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Written: 10.23.06
Acquired: 9.18.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $25

Publisher: Pack-In-VideoReleased: 3.10.95
Developer: PolestarScarcity: 4

Not counting Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen, there were three Super Famicom games that really inspired me to start importing: Majyuuou, DoReMi Fantasy and this

"The Big Three" (as one can call them) are actually quite well known in SFC circles. The day Magical Pop'n arrived, I couldn't wait to delve into it

It's a platformer with traits that are more or less reminiscent of timeless classics like Metroid, Zelda, Castlevania, Megaman etc. Your main weapon is a sword. Subweapons, each requiring
a certain amount of stars per use, are available as well

Here's a look at the game's first two levels...

Sensing something foul in
Denmark, your quest begins
atop this roof on a dark, rainy

                             A stroke of lightning reveals
                             in the distance endless and
                             ominous-looking hills

Escaping the frightful weather
you slip through a chimney...
unfortunately for you, danger
aplenty still lurks

                               A healthy boost sends you
                               sky high to the next floor

As you navigate the mansion
you uncover creepy dungeons

                                   Your 1st mid-boss
                                   encounter comes
                                   with this occult heathen 

                                                                        I bet he has no problems moving *rimshot*

After the mid-boss tangle,
this dirty little goblin attempts
to impede your expedition

                                          Battle the 1st boss
                                          within the Church

Level 2 takes place in the
woods... on the surface at

                               Not before long our heroine
                               must enter a dank cave
                               filled with critters of all
                               shapes and sizes

                                                                              Where have I seen those before...

To meet the mid-boss of the
cave and claim your next sub
weapon, you must cross this

                                              It's not as tricky
                                              as it may appear

Blow the mid-boss' limbs off. Be careful when it goes berserk

Now you may claim your Bionic
-like extension grappler


                                 The grappler can be used
                                 unlimited, but strictly for
                                 swinging purposes


Magical Pop'n has six stages and no password/save feature. Therefore you must beat it in one sitting. It gets pretty damn tough later on. I know it may sound weird but the underground section reminded me slightly of the 2006 horror movie THE DESCENT. I kept expecting to find a pile of bones =p

Honestly, I was a little disappointed. Only because I came in expecting a masterpiece gem... a 9+ out of 10 game

Here's my personal ranking of "The Big 3"

1. DoReMi Fantasy
TIE. Majyuuou Magical Pop'n

Magical Pop'n is good, but in my book, not in DoReMi's class. Since these three games are linked together for me, it's hard not to compare them just a little bit

Having said that, all serious SNES owners should have Magical Pop'n in their collection. It's slightly hard to find though. I was offered a complete copy for $80, but chose the loose copy
for $25

Good luck tracking a copy down for a good price!