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Written: 10.15.06
Acquired: 9.11.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $25

Publisher: Toshiba EMIReleased: 7.23.93
Developer: Toshiba EMIScarcity: 4

I like SBTTF II. It's no masterpiece but it's a fun little diversion. I was surprised at how decent it actually is. GAMEFAN Magazine however ABSOLUTELY killed it

Ouch. The other three ratings in addition to that 12% were: 30% 25% and 15%

For a magazine that were such easy graders, I'm thinking the copy that went out was different from the one they received... because there's NO way this game deserves ratings THAT bad. And it isn't just me. I know many others who enjoyed this game as much as I do, if not more

So either we're all crazy sheep or GameFan received an unfinished copy. I like to think it's the latter

They're right that the game does suffer from bouts of slowdown, but nothing severe nor anything that hinders the overall outcome. Super Back to the Future II deserved a 12% about as much as (Saturn) Skeleton Warriors deserved a 98% ! (And yes, GameFan did award that massive score to that horribly mediocre game)

So what's the deal with SBTTF II?

Doc tells you some jibberish about righting the time periods

Note the cute and charming SD (Super Deformed) look of the characters

You control Marty McFly on his hoverboard, pouncing on all sorts of bizarre enemies as you travel through time. The game has a very pleasant look and the classic BTTF overture was ported over flawlessly. The game provides 4-character passwords

Let's look at some of the levels...


These guys shoot big bullets
at Marty, but you can counter
that by flipping. Such is the
raw power of the hoverboard!

                                                                                         BOSS - GRIFF (1-2)

                           Really simple -- To hurt him
                           just touch the buttons located
                           at the bottom. This will send
                           the TV's flying at him


Lots of slopes and curves
provide a nice sense of
adventure and atmosphere

BOSS - GRIFF 2 (2-2)

Those who watched BACK TO THE FUTURE II will be pleased to see this.  Touch the buttons to splash the water at the ole Griffster


Love this night stage, and
I told you the enemies are
bizarre. Look at that
slobbering weirdo!


                       This may very well be my most
                       favorite stage... great soft yellow
                       backdrop and the BTTF overture
                       from stage 1-1 returns. Just a
                       really fun level to play through


Break open the suspended makeshift floor. This allows some of the bowling balls to slip through the cracks, crushing Jazzman's skull... what a way to go out, eh?


Somewhat tricky. Marty's lifted up, but there
are plenty of obstacles waiting for him, like that
spiked ball on the upper left there

If hit Marty will be invincible for JUST long
enough to go up again and safely make it to the
next section. This stage stumped me for a while
but ya just gotta gut it through


So incredibly easy....


Ooh, spooky. Check out the thunder clouds and creepy looking trees splattered across this ghoulish graveyard level. Sunday drivers are out in full force so stay alert!


The rain adds a nice touch, especially since this level comes right after the graveyard stage. 4-2 is tough, as can be seen in the last 2 pics. This is another one of those repeat-and-gut-it-through levels. Took me several attempts before I finally got it down


This floor is littered with knife
wielding goons. Be particularly
weary of doors -- more times
than not a baddie is just waiting
to jump out

BOSS: 1985 BIFF (4-4)

Gotta love the cool backdrop here. The 4 buttons releases sparks when pressed. Only the lower buttons will the spark hurt Biff. The upper two can only harm you. Like all boss fights up to this point, it's another cakewalk


The game has several more levels but I won't spoil the rest. It's a fun little platformer that all Back to the Future fans will likely enjoy. I still can't believe this game received a 12%... TWELVE!  That is one of the lowest, if not THE lowest score in GameFan history. What a miscarriage of justice!

My personal rating?  Good enough for a healthy, respectable 7.5


*cue ALAN SILVESTRI overture*


no not really but you know....