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Written: 9.14.06
Acquired: 9.13.06
Status: CIB
Price: $25

Publisher: BanprestoReleased: 10.13.95
Developer: Tam TamScarcity: 3.5

Based off the anime, Hyper Iria is a stylish action scroller that will tax the best of gamers. However, one can credit that more so to the broken feel of the gameplay as the reason. Free to select from any one of four initial stages, you run and gun through various locales such as alien-infested ghost towns, maze-like chambers and death factories

Shoot, shoot... and shoot some more... shame it wasn't executed more properly..

The enemies are the highlight of the game. Some are cheap though, hence the difficulty. It's not a great game but it has a "cool" aura, with pretty graphics and bizarre enemies at every turn. You run, double jump, slide, shoot, kick, punch, etc. You also have bombs and an assortment of other subweapons you can collect (á la Castlevania)

Sounds all good and promising, no?  Unfortunately, that's pretty much where the highlights of the game cease. Cheap AI and just a broken gameplay feel all add to the despair of what could HAVE BEEN

Lots of potential. Sadly never realized, let alone scratching the surface


A pretty disappointing game all in all. Quite a shame when you think about it.... the potential was certainly there for a really sophisticated action title. It's hard to look past the cheap AI, and in the end you just sigh thinking how good it could have been....

You can see I wasted no time playing it as soon as I bought it. Rack this up as one of the
biggest disappointments... at least for me. Maybe one day I'll give it another shot, but for
now all I can say is... for collectors only -- actual gamers beware!