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Written: 10.26.06
Acquired: 9.2.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $9

Publisher: CapcomReleased: 12.8.95
Developer: CapcomScarcity: 3

Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse received much fanfare for its smooth gameplay, graphics and polished feel during the Super Nintendo's infancy. It was yet another Capcom smash. In '94 the sequel The Great Circus Mystery added a 2-player mode with Minnie. The next year Japan gamers were graced by the last in the trilogy: MICKEY & DONALD: MAGICAL ADVENTURE 3

Today we examine the game that sadly never was in the US (though Capcom ported the trilogy to GBA in 2005)

If you liked the first two, this will be no different. You still get suits with different abilities as you advance through the game, it still employs the snatch-a-block-out-of-the-air-and-toss-it-at-the-baddie system, and it's still all quite easy. A password system is included to make your life even easier. Animation, as always, is top-notch

You won't find anything new here, but perhaps, that's just as well

The intro shows Mickey visiting Donald. Huey, Duey and Luey, being bored, ventured upstairs to the attic. There they find an ancient book, and, well, curiosity killed the cat, er, duck?

[What am I paying you again? -Ed.]

Lights emanating from book: usually a bad thing

                               That's not too good
                               a thing either

And so you're off with the choice of Mickey or Donald in the 1P game, or 2P game if you can conjure a friend to play along. Mickey and Donald have different suits which is a plus. There are
7 stages, with multiple levels in each. Here's a quick peek:


Looks-wise, not much has changed
from the original in 1993... but that's
not necessary a bad thing, ne?

                           The two blocks up top can be
                           pulled an unlimited number of

Use your knight suit to eliminate
the first boss, which shows off
the system's Mode 7


Donald displays the power
of this particular garment

                                      The poor chap hasn't
                                      grown into it quite yet!


Mid-boss is "dying" to meet you

[Oh dear -Ed.]

                                        STAGE 4

                                        This costume packs
                                        a mean wallop!


The wavy blocks are a nice touch.
The bubbles allow Mickey to catch
his breath... so don't stray far away
from one!

                            STAGE 6

                            I guess it's a platforming rule
                            to have one ice/cold level eh?

Sheesh, talk about getting cold feet!

                            And you wonder why he
                            carries such a big hammer...


This is just the opening, and
already things are heating up!


To put it in layman terms....

It's Mickey. It's Capcom. It's
Mickey BY Capcom. It's good

Donald: 1, 2, 3!