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Written: 11.3.06
Acquired: 9.24.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $9

Publisher: BanprestoReleased: 3.17.95
Developer: Minato GikenScarcity: 3

Ah, did Banpresto milk these fella's or what? One in a long line of "Battle" SFC games, these titles all feature the same four blokes, namely, Ultraman the Great, Radar RX 'The Masked Rider,' Battle Knight Gundam F-91 and Earth Fighter Roah. They've done dodgeball, they've done soccer, now they're slugging it out in a charge-to-the-finish-line duel

Standard Grand Prix mode, Time Trial (which saves your best lap and overall times of course) and 2P mode. 2 players can battle it out in the Grand Prix mode, or a battle game where the objective is to capture a ball and enter 10 zones, deactivating them one by one. Meanwhile, your opponent tries his damndest to knock the ball out of your clutches and begin his own 10 zone spree. There are (surprise surprise) four different specific battle courses

Power sliding feels very natural.
There's nothing like turning the
corner without slowing down,
brushing past a group of pillars
untouched  -- speeding your way
to the finish line

Makes for a great adrenaline kick!

                                 In the Grand Prix mode,
                                 there are 6 racers. Points
                                 are handed out much like
                                 Mario Kart.

                                                                                           Shameless huh?

Capsules are strewn about
the courses. Changing colors
every few seconds, they range
from health refills to projectile
based attacks

5 laps per course... some of which are very short -- 11 to 15 second laps are not uncommon!
4 cups are available, with the 4th having to be unlocked

The 1st cup has four courses, 2nd cup five and 3rd cup sixth (Total of 15 initial tracks for the mathematically impaired)

Standard pits and water
hazards are present


Battle Racers
is fun and feels 'right.' I thought coming in, it was going to be a poor clone. It's a lot better than I expected. In fact, I came away liking it a lot. Give it a shot

That sunlight effect is, dare I say, GNARLY!