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SNES SANCTUARY will be where I dish out all my SNES related articles, experiences, stories
and memories in a non-review format. I have some exciting projects lined up that I hope one day
I will get around to publishing... in addition to my collection pictures and featurette, and top lists
ahoy!  Among many others... I'll have more in the SNES SANCTUARY as time goes on. Enjoy!


PS- Check out my YouTube videos at the very bottom of this page! 

Growing up in the golden years of the late 1980's to early-mid 1990's meant growing up with
gaming itself, as 8-bit Nintendo advanced to 16-bit Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. I have
many fond memories of the Christmas season, but here I mostly focus on my SNES stories
around Christmas time, including my SNES genesis and the awesome events that took place Christmas 2010. You could say 2010 was a PowerPak'ed Christmas of epic proportions. Turn
back the clock and come stroll down memory lane with me -- as I recall my favorite Christmas
memories of my youth and how it all came full circle many years later, as is so often the case

In 2006 when I got back into the Super Nintendo, I was driving all over town looking to acquire
my many wants. This included several "interesting" real life Craigslist experiences. Exchanges
which are highlighted in this memoir piece. From Chrono Trigger, the BUNYIP, Leatherface and
even Paul Giamatti -- read all about my wacky Craigslist adventures here!

2006 was a crazy year. The SNES fever hit me like no other, and I was buying SNES games
left and right like no one's business. Though most came from eBay, quite a handful came from
a variety of flea markets. It was more than JUST buying 10, 12 year old video games... I was reclaiming my childhood. Along the way, I met a few ... *cough*  interesting  *cough* vendors. Lots of reminiscing, lots of SNES memories, lots of weird little stories... with a special nod to The Kite Runner. I'll never forget those optimistic flea market runs of 2006  ^_^

If you haven't noticed, 2006 was a pretty significant gaming year for me [You don't say! -Ed.]. In this article, I reflect on my 5th year anniversary of the official day the SNES bug zapped me. Not only that, I also pontificate on RVGFANATIC's humble beginnings, give reasons why the SNES
is so near and dear to my heart, some collection photo's and more. Here's to five more!

During my Sega Saturn run of 1999, 2001-2005, my biggest regret was I didn't think or care enough to keep a personal log of my game acquisitions as well as my game playing. Around 2005 was when I realized I should have kept a 'gaming tab' as well as a 'gaming journal.' But by 2005 it was already way too late to start, plus my Saturn passion was dying out. Then, when I got back into the SNES in early 2006, it was a second chance in more ways than one. Life works funny like that, eh?  [Sure does.. -Ed.]

Ah, from the late 1980's to the late 1990's, with the peak years being 1990-1995, renting video games played a big and fond part of my (gaming) childhood years. My older brother was too shy to go rent video games on his own, so he usually directed me every single weekend. Secretly, I enjoyed these "mission trips" because I got to spend some 1-on-1 time with my dad, plus it was cool to go look at all the neat box cover art. It was more than just renting games, in hindsight. If you have fond memories of renting 8/16-bit games back in the day, this article's sure to take you way back and then some

Not necessarily an SNES piece but more of a look back on the first year that was here at RVGFANATIC. Awards for personal favorite SNES review and miscellaneous article were
handed out as we celebrate one year in the books!

Year number two was another banner year, with more in-depth SNES reviews and more misc. articles up the wazoo. All the wackiness and lighthearted "introspective and reflective" look at games and life, as you've come to expect!  Here's to many more golden years :)

Within two short weeks in January 2006, I experience three bouts of resurrection. Witness this improbable chain of events as I reminisce about the good old days, honor and celebrate a TEN year anniversary, stories of Game Crazy, Martin Luther King Jr. and more, including, of course, heavy dosages of SNES goodness

Growing up I didn't love two things more than I did SNES and Halloween. This is an article I've
been wanting to write since 2006 when I experienced my SNES resurrection. It took some time
but I finally got around to writing this one up. Come join me for a ghoulish look at 30 Super NES
games you might want to play during Halloween season, and also there's an update on the lady
in the haunted house
... Becky Johnson... and how she left a lasting imprint on my life. Amazing

Culled from the new 2014 retro gaming book, MEMOIRS OF A VIRTUAL CAVEMAN, comes the DEFINITIVE and expanded edition of my personal favorite story I contributed to Rob's memoir. If you remember the magic of summer time and gaming when you were a kid, then this tale is right up your alley. Growing up, I always wanted to have that one truly amazing summer I would never forget. Thanks to a best friend, a cool dad, and one epic game rental store, my wish was granted

Super Play Magazine was a British publication that ran from 1992-1996. It's my favorite SNES magazine ever and in issue #42 they published a Top 100 list. Replicated here for your reading pleasure -- you're welcome. Please keep in mind that this list was made in early 1996, so titles like Donkey Kong Country 3, Kirby Super Star, Super Mario RPG, etc. were not yet released. You won't agree with all their choices, but that's all part of the fun!

Labor Day weekend 2014 was one for the ages. For over 8 years I've kept my SNES cartridges, manuals and boxes hidden away in bins, boxes and cabinets. Finally, I decided this past Labor Day weekend to sit down and piece it all together. What followed was an EPIC 3-day journey of joy and nostalgia overload. The lost weekend is a phrase typically reserved for weekends where one gets absolutely wasted. Perhaps it was more of a "lost and found" weekend for me. Alas, I digress. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, HERE ARE PICTURES OF MY SNES COLLECTION!

7 years. SEVEN BLOODY YEARS. It's a good length of time. And experts warn after 7 years,
the fire in a relationship may start to wane severely, if it hasn't already. From January 17, 2006
to January 17, 2013, I have loved my Super Nintendo friend for 7 straight diehard years, with no stoppage. I thought about why my fire for this system burns after 7 years still, and why it burns
so brightly. I came up with 7 distinct reasons on why, and surprise surprise, I share them here. Simply put, the SNES is the system that keeps on giving, keeps on entertaining, and keeps on rocking. No wonder I'm crazy enough to make a fansite for it. Here's to 7 more. Long live SNES!

When I found out about the existence of this publication in early January 2006, I knew I had to get my hands on it. It became a nine-month-long odyssey with many amazing and dramatic twists and turns. Vindicated, then snubbed, then vindicated, then snubbed. Finally, it ends in sweet victory... after nine long months with a lotta luck and perseverance. Read all about it here!

When you think of SNES, what character first comes to mind?  Perhaps Mario, Link, Lester the Unlikely?!  Er, that last one is unlikely, me thinks  [Oi... -Ed.].  How about one, Mark Calloway? Better known to pro wrestling fanatics the world over as THE UNDERTAKER. Find out what the connection is all about here

In the Summer of 2008 I had the unique honor to work with young children on building a solid public speaking foundation. It was one hot week in July that I ran across five-year-old twins whose favorite video game in the year 2008 was one of my very own favorites back in 1994!
What were the odds?  And they had just one question for me: "Who is the robot monkey?"


Since 2006 I've been posting SNES-related content on YouTube. I just recently, as of late 2014, resurrected my long dormant YouTube channel with exclusive new SNES-related videos. Below you will find a string of videos. See my collection, listen to my memories and so on and so forth