES' own Ant-Man + Q&A w/ Brian Greenstone!
SR92: Jurassic Park 2 Ocean goes back to the basics and delivers a worthwhile dino romp
SR91: Jurassic Park Ocean was remarkably ambitious with this one, for better or for worse
SR90: Return of Double Dragon Often hated and underrated, here is why this game rocks
SR89: Arkanoid: Doh It Again Answer to what's the last SNES game EGM ever reviewed?
POLL: CHEWIE... WE'RE HOME Vote for your favorite Super Nintendo STAR WARS game!
MISC: WWF Memories How I became a fan 28 years ago plus one epic wrestling weekend!
SR88: Gunman's Proof Link to the Past meets the Wild West, with a dash of Earthbound
SR87: Earthbound It's Valentine's Day, so I decided to write the MOTHER of all love letters
SR86: Breath of Fire Capcom tries their hand at the RPG genre... with mostly good results
SR85: Equinox Sprawling adventure sure to mystify with long labyrinths and big bad bosses
SR84: Donkey Kong Country Let's end 2014 with a GORILLA-sized bang. Happy new year!
SR83: Wolfchild Happy Thanksgiving day. With that said... I'M HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF
MISC: GOOSEBUMPS The phenomenon that turned us kids into readers and horror fanatics
SR82: Brandish 2 Nothing's better than an obscure Japan-only sequel, FAN TRANSLATED!
SR81: Mortal Kombat II What's better than Black Friday?  Why, duh... MORTAL FRIDAY!
SA17: The Lost Weekend For the first time ever, see pics of my Super Nintendo collection!
SR80: True Lies The true summer blockbuster of '94, and a sleeper SNES title. That's no lie
SR79: The Mask Today... July 29, 2014... marks the 20th Anniversary of this film. SMOKIN'!
SA16: SUMMER OF IMPORTS As a kid, I wanted a perfect summer. 20 years ago, I found it
SR78: Super Street Fighter II Summer 1994 was an epic season, thanks to games like this
SR77: Mega Man 7 It's the return of the original Blue Bomber but is it a happy homecoming?
MISC: Nightcrawler Can't get enough X-Men?  Here's one of the best cartoon episodes ever
SR76: Knights of the Round A solid port. Not Capcom's finest hour but a damn sure fun one
SR75: Fatal Fury 2 Takara toiled along in their early days... until they had this 20 MEG GEM
SR74: 3 Ninjas Kick Back Infamous for its $1000 box/manual AND Breaking Bad connection
SR73: NBA Jam For over 20 years now, the JAM revolution has raged. See how it all started
SR72: Mega Man X 20 years ago the Blue Bomber finally hit the SNES. Now, RVGFanatic!
SR71: TMNT Tournament Fighters Another SNES classic turns 20. "TURTLE COMBAT!"
SR70: Clay Fighter 20 years ago, this was one of the most polarizing games of my youth...
SR69: Treasure Hunter G Squaresoft goes out with a BANG in its Super Nintendo swan song
SR68: Doom Groundbreaking. Trailblazing. 20 years later, Doom still captures the imagination
SR67: Mortal Kombat It's the 20th anniversary of MORTAL MONDAY!  Tonight, we remember
SR66: Street Fighter II Turbo It's the 20th anniversary of the SNES port. Tonight, we celebrate
SR65: Lennus II The Japanese only sequel to Paladin's Quest... until now!  Jesus H. Christ...
SR64: Paladin's Quest On a system dominated by epic RPGs, does this even make a dent?
SR63: Star Ocean Tri-Ace's 48-MEG MONSTER follow-up to ToP -- could it be EVEN better?
SR62: Tales of Phantasia On my gaming bucket list, ToP was at the top. Here's how it fared
SA15: The Mode 7 Year Itch For 7 years my SNES fire has burned. Here are 7 reasons why!
SR61: Super Mario Kart Come take a stroll with me down memory lane... or Rainbow Road...
SR60: Super Bomberman The classic and quintessential Super Nintendo party game  ^_^
SR59: Bust-A-Move Nearly six years and 60 SNES reviews later, finally, RVG's first puzzler!
SR58: BS Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero Mario meets Mega Man?!  See for yourself...
SR57: Final Fight 2 Not too good but eh, Capcom gets a mulligan here. At least it's 2-player
SR56: Final Fantasy II Fantastic storytelling from a terrific early RPG. One of the finest around
SA14: SNES HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Two of my favorite things... with a 30 game countdown!
SR55: World Heroes 2 Ah, one of my favorite games from my youth. Such awesome memories
SR54: Super Mario World Super Nintendo's first game finally gets the RVG treatment  ^_^
SR53: Super Punch-Out!! 8-bit revivals on SNES was all the rage. The fine tradition continues
SR52: Secret of Mana The game almost everyone raves about. Is it worth all the hype?
SR51: Castlevania: Dracula X Not quite the 2nd SNES Castlevania offering we hoped for, but...
MISC: Adventures in Africa Summer 2010 was a wild, crazy time. Travel back and see why!
SR50: The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang One of the most underrated SNES games around!
SR49: Thunder Spirits At last the very first SNES space shooter review on RVGFANATIC
SR48: Batman Returns Konami's brawler that "everyone" loves. Personally, I've played better
SR47: Bonkers Capcom made so many great games. Was this one that flew under the radar?
SR46: The Addams Family They're kreepy and they're kooky. And now they're on your SNES
SR45: Hook A fun little platformer that's better than the film. From the makers of SkyBlazer
SR44: Ranma ½: Hard Battle Good memories back in the day, but does it hold up?

May 6
It's been a while and it's been even longer since RVG reviewed an RPG of any sort. This game is no doubt one of the most highly touted Super Nintendo games around. It's a magical land where big eyes and EVEN bigger hearts rule, where EVIL reigns yet hope abounds. It's Terranigma!

February 25
It's the best SNES game you've never heard of or played before. It is a game that's been sadly obscure for far too long. That is, until now. It's the best kept secret on SNES. It's not BS, folks,
it's BS Out of Bounds Golf!  Seriously, this 4-player mini-golf game's SIMPLY BRILLIANT  ^_^

February 5
It's a SUPER BOWL-sized update!  One of my favorite games growing up was Looney Tunes B-Ball. How does it hold up?  And, although Christmas has come and passed, it's NEVER out of season to share some of my FONDEST yuletide memories. From my SNES genesis back in 1991 to the amazing events that took place December 2010, it's my Christmas Memoirs!

January 17
RVG goes old school with a MEGA update!  It's been over two years since the last SFC review.
So here's not one but TWO:  Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban  Zen Nippon Pro Wrestling Budokan. Plus find out the gravity of January 17, 2006. Finally, voice your opinion in the new Voting poll. Whew!  Hey, just like the good old days, eh?  ^_^   [Enjoy it as it comes... -Ed.]

January 7
Today marks FOUR years since RVG hit cyberspace!  Let's celebrate with the 40th SNES
review, and a special one it is. This is where the Scissorman legend started: Clock Tower!

                                       ***FAREWELL 2010, HELLO 2011!***

November 21
Can you believe *20 YEARS* ago today saw the birth of Super Famicom?  20 years, over 1,000
games. Wow. Where does one start?  Well, Super Play offers you their 100 best!  And now, for
the first time ever in the history of cyberspace, RVG and SP have partnered to bring you Super Play's Top 100 SNES Games!

October 30
Just like Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers, once again your host is BACK! One of the most
memorable two player SNES games around was Zombies Ate My Neighbors. After 16 years
waiting to play the "sequel," I finally have. Reader beware, don't say the line It's Ghosts and
Demons time!
  Ghoul Patrol

June 11
With the 2010 NBA Finals heating up, I'm reminded of two basketball games I really enjoyed back in the day. Let's see if they still deliver: NBA Give 'N Go and Slam 'n Jam '96!

April 7
If you were lucky like me, you had a best friend growing up. Someone who had your back through thick and thin, good and bad, high and low. Nothing completes a healthy childhood
quite like having a best friend to co-star in your coming-of-age adventures. I pay tribute and
honor the man I'm proud to call friend. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Nelly!

March 15
For the first time ever in RVG history, we have a whoppin' 8, 16 and 32-bit update! Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and Galactic Attack. And with spring comes baseball!  Is this how the game will evolve in just 10 short years?  Smell the grass and jet fuel; it must be Super Baseball 2020!

January 28
I'm back and hopefully for good this time!  Here's a game I have wondered about for 15 years:
Nosferatu. Prince of Persia meets Castlevania... does it live up to that billing?  Let's find out

                                      ***FAREWELL 2009, HELLO 2010!***

September 5
I'm back!  No, I wasn't dead. Quite the opposite!  First be sure to check out the NEW interview with Cylk Cozart at the bottom of Fast Times @ Bayside High. So what the heck was I doing
the past three months?  I'm glad you asked, for I had a summer that changed my life forever...

May 29
For as long as I can remember, I have loved stories. In college I enrolled in a storytelling class and had the time of my life. It might sound sad, but we had such a great group and tonight, I'm proud to share a storytelling bonanza. We can never and SHALL never... forget our Fast Times @ Bayside High

May 7
It's been a while hasn't it? And it's been even longer since I have posted a Saturn review, so let's kill two ships with one shot. What better game to show that than Raizing's Soukyugurentai!

March 27
You know, growing up, my uncle, brother and I just loved pro wrestling. We just loved the wacky
business and the larger than life characters. I wanna take the time now to remember one of the
all-time greats. He's the best there is, he's the best there was, and he's the best THERE EVER
... he's Bret "The Hitman" Hart!

March 3
This past week I saw one of the best films I've seen in a long time. I loved it so much it led
to this. Father Time... it's the one thing we can't beat. But, you also can't beat the heart of
a champion... The Wrestler

January 18
Earlier this month RVG turned two years old. Tonight we look back at the year that was,
hand out some awards and have some fun: RVG Retrospective II (Journal + Voting)

                                           *FAREWELL 2008, HELLO 2009*

December 20
Happy Holidays to all!  This next game, on the surface, may not appear to have much to do
about Christmas, but for me, well, read and see. From NESFANATIC to now RPGFANATIC!
It's everyone's favorite (or not) starter kit of an RPG.... Final Fantasy Mystic Quest!

November 29
Twenty years: Blaster Master

November 21
Happy 18th BDay SNES!  But before there was a Super Nintendo, there was simply, Nintendo.
In a month full of change around the world, I'm proud to launch... NESFANATIC!  (Journal)

November 15
Strap on your boots, soldier, it's time to once again thwart the evil forces of Red Falcon in Contra III! + new Journal format

October 30
In the dying days of the 8-bit NES, rabid fans were anticipating the launch of the 16-bit Super Nintendo; looking forward to souped up sequels of their NES favorites. One of the earliest also turned out to be one of the very finest. Join me as we cut open the legacy, story and MUCH more... Happy Halloween: Super Castlevania IV

October 17
One of the earliest SNES games and also one of the hardest: you know it, you love it. Find
out how Firebrand got his own SNES game, Joe the Plumber's connection and much more.
It's Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts!

October 6
Ahhhh, October. It's one of my favorite months as I just *LOVE* this time of the year. The darkening days, the longer nights. This month has also led me to write my first NEW Saturn review in 3 years!  Once again joining forces with SEGA Saturn Magazine, it's Capcom's horror classic Resident Evil!

September 26
Many of us were lucky to have grown up with a best friend. Somebody who had our back, and
we had theirs. We shared good times, we shared great times. Then time passes, life happens,
and you see them again for the first time in years. This story is about just that: how time can
change us, EVEN, the very best of friends: For Whom the Belch Tolls

September 21
Many loved the TV show. The game?  Not so much. Home Improvement... how bad can it be?  Let's take a closer look shall we

September 11
Though the dog days of summer may no longer be with us, baseball marches on. This review
comes to you nearly 15 years in the making... with over a thousand games' worth of experience.
I honor the man, or rather The Kid, and the game: Ken Griffey Jr. MLB

August 17
Wow, I can't believe the summer of 2008 is drawing to a close. I think back to the summer of 1994; 14 scorching summers ago and one epic gaming weekend. It's hard to believe it's been that long. Time flies, does it not?  It is fitting I end this summer with a review of this next game.
Memories, confessions, and more: it's... King of the Monsters 2!

August 2
Throughout the course of mankind, many thought-provoking questions have been posed, like... Who is the Robot Monkey?

July 20
I'll never forget my very first time [Wuh oh... -Ed.]  playing the Super Nintendo. F-Zero way back in December of '91, and the second game, well, this infamous SNES port has been through it all, but have you ever seen the alternative ending?  Time to revisit Metro City with Final Fight!

July 7
Couple days ago America celebrated its Birthday. Today, RVG celebrates its very own!  Well, the big one year and a half, anyhow. And to ring in this minor milestone I'm very proud to bring you this next update. For me, few things can top a good ghost story on a warm summer night.
I grew up with an uncle who was an expert at it, and a show that made its name scaring kids.
It's... the Tale of the Lonely Ghost

July 1
One of the first Saturn games responsible for making me the obscure game lover I am today, it's TechnoSoft's Nekketsu Oyako!

June 22
Ahh, summer time, it's officially here. And you know what summer reminds me of?  A bustling crowd that stretches as far as the eyes could see. The smell of pickles in the air. Yup, I'm talking about the flea market. It's my Flea Market Memoirs.

June 16
Super Bomberman 3-5 + Voting + Journal

June 13
T.G.I.F!  And I do mean that literally. While it may be Friday the 13th, it's Good Friday around these parts. Ahh, women. Since the dawn of time man has struggled to find the right partner in the game of life. This classic tale epitomizes man's search of such; full of wonder, hope, and heartbreak: Jesse's Girl

June 7
One of the earliest games to hit the SNES, you know it you love it and you hate it, well, maybe not love. It can only be... Ultraman!

June 1
Very few games are as weird as I am. Perhaps with this next game I've met my match. [Impossible! -Ed.]  Special guest stars abound, a little history lesson, the Master's face
finally revealed, dirty secrets, obscure facts and more, it's Soul Blazer!

May 15
Waku Waku Monster

May 11
Today marks the 13th Birthday of the US Sega Saturn!  I've had some great memories with this system, but perhaps none fonder than those early years. FuncoLand, Sega-Saturn.com, X-Men, EGM bigwig Milkman and more!  It's the true story of how it all started for yours truly. Break out the party hats, kick back, grab a drink, and join me for this flashback: SEGA Saturn SAGA

April 19
Hissatsu! + Journal

April 1
It is my extreme honor to announce I scored an interview with the one, the only: Sir Charles Barkley!  Basketball fans rejoice: Barkley Shut Up and Jam!

March 18
As you go through life, certain special folks will leave a lasting imprint on your travels. Growing up, I had many, but 3 specifically, that I shall remember fondly for the rest of my days. Looking back at what they have meant to me, as well as the night where we all came full circle, it's time to turn back the clock. It's... The Wonder Years

March 5
Shienryu + Journal

February 20
The Oscars is set for this Sunday, but I say why wait!  One of the tougher to find US SNES games, and one you might never heard of before, but is it any good?  Don't ask me, Oscar!

February 9
Twenty years ago today Konami released Contra on the 8-bit Famicom. I look back at the game that got me into games: Commemorating Contra

January 26
Two years and change ago I decided to give gaming one last hurrah when I went through my SNES rebirth. Partly to play the gems I missed, the other to revisit fond childhood faves. This next game is the latter. Clones, controversy and clowns, yup, it's Fighter's History

January 11
Dharma Doujou + SUPER NES FILES

January 7
RVG turns one year old!  Join me as we look back at the event "ten years in the making": RVG Retrospective. Here's to year number two and beyond!

                                          *FAREWELL 2007, HELLO 2008*

December 28
It's one thing to have issues. It's quite another to have Holiday Issues!  Plus updated Journal. See you lot in 2008, have a happy new year, we outta here!

December 22
It might not look so on the surface but this next game for me is very much connected to the holiday season. It's my old childhood favorite. . .  King of the Monsters!

December 8
You know, December is a time to look back to see where you have been, and determine where you'll be going. It's the final chapter in the saga: Playback III

November 24
The Super Famicom turned 17 this past Wednesday, and so did F-ZERO

November 15
One of my favorite Saturn import gems: Elevator Action Returns + Voting

October 31
Boogeymen, ghost stories & screaming bitches. Why, it could only mean one thing: my Memories of Halloween!

October 21
"Where's the Konami love on RVG?!  Are you a Capcommunist?"  I hope this clears things up: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

October 15
If it's Halloween, it must be Swagman!  Plus updated Journal

October 5
Summer has come and passed. The innocent can never last. WAKE ME UP... when September ends: Of Mastodons and Men

September 22
It's the title that sold Super Nintendo's by the truckload. The game that launched a video gaming revolution. It's Capcom's mega-hit smash Street Fighter II

September 11
Some days you'll always remember. And some teachers you never forget. Today I remember both: Coach Butler and 9/11

August 26
Metal Slug + updated Journal

August 19
Here's a relatively obscure Action RPG that I feel is misunderstood, and really not that shabby: Brandish

August 4
The obscure SFC impressions roll on with Puzzle'N Desu!  Plus GameFan Generosity

July 29
15 years ago yesterday saw the arcade release of a dear sentimental favorite: World Heroes

July 24
Saturn lives!!! Prikura Daisakusen

July 19
I pay homage to the little bro I never had... in BUON COMPLEANNO!

July 14
It's been praised to the high heavens: called the greatest "unknown" title on Super Nintendo, hell, one GameFan persona called it one of the best of all time!  But is it really THAT good? Here's my take on Sky Blazer. Also, Journal has been updated

July 7
Exactly six months ago today, I launched RVG. Time really flies lemme tell ya!  Here's to many more. To help me celebrate six months is our ole demon friend Firebrand, starring in the phenomenal Demon's Crest

June 23
This week I share some of my fond memories from college: Spring FEVER. Playback II

June 16
It's a whole new wor -- er, review. Yes, it could only be Capcom's Disney's Aladdin

June 11
Summer is now in session and what a great time for, among many other things, BASEBALL. The game has given me some great memories, from the 5th grade baseball tourney to the title film: Field of Dreams

June 3
"BINGO!"  Early-mid 90's cartoon madness, how do they fare in a video game? SWAT Kats

May 30
Two years ago today I wrote a review on one of my favorite obscure Saturn gems:
Mizubaku Adventure

May 26
They've got guns. They've got force. They could only be: GunForce

May 23
One of the simplest yet most well-done SFC game around: Little Magic

May 18
Tell me... what 'chu gonna do when judgment comes for you? We all come to a crossroads in life, a moment of truth. 2.14.98 -- see you at .........  Tha Crossroads

May 16
Hey y'all. It's mid-May and Summer is right around the corner. What an exciting time. A time to catch up on games, family and friends. I've finally transferred some long neglected impressions. It's a puzzle barrage! Kunio no Oden. Nintama Rantarou Puzzle. Nontan to Issho Puzzle

May 11
Before Puzzle Fighter, there was.... Dossun! Ganseki Battle

Ah, 12 years ago on this very day... the Sega Saturn shocked the gaming world with an early system launch! Hard to believe it's been a dozen years already. Hell, 12 years ago today I was still playing my Super NES and admittedly in denial that the 32-bit generation was upon us all. Since then I've gone on to grow quite fond of Sega's 32-bit black box. To honor the occasion somewhat I've drugged out two very old reviews: In The Hunt. Pandemonium!  Happy 12th!

May 4
The wait is over. It's here. As I promised, a BIG site update was in the works and now I am proud to unveil what it is I have been working on here and there for the better part of THREE weeks! Is it good enough to earn a perfect score of 10? Can it join the company of Super Metroid? The entire legacy is covered, including an EXCLUSIVE interview with the one and only, Shigeru Miyamoto! Plus the UNCENSORED plot and much more!  The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

New entry to Journal as well

April 26
Sorry updates are a bit slow right now. FINALS and all, ya know how it goes. But a BIG update is in the works. For now check out some Saturn Fan Testimonies

April 20
It's finally here as promised! It's the Lost Interview... it's the exclusive Interview with SSM

April 13
Happy Friday the 13th! Keeping up with the wrestling theme here, what is the best SNES wrestling title? Hmmm. Could it be.... Natsume Champ Wrestling ?

April 11
A great speech, this is: Mr. USA Tony Atlas

April 7
It just might be the coolest SFC game you never heard of.... Ghost Chaser Densei

April 4
My first new SFC writeup in nearly 3 months! The Neo Geo gone SFC brawler: Sengoku Densyo

April 3
Thanks to my long time Saturn bud, Gameofyou, for supplying his Saturn shots. Poy Poy fan? Did you know Saturn had one of its own? Keriotosse!

March 30
Are you ready for Bullova and gang? Can you defeat Ground Zero? It has to be, it must be, and it is! The Combatribes

March 29
It's a beat 'em up barrage! Battle Zeque Den. Kishin Zenki: Battle Raiden. UFO Kamen Yakisoban

March 27
Links added and new Journal entry. Plus a Saturn import and the incredibly rare Kirby Kira Kira Kids for SFC: Time Commando. Kirby & (Cosmo) Gang

March 22
Metroid meets Megaman? And if Doom were a 2D platform blaster on the SNES, kiddified, maybe, but Doom (in spirit) nonetheless? It can only be B.O.B.!

March 16
Do you remember the joy of renting NES, Genesis and SNES games back in the day? I certainly do: Memories of Renting

March 15
I return, and so too the obscure SFC impressions: Arkanoid/Breakout Clones

March 9
Will Super Metroid be the first game to score a perfect 10?

March 8
Let's get back to gametalk, and what a MOST fine game this is... Bulk Slash

March 7
Two months since the site launched! And er, I don't have much to celebrate the occasion with! But, if you're bored and want to read about the best college experience I've had: Playback

March 2
At last the top three! SSM Top 50 Finale and a new SNES review Wolfenstein 3-D

March 1
SUPER PLAY is in the house: Sandra no Daibouken Super Ninja Kun. So is SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE: SSM Top 50 Part 5.

And opening the Saturn review section is the ultra rare and expensive Shinrei Taromaru

February 28
The countdown and obscure impressions continues: SSM Top 50 Part 4 Action Pachio

February 25
It's the run 'n gun you might never have seen: Time Slip

And, in an attempt to make the site interactive, I've included Voting

February 24
30 through 21! SSM Top 50 Part 3

February 22
The countdown continues: SSM Top 50 Part 2

February 21
SSM Top 50 Part 1 is up, and for anyone crazy 'nuff to read even more game-slash-life ramblings from moi, a Journal has been established

February 18
It's the shockingly controversial game they didn't want you to know about: Rocky Rodent

February 15
Tetsuwan Atom AKA Astro Boy

February 14
is not for Vendetta, nor Valentines Day. No, V is for Violin... as in Hamelin no Violin Hiki

February 13
Things go from weird to weirder... Nangoku Papuwa-kun

February 11
I pay tribute to my favorite show and a teacher I'll never forget: Coach Cutlip & Ms. Haas

February 9
Still to this day one of SFC's most wanted: Undercover Cops

February 8
Kamen Rider

February 7
It's the game labeled as "Ganbare Goemon meets River City Ransom" ... Shounen Ninja Sasuke

February 6
Over the next couple days we'll look at some obscure-ish beat 'em up's on the Super Famicom... Iron Commando kicks it off

February 4
It's Super Bowl Sunday morning, but to these guys, it's always Saturday night! Did SAT Night Slam Masters impress enough to bring home any gold cups?

February 2
Twin billing of a classic formula! Lode Runner Twin Power Lode Runner

February 1
Thinking fans will love these mind benders: Super Soukoban Power Soukoban

January 30
Nintendo struts its stuff with SFC Mario & Sutte Hakkun.

Return of the Mack, baby! Game Crazy, MLK, SNES comeback and more: Resurrection

January 29
Keeper Super Mad Champ

January 28
A new US review is out, but allow me to explain my review scheme... take a quick peek: SNES Reviews. It's the ending Nintendo didn't want you to see... ahem... Fievel Goes West

January 25
My Top 5 Magazine Publications

January 24
Panic Bomber B-Daman Series

January 23
Raccoon fan?  Who isn't!  Araiguma Rascal Poko Nyan!
Bomberman fan?  Otoboke Ninja Colosseum Super Tekkyu Fight!

January 21
Mario Kart fans rejoice: SD F-1 Grand Prix and one of the weirdest games you'll ever see: Jungle no Ouja Tarzan

January 19
Sanrio World Smash Ball! Pop'n Smash Genocide 2: G2 GeGeGe no Kitarou Ghost Sweeper Mikami Astro GO! GO! Battle Racers. And what's The Bet about? More ramblings at EGM vs. GameFan and why you too should..... LOG IT!

January 18
Ranma ½: Ougi Jaanken Magical Taruruuto-Kun and the "big" game many SFC fans rave about: Magical Pop'n.... worth the hype? And for Mickey fans: Mickey & Donald Mickey Tokyo Disneyland

January 17
Wrestling fan?  Shin Nippon Pro Trilogy Zen Nippon Pro Series WWF-SNES Connection. And
a new review is up, debuting the US SNES Reviews section! Power Moves

January 16
Bomberman fan?  Bakuto! Dochers Spark World

To cap this crazy day off, I've began filling out the "Magazine Madness" section. Two real stories... read about what happened to me on 3.19.06 and if you're REALLY bored... read about The Super Play Drama

January 15
Happy MLK Day. What a busy day: Dream Basketball: D&H The Firemen Syonen Ashibe Miracle Girls Super Back to the Future II and the Go Go Ackman Trilogy -- based off the '93 manga from Akira Toriyama

January 14
In the mood for some demonic action on your Super Famicom? Check out the title some people call "Resident Evil meets Castlevania" -- Majyuuou

January 12
I have a question for you... have you checked your town's Craigslist lately? If not, I suggest you do. In the meantime, for real stories on Leatherface, the BUNYIP, Chrono Trigger, Paul Giamatti and much more.... check out my Craigslist Memoirs

January 11
It's my first new write-up for not just 2007 but this website. I received a request for this write-up from a guy named Sid -- clearly a mind reader, as I had plans for Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes to kick off the site since December. SD Hiryu no Ken capped the evening off

January 10
I've added my very controversial Art of eBay: How To Snipe guide. Tired of getting sniped? Wondering exactly what are the best methods? Then give the guide a look. DoReMi Fantasy added -- one of the finest SFC games you could EVER play

January 9
Ganbare Daiku no Gensan AKA Hammerin' Harry. Is Rendering Ranger: R2 worth all the big hoop-la? Finally, Jessie's Girl is the debut piece for the MISC. section                     

January 8
Added my first string of impressions: Battle Cross Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen Hyper Iria and the Q & A . Over time I may add more to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


In retrospect, this site is some six years in the making

Better late than never

Those who know me, be it for five years or five months, can tell you I love sharing my video game memories, reviews and stories. This site represents my passion for gaming. It will allow me the luxury of documenting my exploits on a format better than the message board medium I've used since 2001. Predominantly, RVGFANATIC will be a Super Nintendo fansite with SNES reviews A to Z. I hope my SNES fansite does the system legacy proud

To everyone who encouraged the idea of making a site and pushed me to run with it, thanks.
I didn't fancy the thought initially due to my ineptitude of web design, but over time, buckled. Occasionally, I had my doubts but someone was always there to urge me on. Gracias

Right now I'm in the process of porting my work over. Updates will come a-plenty the next two weeks. Grad school looms on the horizon, but even then I'll try to update weekly

Whether you're a fan of the Super Nintendo, the Sega Saturn, or just enjoy reading the mad ramblings of a nostalgic recollective gamer -- you've come to the right place!

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