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Written: 12.3.06
Acquired: 9.2.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $10.81

Publisher: Den'ZReleased: 10.14.94
Developer: KIDScarcity: 3

Based off an
actual noodle
brand in Asia,
this beat 'em
up is nothing
but a blatant

These games
are hardly ever
good, right?

In fact, they all
downright stink,
if truth be told,

UFO certainly
doesn't buck
the trend, but
it's not all bad

                                     Man, he's gotta be one
                                     major ladies man eh?

You mainly fight those
corporate thugs, but of
course you'd expect a
game of this nature to
have some bizarre bad
guys to pound. And you
would be right

                                       Talk about taking one
                                       big fashion risk!

I did mention blatant
advertising, did I not?

                                    Trash cans and the like
                                    reveal health refills or
                                    even a unicycle which
                                    acts as a devastating
                                    temporary weapon

Boss characters are as
weird as the game itself

Boy, only the Japanese...

                                                                              "STOP! IN THE NAME OF LOVE!"

When you beat a boss
you get this cutscene


The game takes approx. 45 minutes to beat the 5 stages. UFO Kamen Yakisoban does nothing well. The hit detection is a bit off, the graphics and sound below par and the gameplay MEH. It's very ho-hum in every respect of the word

To its credit, it could be a lot worse, as these "advertisement games" usually are... but don't bother with this one unless you're a HUGE fanatic of the genre. Aside from its weirdness, it's
very vanilla, middle-of-the-road stuff