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Written: 11.15.06
Acquired: 9.2.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $11

Publisher: HudsonReleased: 12.20.96
Developer: HudsonScarcity: 2.5

Packaged with a collectable figure, the game inside isn't half-shabby either

This entry in the Bomberman universe is certainly different, to say the least. And speaking of that classic Hudson customization power, B-Daman even allows you to edit your own Bomberman

The 1 player mode has 100 levels. Several bombs float along the screen and you have only 1 bomb to blow them all up. The first 10 are easy. After that they go from tricky to damn crazy

This mode can also be played with 2 players, as each player waits their turn through the same 10 stages, to see who scores better (10 stages per bracket... 10 total brackets for 100 levels... 3 slots are available to the battery backup for player history) You get a maximum of 2 tries on each stage before it moves to the next

Before each stage begins, there's a preview of the bombs' formation

A look at some stages...

                                       Later more obstacles
                                       are added...

Others you must rely on, like this bumper-slash-skateboarder bit

This shark stage is pretty cool


is no exception. Here the 1st player is on the bottom. "X" sends a bomb north, "Y" west and "A" east. Just like Super Smash TV

You can't die. Instead the goal is to score as many hits as possible. Anytime you're hit, you lose 1 point (if you have any). You can pick from 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds. I like 60. You can imagine how tense it can get if you have three points and the other 3 human players have 0! (Obviously, they'll gang up on you if they know what's best for 'em)

Let's observe a quick 30-second match:

                     As blue sends one to the black...

                     I try to sneak one in

He dodged it... but if at first
you don't succeed...

                                         HIT! 1 point for me,
                                         15 seconds to go

Hmmm, Mr. Orange has been quiet...

Something to wake him up, then...

                              BLAM!  2-NOTHING!

                              9 seconds to hold 'em off...

Blue looks for revenge...

But I aim back...

              .... Nullifying his efforts... 

              And winning as the clock strikes zero!


B-Daman was never intended to compete with the other (more proper) Bomberman titles. And if you make that unfair comparison, B-Daman ends up feeling very lightweight. The 4-player mode isn't terribly exciting though it does have its moments, like when 3 players form a temporary union to gang up on the leading scorer. The on-rails restriction actually work well in this instance

Bottom line: It won't be the 1st multi-player game you pull off the shelf, but it's enjoyable in its own unique bizarre way. Some may think of it as the 'black sheep' of the family, yet still B-Daman manages to provide a decent diversion


Written: 12.15.06
Acquired: 8.8.06
Status: CIB
Price: $11.29

Publisher: HudsonReleased: 12.19.97
Developer: HudsonScarcity: 2.5

Released almost exactly one year after Super B-Daman, this is the "sequel"

Recall that the original came packaged with a figure. In this one, you get stickers to decorate SAID figure. Clever, eh?

It's pretty much the same
concept, except this time
with MUCH MORE Japanese
text to wade through. The
shoulder buttons add a new
curvy-power shot that is
crucial to some of the layouts

The biggest difference is the new 4-player format. Now you're free to move where you wish, unlike the original where you were "on rails." There are only three stages in this mode, but it's nice to see the upgrade to free movement. The goal now is to push the others over the edge, and be the last player standing

                                      Slippery shenanigans

Steer clear of the middle

Between this and the original, I much prefer the latter. This upgrade doesn't have the 'charm' of the 1st one for whatever reasons...