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Written: 9.19.06
Acquired: 7.25.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $28

Publisher: HudsonReleased: 3.22.96
Developer: HudsonScarcity: 4

Ever see a picture of a game and
INSTANTLY knew you had to play
it... at ANY cost?

The first time I saw a screen shot
of DoReMi it had me charmed

It single-handedly inspired me to shift
the focus from the SNES to SFC

Same guy from Milon's Secret Castle

DoReMi Fantasy is a highly polished side-scrolling platformer. There are 7 worlds each with their own theme. In each world there's a minimum of 6 levels followed by a boss. An overhead map allows you to backtrack. The levels aren't particularly long, but they possess plenty of detail, quirky enemies, excellent backdrops, ace set pieces and satisfying gameplay moments

              Milon is a great character, full of charm
              and animated brilliantly. Graphics are
              OUTSTANDING. The game has a real
              sense of LIFE to it... you really have to
              see it in motion to fully appreciate it.
              Milon can take 3 hits (green suit then
              blue, red). Jumping on the heads of
              baddies will only stun 'em. To do away
              permanently, you have to encase them
              in a bubble and then POP! 'em

(Reminds me of Mizubaku Adventure AKA Liquid Kids, 1990 Taito)

From world 2 on, each level contains
a Musical Star you must find and grab
(usually not that hard, but later on can
become tricky). Therefore, you're forced
to explore the beautiful layouts (if you
finish a stage without getting the star,
you can't battle the boss)

Some are positioned in much tougher places

A look at each of the 7 worlds:

          1. THE WOODS
          Basic, gets you acquainted to the game.
          You may feel a bit uninspired but it gets
          much better. Highlights include a log ride,
          falling leaves over a pit where you must
          time and leap from one to the next....

.... and this neat haunted log cabin
home to some great set pieces such
as the Pinocchio-like dolls

Their noses extend, acting as platforms

                                There's even a mini-game
                                that's Duck Hunt-esque!

Boss: Tree-Man who climbs the trunks in the foreground. Very easy


The night levels
feature a gorgeous
constellation in
the background

I just love this atmospheric world. Lots of neat graphical touches, a surreal soundtrack and some bizarre-o enemies to go along with everything else

Launching posts propel
Milon high through the
air... usually bursting a
gaggle of blocks in the
process... as seen here

Just ace!

           The larger-than-life pyramid composed
           of empty wine glasses is an outstanding
           set piece. Slowly, smoothly, they fill with
           wine... and Milon even reacts properly if
           you're idle!

                                                                              "Remember, always protect yourself!"

This world also introduces the forced scrolling level

Boss: Iron Chef... barely semi-challenging


Some creepy music here!
Highlights include a bell
hopping stage and a
unique level where on/off
switches litter the floor
(touch any off switch and
darkness devours the
scene except for the
color of the switches
and Milon's white pupils)

Cling on the curtains to manuever yourself

                                     Notice the cool visual
                                     effect of the curtains

Boss: Magician-like creature who floats around... now the boss difficulty begins to build. Battle in front of a theatre stage


Though much of this level is on land, there
are plenty of underwater sequences. I quickly
developed a burning hatred for those annoying
spear throwing frogmen... and suspect you will

Boss: A giant princess whose weak spot is her face. As you pelt away, her true colors are soon revealed...

5. ICE

Ah, I love this world.
It has some of the
game's best graphics
and stages

It's incredibly fun to
play through. 5-3 is a
sled stage that rocks


                                     The animation is just
                                     off-the-chart amazing!

Milon turns into Sonic!

                             Blow a bubble which freezes
                             forming a block for Milon to
                             hop on. Just brilliant. And
                             yes, it's more slippery than
                             a used car salesman!

Boss: Gi-normous snowman.... really the first boss to give me a good amount of trouble


C'mon you knew this was coming!
No platformer is complete without
ye ole mandatory fire-y level

                                            Two fairly difficult
                                            are spread across
                                            this blazin' world

Boss: A sun that transforms into a moon and vice versa. When you're fighting the sun, it'll be daytime. Moon night time. Nice touch. Sun is MUCH easier than the moon side


The toy stages are stunning in
the richness of colors the game
developers used. In addition to
some gnarly 2D graphics, there
are plenty of cool little gadgets
in this dangerous toy world

Looks so good you could eat off of it!

Boss: A giant Christmas present, with an ugly head popping out. He hurls a barrage of orange fireballs that are difficult to dodge... took many tries before I could beat him

The Haunted House can be tricky indeed, with all the traps and spirits lurking about... not to mention a strange Yoda-like leaping nuisance

Boss: Two for the price of one!  First it's a giant green farting (I kid you not) creature. Luckily,
he's super easy and perfectable 100% of the time once you learn his simple pattern. Thank
God, because you'll need all 3 hits to have a chance to beat the final boss. You get much
props if you can. I tried for 90 minutes, then finally gave up

Misc. Notes

  • Slowdown does occur but it's not often nor does it affect gameplay really
  • When you lose to a boss or level, you start with 1 hit (red suit). So you'll find yourself backtracking often to restore your health to 3 hits (green suit) before re-facing the boss. Hard love...
  • Infinite continues
  • 4 character password system (too bad it wasn't battery-backed). PW's put you on the 1st stage of that world, so you have to do all the work again if, say, you quit at a boss battle
  • Hold attack until Milon flashes to unleash his super attack
  • Different powerups are available and hidden inside breakable items. Powerups include floating shoes, double bubble, bubble gum (very handy should you fall in a bottomless pit), etc.
  • The storyline unfolds in pictures and text. The pictures are self-explanatory when it comes to the game introducing new gameplay elements in each world
  • Milon is a selectable character in Hudson's Saturn Bomberman (1997)

There's an English translated rom floating out there. There's not much text to begin with, but it's nice to be able to follow the story. Here we see some Bombermen ready to help out Milon!

Milon would return the favor by appearing in Saturn Bomberman


DoReMi Fantasy is an excellent platformer
every serious SNES fan should own. It's a
shame it didn't receive a domestic release. Personally, I think it's one of the system's
finest platformers, as well as one of THE
best, period. It's terrific top to bottom, and
as a friend of mine once put it perfectly...

"It's as charming as a video game can be"

Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 9
Longevity: 7

Overall: 9.0

Gold Award