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As some of you know I highlighted a bevy of obscure SFC games on various gaming boards from early September to December 2006. And here they are. I've added the following into each one:

Written: [Date I originally published my review]
Acquired: [Date I bought the game]
Status: [Whether it's cart only or CIB... complete in box with manual]
Price: [How much I bought the game for]

Also new: the developer, publisher and release date is now acknowledged, along with a "scarcity" rating from 1-5

The scarcity rating is only my opinion from my online travels. It may not always be accurate, mind. And of course, it can fluctuate over time. In other words, think of it as "For What It's Worth" kind of thought

Enjoy! Hope you find a new game or two to bring you some joy :)

1 = Very common
2 = Common
3 = You can certainly find it, but it may take some patience
4 = Tough to find
5 = Harder to locate than a needle in a haystack

New impressions will be posted in the future. I still have a box full I have yet to play...

Also note that some reviews will have ratings, most however will not

* reviews denote that I've reviewed either a special fan-translated version, unreleased, etc.

Action Pachio

Adventures of Hourai High*

Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes

Araiguma Rascal

Arkanoid/Breakout Clones

Astro GO! GO!

B-Daman Series

Bakuto! Dochers

Battle Cross

Battle Racers

Battle Zeque Den/Master

BS Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero*

BS Out of Bounds Golf*

Clock Tower*

Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban

Dharma Doujou

DoReMi Fantasy

Dossun! Ganseki Battle

Dream Basketball: Dunk & Hoop


Ganbare Daiku no Gensan

GeGeGe no Kitarou

Genocide 2: G2

Ghost Chaser Densei

Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen

Go Go Ackman Trilogy

Gunman's Proof*

Hamelin no Violin Hiki

Hyper Iria

Iron Commando

Jungle no Ouja Tarzan

Kamen Rider


Kirby & (Cosmo) Gang

Kishin Zenki: Battle Raiden

Kunio no Oden

Lennus II* AKA Paladin's Quest 2

Little Magic

Lode Runner Twin

Magical Pop'n

Magical Taruruuto-Kun

Majyuuou  (AKA King of Demons)

Mickey & Donald: Magical Adventure 3

Mickey Tokyo Disneyland

Miracle Girls

Nangoku Papuwa-kun

Nintama Rantarou Puzzle

Nontan to Issho Puzzle

Otoboke Ninja Colosseum

Panic Bomber

Poko Nyan!

Pop'n Smash

Power Lode Runner

Power Soukoban

Puzzle'N Desu!

Ranma ½: Ougi Jaanken

Rendering Ranger: R2

Return of Double Dragon

SD F-1 Grand Prix

SD Hiryu no Ken

SFC Mario

Sandra no Daibouken

Sanrio World Smash Ball!

Sengoku Densyo

Shin Nippon Pro Trilogy

Shounen Ninja Sasuke

Spark World

Star Ocean*

Super Back to the Future II

Super Bomberman 3-5

Super Mad Champ

Super Ninja Kun

Super Soukoban

Super Tekkyu Fight!

Sutte Hakkun

Syonen Ashibe

Tales of Phantasia*


Tetsuwan Atom

Treasure Hunter G*

UFO Kamen Yakisoban

Undercover Cops

Zen Nippon Pro Wrestling Budokan