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Written: 12.10.06
Acquired: 12.4.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $39.95

Publisher: BandaiReleased: 11.12.93
Developer: Sun L.Scarcity: 4

Today we look at a two-player beat 'em up featuring the famed hero(es) of Japanese programming. This game's rather hard to find, and pricey. But is it any good, or is it
the much dreaded cheap cash-in?


As you make your way through
the levels, the boss' health meter
at the bottom slowly increases.
Don't dance around with the bad
guys then!

                                     The garish blokes are
                                     tougher than their less
                                     colorful brethen

Enter the abandoned warehouse...
hmm it's awfully quiet in here


                                    PEARL HARBOR!

                                    But even their nefarious
                                    schemes are no match
                                    for your fleet-footed
                                    prowess! The pit allows
                                    you to send 'em to an
                                    early grave

Ole bug breath is one
sticky adversary

                                     Take the elevator and
                                     enter the control room.
                                     In classic beat 'em up
                                     fashion, the boss is
                                     joined by a legion of
                                     low-tier foot soldiers

The bosses even resemble their real life cheesy rubber suits!  Nice. When things get hot and heavy, press "X" to become the mighty Kamen Rider

Not only is he a superior fighter, he has a separate health bar as well. A cutscene depicting the demise of the assailant is shown for your successful efforts

That blasted Mode 7, eh?

Kamen Rider is a hero of many
skills. For starters, he's a hell
of a dancer

"I'll lead, OK?"

But back to serious matters. After all, the fate of the world IS at stake here, and you'll be damned if you let some rubber monsters get the best of you!


You better be sorry, you already used that in the opening paragraph of Fievel Goes West

[Look, I love the damn song OK? -Ed.]

Alright, moving on then....


Psst, show off...

                                   Nothing says hello quite
                                   like a leaping kick

Mr. Veggie is a mid-boss of sorts

                                   Not a bad candidate for
                                   a "Wanna Get Away?"
                                   Airline commercial

Your travels take you to a fancy complex. Here's Johnny!


... is home to waste dumps and the like, lending a gloomy rundown atmosphere to the proceedings. Battle your way through the outskirts of town... before culminating in a rooftop tangle

Baddies come out of the wood
work from the staircase

                                    Make your way through
                                    this diagonal strip

The cronies try to ambush
you at every step of the way

Not worthy... or bluffing?



Similar to the legendary
GOLDEN AXE series,
gaping holes can be used
to your advantage

Say, how did VENOM sneak in there?

This boss encounter takes place in a highly industrial part of town


This amusement park is
anything but! At least it
provides plenty of cool
scenery, like this roller
coaster track

                              No park would be complete
                              without one of these

Or this!  And it's within these macabre halls that the end level confrontation occurs

SHEESH!  I told him to "MAKE LOVE NOT WAR" and he took it quite literally!

You're on your own from here out on... the journey is still long and dangerous... good luck


Temptations to modernize this old franchise wouldn't have come as a shocker, but wisely they opted for the 70's suburban Japan setting. It's nice to see a game remain so faithful to its source material, and the setting really grew on me. It's at once depressing, gloomy and there's just something desolated about the whole thing...

What began as lukewarm impressions quickly developed into an affection. The levels are divided into segments and maintains a solid pace throughout. KAMEN RIDER is just a good ole fashion beat 'em up akin to those from the halcyon days

  • Foo Fighters - BEST OF YOU  (4:19)