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Written: 4.4.07
Acquired: 9.25.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $12.95

Publisher: Data EastReleased: 9.22.93
Developer: Data EastScarcity: 3.5

In the early 1990s
a Neo Geo brawler
by the name of
Sengoku bursted
on the scene. It was
scheduled for a US
SNES release, but
was canned. However,
the SFC version was
released. How does
it fare?

                              Choose between Dan or
                              Bill. I prefer Dan because
                              he is a much more effective
                              fighter. Here are some low
                              tier bums on the 1st level

These hulking menaces are
tougher than the rest, but by
nabbing various orbs you can
take the shape of a samurai
to even the odds!


                                                                                         ... Or a ninja!

Or even a lethal canine!

                                            Jump and slice up
                                            the competition!

The original bridge
scene in the arcade

                            As the dog the projectile you
                            shoot depends on whether or
                            not you've collected another
                            orb in addition to the dog
                            altering one

The atmospheric field
scene as originally
seen in the arcade

                                       And here's the SNES

This boss tangle takes place
aboard a stampeding herd of

                                        Arcade shot

Hay today, gone tomorrow


                               The ninja is swift and when
                               you have 3 shurikens flying
                               out, he's unstoppable. Of
                               course, each altered form
                               is only temporary

This dog form, though, is
my 2nd favorite... check
out the mini-dog he can
dish out!  Nice!

                                  The sword works well too

He'll feel that in the morning!

[He's feeling it now, I reckon -Ed.]

                    Die zombie samurai's die!

                    [Er, aren't they already dead? -Ed.]

                    *shrugs* Nice green blood though

Token female brawlers?


                                               This Hadoken
                                               power-up is brill

Traverse a decent range
of locales, including these
deadly sewers....

                              Not even the subway's safe!

In addition to real places,
you also travel cross
dreamy-esque battlefields

                                Keep an eye on this fool.
                                Doesn't quite look human,

That's because it isn't!

                              Lots of strange (mid)bosses

While others have a
"touch" of the occult

                                           Plus the traditional
                                           big & beefy guys!

Cool stage. This bloke
is reminiscent of
Salamander from
The Combatribes

                                             And, some are
                                             simply monsters!

Along the way there
are some cool oriental

   Too bad these guys
   don't spring to life, but
   hey, it's still ace


The graphics are below average and the sound weak, but it's fun to play. Just a mindless beat 'em up with some neat power-up's, bizarre bad guys and a nice Oriental flare spreads itself throughout the game playing experience. Not great nor very good... but surprisingly quite better than I thought. It grew on me the more I played it

Diehard beat em up fans should give it a look