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In no particular order. By the way, some sites listed below are no longer (regularly) updated

Rob Strangman's 472 page memoir is now officially available as of July 15, 2014. If you love reading about vintage video game-related memories (and, I assume you do if you read this site) then this book is a must-buy. Plus, did I mention Rob gave me room for five guest stories in it?! Thanks Rob. I can cross that off the bucket list now. Filled with wonderfully nostalgic stories as well as interviews with industry insiders (Martin Alessi, Sushi-X, Yuzo Koshiro, etc.), Memoirs
of a Virtual Caveman
explores the various memories of over 20 gamers during the Golden Age

Awesome articles with a diehard approach to examining games. Their message board is pretty cool as well. I have been a member there since gosh, 2006. Definitely a diehard look at gaming

Ah, the OPCFG. Man, I remember viewing this page in the late '90s. I always found its aesthetic pleasing, and recall it as one of the first video game sites that I thought, "WOW... this is some really cool stuff. If I ever have a website one day, I would want it to look a bit like the OPCFG."  Ran by the great Rob, updates have stopped but thankfully HG101 (more specifically, one, Mr. Kurt Kalata) is perserving its greatness for all to see for the 1st time, or recall for the 100th time

IT'S BACK!  Well, a new version, ran by the same Rob who ran the original OPCFG. This time around their focus is on compilations. Unfortunately, Rob hasn't updated it in a good while

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest Genesis fan around, but even I appreciate the greatness of
Sega-16. THE definitive Sega Genesis site

Speaking of THE LEGEND!  One of my favorite sites EVER

Speaking of Sega, a nice site and the message board I've been a part of for many years now

One of SegaFans' members, BelPowerslave's own personal site. I've known Bel since 2001 from my diehard Saturn days, and we have shared a-many Saturn thoughts. A good guy, a good site. Lotsa random things, plus a Sega review section. His style of including how much he bought a game for also inspired me to keep track of my own game acquisitions:

"Got it for: $23.97. Funny story behind this game: I was at a Circuit City when they were clearing out their Genesis games. This was "clearanced" at $23.97 (back then, I guess that was a deal, or I was drunk). So I take it up to the register. This little hottie rings it up, says "Wow, Garfield!!! Can I come over and play it!?"  Like a complete and utter freaking moron, I just look at her. God, video games have taken away almost as much as they have given to me!!!"

A big Genesis fan, Bel's views are always interesting...

Ran by YAKUMO, he helped me in this website process back in November '06. His site has many mini-reviews and has been a site I've followed since 2003 or '04. A fellow big lover of obscure games... his site is definitely worth checking out

A relatively new Saturn site that aims to be today's Saturn database

Ran by a fellow HG101 buddy, this retro site is slowly expanding and features a likable aesthetic. I laughed when I read his link intro to my site: Steven is one crazy guy. One day he decided he would review all obscure Super Famicom and Saturn games ever made. Is he part of a cult? Are there any satanic influences involved? It's too late to find out, because he already succeeded. So before you start downloading that new fan translated dating sim, do yourself a favor and ask Steven if it's worth it or not.

Well, I don't do dating sims, and as for the satanic influence, I'm not qualified to say...

An old friend's review retro fansite. Sadly, it seems like it's archive only now

Some may scoff, but scoff all you like. This site has been a favorite of mine since 2001. If you head to the right places (e.g. Saturn/SNES General) there are a bunch of cool gamers to talk to, some good discussion, and the FAQs/codes/user reviews are fun to check out on random nights. Of all the gaming sites on the internet, I've met the most gracious gamers off GameFAQs and to this day, I stand behind that. Stick to the right spots, and it's great

Been posting there since January 2004. A great place with many users with which you can easily engage in some good retro (and modern) gaming discussion. Very laid back

I don't post there much these days, but it helped start my game posting craze. I joined in March 2001, and lurk there at least once or twice a week these days. There are a bunch of characters there, and most have been around for several years now. It is a much tougher,
cynical crowd than most other gaming boards... TEH DRAMA!  LOL

A game trading site. Been there since March 2001. Don't use it any longer these days, though

Lots of mini game reviews. I like the aesthetics, too. Good SFC coverage. Ikermel is awesome!

Ran by my buddy Evan G., a major SNES nut who's devoted his site to nothing but SNES info, including prototypes and unreleased games. More of a technical site than most others. Groovy

Ran by a good guy, it's got a message board and many mini-impressions

Rey's timeless site, now free of ad pop-up's hoo-ray!

I like Tim's style, but sadly the site seems abandoned

Matt's cool random current retro and everything in-between news site. He has been so kind as
to highlight my efforts at sharing obscure SFC games with the gaming world, and most recently gave my site a nice plug. Cheers Matt!

Destroy All Monsters has been resurrected! I have fond memories browsing this wicked cool site (Saturn shooter reviews mainly) 2002-2004. MikeB recently brought it back, hurrah!

Video game store that is also a big supporter of RVG and my work in general, it's much appreciated so to repay my gratitude here is a cool gaming store you should check out

Retro gaming site that keeps you abreast of the latest and greatest. This site has highlighted my efforts, so I very much appreciate it and return the favor here. Good site!

The best import game seller online, bar none. Where do you think all my obscure SFC games came from?  *wink*  Don't hesitate to deal with them, good prices, great selection, very reliable!

Bryan's SFC site. Nice enough to email me and praise my efforts. Check his site out

This site charts current going rates of countless video games. Pretty cool stuff!

Absolutely terrific retro game review, music and miscellaneous site. Well done

Damn FINE Nintendo site for 8-bit NES fans!

Hurrah -- a brand new NES review website!

Interesting site devoted to one man's love of Halloween and monsters that go bump in the night. Nice sprite section of some ghoulish SNES games to boot!

Well done site that has a bit in common with my own effort in the sense that it's not all about
the games. And when it is, it's usually about NES or the SNES. Quite an interesting site!

Pretty cool. Spans from the '70s to today. Check it out

Another cool site to scope. I like his "seasons" article

Excellent efforts of an old internet pal, Jedah. Keep it up bro!

A cool site covering different games on different formats... check it out

How did I not know about this site til now?!  Nate's awesome SFC site

A new community SNES project that aims to be sort of the SNES version of the great SEGA-16 website, with reviews and articles. It's growing in userbase and YOU can contribute to it today

A slick site with a bevy of SNES information. Ch-ch-check it out, go ahead!

An informative site with gameplay videos for every Super NES title ever released. There's even a collection of ratings for each game collected across cyberspace. Quite a few of the games have
RVG's scores listed. Quite humbling. In my Super Nintendo reviews I always cite scores from
EGM, GameFan and Super Play (if possible). It's kinda crazy someone is citing me!  Gracias

Groovy new little blog that looks at SNES games with a rather interesting picture format. Gotta love the site's name. All around has a different vibe than most blogs. Worth keeping an eye on!

Check out this neat little one-man effort SNES/SFC blog. Any fan of RVG is a friend :)

Matthew's new blog that aims to review all the SNES titles. Looks promising!

A relatively newcomer to the world wide web, Sufami Thoughts is a blog that focuses heavily on Japanese SNES games. I love its look and feel. Definitely one to keep an eye on, check it out!

This new blog ambitiously aims to review every SNES / SFC game in chronological order

An amazing site that focuses on RPGs. So good it'll make the geek in you jump out

Similar to the above, this is an essential SNES RPG companion on your role playing trails!  Of course, I would only recommend using it if you're stuck. It's nice knowing it's there if ya need it!

Reviews of many systems from all over!

A cool little new site featuring reviews of games from different systems

A sweet retro gaming blog. Looks at a wide variety of games and does so in a compelling way!

Julian publishes a new SNES review each Friday. Love his work. I urge you to check it out, too

A unique hybrid of a fansite and Youtube classic gaming website. Looks promising. Worth a visit

A very interesting and entertaining gaming site that covers a wide spectrum of games from past to present. I remember reading their Sega Saturn reviews fervently back in the 2000s. Great site

A superb Neo Geo fansite with reviews, pics and more. Note that English users will need to translate it. Fine, fine site. In some ways... I find it to be slightly reminiscent of RVG itself :)

Mike's awesome "one stop shop." He's sold me so many retro gaming goodies over the years,
and his service is always top-notch. An absolute gem of an online store few folks know about

New US-based retro video gaming print magazine with journalists from over 30 years of gaming!

Dan Godkin is simply Dan the Man. He is all you need for all your game box protection needs. Tell him that Large Marge sent ya!  MWAHAHAHAHA. Or, Steve from RVGFanatic anyhow

You may recall an old game named Tetris... this site allows you to play it anytime anywhere!

Speaking of playing classic games anywhere anytime... check out this awesome Neo Geo site

Did somebody say playing classic games online?  Well then, you really have to mention this too

Still the best source to buy games online, IMHO. So many great deals I've scored off this site.
Been there since the summer of 1999, I don't know where my game collection would be today
if it weren't for eBay. In the hands of a patient and skilled buyer, it can be a haven for bargains


While I still prefer the good old fashioned reviewing style of old pen and paper or website reviews, these Youtube guys do an awesome job at the "video review."  I highly recommend any of these:



Game Sack

Retro Liberty

My Life In Gaming

Gaming Historian


NES Complex

Super Derek RPG

Metal Jesus Rocks

Alpha Omega Sin


SNES Man 16

SNES Drunk

Dubious Gaming

Michael B The Game Genie

Cygnus Destroyer / The LJN Defender

Stop Skeletons From Fighting (AKA the Happy Video Game Nerd)

MY CHANNEL (no really, it's mine. December 2005 subscription, baby!)