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"Ooooh Marge!  Lookie what we have here hee-hee!"

Editorials, articles, non gaming items, personal life memories and experiences, etc. This
section will contain (more of) my ramblings

From my greatest Halloween and college memories to 9/11, tributes to The Wonder Years,
Full House, Field of Dreams, Home Improvement and so much more, MISCELLANEOUS is
a hodge podge of one man's memories and remembrances (that one man would be, er, me)

You never know what you might find in these neck of the woods.... so come on in, c'mon...

It was the adventure of a lifetime. A journey of epic proportions. A summer of serving God and
His good people over in the land of Africa. From cold bucket showers to a "pimping pastor" to
loving the orphans to plenty of drama and good laughs... it was a unique experience that I will
never forget!  Come join me and read all about my summer excursion in Africa right here!  ^_^

Tired of getting sniped?  Wondering exactly what are the best methods?  Then give the guide a look. Note: with eBay's current clock countdown, this guide is now rendered useless, but this was how sniper kings used to do it back in the day

You know, growing up, my uncle, brother and I just loved pro wrestling. We just loved the wacky
business and the larger than life characters. I wanna take the time now to remember one of the
all-time greats. He's the best there is, he's the best there was, and he's the best THERE EVER
... he's Bret "The Hitman" Hart!

I pay homage to the little brother I never had: David, Uncle Jimmy's son

Some days you'll always remember. And some teachers you never forget. Here I remember both

I pay tribute to my favorite show THE WONDER YEARS and a teacher I'll never forget

For as long as I can remember, I have loved stories. In college I enrolled in a storytelling class and had the time of my life. We had such a wonderful group. I'm proud to share this storytelling bonanza, including a look at one of my favorite SAVED BY THE BELL episodes, Zack's War

Whenever it's summer or nearing, what a great time for, among many other things, BASEBALL.
The game has given me some great memories, from the 5th grade baseball tourney to the film

Many of us were lucky to have grown up with a best friend. Somebody who had our back, and
we had theirs. We shared good times, we shared great times. Then time passes, life happens,
and you see them again for the first time in years. This story is about just that... how time can
change us, EVEN, the very best of friends. Home Improvement fans -- be sure to check it out!

A retrospective on one of the most influential and legendary book series ever penned for kids. It inspired an entire generation of kids to love reading and to love things that go bump in the night. 20 plus years later and the books continue to reach a whole new generation. Thanks, R.L. Stine

Summer 2009 was one for the history books. The summer I got saved

Ahh, women. Since the dawn of time man has struggled to find the right partner in the game of life. This classic tale epitomizes man's search of such; full of wonder, hope, and heartbreak

The first ever published MISCELLANEOUS article, this piece recalls the night my good friend finally let the girl of his dreams go, but it wasn't without some trials and tribulations...

Boogeymen, ghost stories and screaming heads... I recollect my fondest Halloween memories, including the best Halloween I ever experienced: Halloween 1994

A great Hall of Fame speech by former WWE tag team champion, Tony Atlas

I pay tribute to my old best friend, Nelson. As well as reflect on the bad times, the fall out's,
and ultimately, the reconciliation of a 20+ year friendship

Enjoyed X-Men: Days of Future Past?  Can't get enough X-Men?  Uncle Stevie's got ya covered! Here's one of my all-time favorite episodes not just in the cartoon universe, but television history! Why?  Because it touches on stuff I didn't appreciate until I saw this episode again in my 20s.... Some cartoon shows age poorly with time. This one though has aged beautifully with older eyes

If you love THE WONDER YEARS like I do, this is a must-read piece. This is one of my favorite episodes ever... it's about what happens when a man loses his manhood, and what he does to reclaim it

One of the greatest college experiences came when I was in a play at University Fall 2005. This quick article reflects on that experience

More about my greatest college experience ever. Focuses a bit on two old acting partners I loved dearly: Shanice and Darius

The finale in the Playback trilogy, Playback III looks back at how it all came to be, where acting
has taken me, and what it's meant to me. Some of the best times of my life, no doubt about it!

RVGFANATIC was a website some ten years in the making. I celebrate the one year anniversary of RVG with a fond look back

Two years old!  Another reflective HUGE article

Spring 2007 was such a great time. I recall why here

For me, few things can top a good ghost story on a warm summer night. I grew up with an uncle who was a pro at it and a show that made its name on scaring kids. Are You Afraid of the Dark? fans rejoice!

Tell me... what 'chu gonna do when judgment comes for you?  We all come to a crossroads in
life, a moment of truth. VALENTINES NIGHT 1998 -- my uncle's wedding, a karaoke song, fear
and a drunken cousin's boyfriend -- see you at.... Tha Crossroads!

Thank you EGM subscription!  How did this fine publication made yours truly a few benjamins? Read on...

As you go through life, certain special folks will leave a lasting imprint on your travels. Growing up, I had many, but 3 specifically, that I shall remember fondly for the rest of my days. Looking back at what they have meant to me, as well as the night where we all came full circle, it's time to turn back the clock. Uncle Jimmy and my cousins clash in a most epic night. It was indeed
the wonder years  :)

I rarely write about movies but this one touched me so deeply I felt compelled to write about it!

Ever since I witnessed the mighty union of the Mega Powers on an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event in late 1987, I've been a fan of professional wrestling. Join me as we journey back to look at some of wrestling's most memorable and magical moments. Plus, read about the BEST wrestling weekend of my life (hint: it involves a bucket list item that was Wrestlemania 31). See which wrestlers made my top 10 list as well. All this and more in this wrestling extravaganza