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Written: 12.12.06
Acquired: 9.24.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $9

Publisher: BandaiReleased: 1.26.96
Developer: Tom CreateScarcity: 2.5

ONE piece drops at a time, interesting....

Your goal isn't matching four-like colors... for when this happens, your OWN energy decreases. Forming four "P's" is what you want to do

It's nice to see a stab at
some originality, but this
is a classic example of a
game that strays too far
off the worn path. Drab
sound, gameplay and
graphics don't help it
much either

Unsatisfactory across
the board


Written: 12.12.06
Acquired: 9.1.06
Status: CIB
Price: $5.50

Publisher: NamcoReleased: 2.26.93
Developer: NamcoScarcity: 2.5

Ever play Pac Attack?  Then
you've played this (Both from
Namco). 3-piece arrangements
fall from the sky, composed of
bricks, Cosmo's or arrows.
Arrow wipes out Cosmo's. The
bricks disappear when formed
into a solid line, a la Tetris

The star extinguishes all Cosmo's

It's fun to watch the arrow
decimate the aliens


                                                                                               IT DICES!


In addition to standalone, VS com/2P, there's also a mode to solve set puzzles. SUPER PLAY was not impressed, stating "Slick, colourful puzzle with a high novelty factor. Doesn't push you or your SNES, though, and is ultimately cupboard-fodder." It received a score of 58%

I'm with SPlay here, Cosmo's just an average puzzler with some decent twists, but ultimately, too weird for its own sake. Cool graphics though


Written: 3.27.07
Acquired: 11.28.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $41.50

Publisher: NintendoReleased: 6.25.99
Developer: HAL LaboratoryScarcity: 5

One of the rarest
Super Famicom
games of all time,
right up there with
Rendering Ranger: R2,
this game is better
known as Kirby Star
. You might
recall the GameBoy
version, here is the
SFC version which
surprises me that it
was released so late
(1999). Had it been
out two years earlier,
no doubt it would have
hit the US market.
Instead, today it's one
of the hardest to find
SFC games. I've seen
copies hit as high as

I'm very lucky my bud
was able to find me a
copy for just $41.50

This is a pretty interesting puzzle game, but is it worth $50 or even $80?

Two pieces fall at a time. Two (or more) like-animal pieces connecting will disappear from the field. Otherwise, match one animal in-between stars with another like-animal, and that's another way to clear the pieces

Depending on how many pieces you clear, stars fall down looking for potential matches. It's a pretty crazy system and can lead to some massive screen-clearing chains. Ace sound effect too, when these stars descend

Modes of play include:

-VS 2P
-3 Minute Limit
-Solve set puzzles

Plus a tutorial screen

                               The graphics are incredibly
                               pastel-y colorful

The falling stars are what
separate it from others of
this genre


All in all, Kirby no Kira Kira Kids is a pretty cool puzzle game. But it's very hard to find and you'll likely have to drop a pretty fine bill if you're to ever claim this as part of your collection. If you can find it for under $50, I wouldn't hesitate. Beyond that, it's your call and depends on how nutty a Kirby fan you are. Although a nice puzzle game, it isn't any greater than the many excellent puzzle games already out on the market -- all of which are much easier to find, as well as much cheaper

Fun, colorful and delightful. But, one that only the craziest SFC collectors and gamers will ever experience