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Written: 3.20.15
Acquired: 12.1.12
Status: Cart only
Price: $50

Pub: ASCIIJan. '97
Dev: Lenar24 MEGS

In 1997, the SNES was a long afterthought. The 32-bit era had taken over and most gamers jumped ship. Yet this didn't stop Lenar, a company not known for its epic titles, from crafting one last great Super NES game, and for my money, they clearly succeeded. Gunman's Proof is a fast-paced quirky action RPG that's loaded with charm, humor, AND personality. So, strap on your cowboy boots and hat... because we're off to the Wild West! As a PSYcho once said... OPPA GUNMAN STYLE!
Gunman's Proof packs a mighty punch. It's a stick of DY-NO-MITE

Gunman's Proof is a combination of LINK TO THE PAST meets EARTHBOUND meets...

                                       Best Western SNES game. Sorry, Sunset Riders and Wild Guns...


It's Strange World but also It's Very Fun Game

                                       It's a rather small detail, but I like the ability to see them in there!

But more on this later...

The peculiar Colobutch character will talk your ear off all night...

"Yes, a ghost IS blocking my path... how da hell did you know?"

Hmm, maybe I could turn these lyrics into a top 40 song. Maybe?

                                                   DAMN RIGHT I DO!  NOW WE'RE TALKIN', BABY

Like a drifter I was born to walk alone. An' I've made up my mind

[I C WAT U DID DERE. I'm bustin' a rib laughing over here... -Ed.]

Eat your heart out, Thomas Wolfe. HA, you CAN go home again!

                                       OK... perhaps Mr. Wolfe had a point after all... who am I to judge


"Aw come on, pops. This is more embarrassing than that time..."

                                       Was it a homage from Lenar? I like to think so and a fine one too

                                       Sorry Garo but I haven't uhh, fully mastered the boy's actions yet

                                       Robaton was Donkey LONG BEFORE Donkey was Donkey. FACT

"Sumthin queer about his face... it's almost like he's possessed..."

                                       Love the arsenal on hand especially the bazooka and burner gun

The music that plays when you're on Robaton is catchy as all hell

                                       Love the Dragon Punch attack. Link never had anything like this!

New skills learned allow ya to reach previously inaccessible areas

                                       Don't know 'bout y'all but this makes me think of CASTLEVANIA

All of the dungeons have a simple but rather enticing look to 'em

                                       It's not nearly as puzzle oriented as LINK TO THE PAST, however

I love how there's a decal preview showcasing the big bad bosses

                                       Later dungeons increase in size, but never get too overwhelming

There's a smoothness to the game that makes it really fun to play

                                       Whoa, some serious RESIDENT EVIL déjà vu. Love the bazooka!

The haunted house, complete with windows blowing open, is ace

                                       Did I mention how much I adore the bazooka cannon?  BADASS

Brings back memories of SHORT ROUND and Indy... love this bit!

                                       Tenkai, Gantetsu's brother, will help you to learn new techniques

The Burner Gun says you better get the hell outta the way, or else

                                       Hmmm, why does this scene seem so dang familiar?  *rubs chin*

Oh yea, the Pond of Happiness. Pic courtesy of RETRO Magazine

                                       Look, I made Letter of the Month. Thank you for the love RETRO

Baron seems to think so but not everyone is convinced it's NESS

                                       "I am. Traded in my bat for a gun and my cap for a 10 gallon hat"

Ya gotta appreciate a game that doesn't take itself TOO seriously

                                       You may be outnumbered but they don't have the BURNER GUN!

Unfortunately the game can be beaten in around four hours or so

                                       To save a game, use the bed in his house back in Bronco Village

Thank you to all the crazy dedicated gamers who have translated

                                       Why Peggy, I think you nailed it. Super describes this game well


1880. A pair of streaking meteors befalls Strange Island. This unleashed a horde of terrible monsters. In hot pursuit of these vile Demiseed creatures were a couple of space sheriffs. Meanwhile, a young boy, often castigated by his very own father, yearns for something bigger. Hungry for adventure, fate steps in when this young boy and two cosmic space sheriffs cross paths. This is where our peculiar story begins. Along the way you'll earn the respect of your old man, gain powerful skills from an eclectic group of island ragtags, and blast the holy hell out of various baddies while exploring a haunted house, dungeons, mines and more. It's over way too soon but it's one memorable and fun-filled ride while it lasts. It's one of the best "hidden gems" on the Super Nintendo and it makes me wanna shout, OPPA GUNMAN STYLE!
Loaded with humor, charm and firearms, this game friggin' rocks

From its likable characters to its odd sense of humor, Gunman's Proof delivers a hellacious trek through the old Wild West. The visuals are bright and vibrant, with decaying dungeons and a unique artstyle. The music is quite catchy, especially that giddy Robaton theme, but the bulk of the game is blasting hordes of minions to kingdom come utilizing everything from a shotgun to a bazooka cannon. It is one of those games that's perfect to play after a long day at work. Forget about swords and axes because you don't bring a knife to a gunfight. I do wish however the game were a bit longer but there's something to be said about its simplicity and the fact that you can beat it in one (four hour) sitting. Gunman's Proof is one of the best SNES games you've probably yet to play... and I highly suggest you go rectify this. Strafing and incinerating bad guys never felt so good. If you're looking for a quirky and fun action RPG, then be sure to check out Gunman's Proof. Like the last cowboy riding out of town at dusk, it just might be the last great Super Nintendo game ever made

Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 8.5
Gameplay: 9
Longevity: 8

Overall: 9.0

Gold Award

                                       I agree with you wholeheartedly, buddy -- Gunman's Proof rocks!