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Written: 12.3.06
Acquired: 6.22.06
Status: CIB
Price: $9.29

Publisher: AsmikReleased: 7.14.94
Developer: Arsys SoftwareScarcity: 3

You gotta be GREAT if you're a beat em up using a 1-plane system... otherwise it's like peanut butter and squid -- the two just don't mix

Does Battle Zeque Den make the grade? Can it overcome the limitations of having one plane for a beat 'em up?

There are three female fighters, each with their own special moves

Enemies are status quo.
The regular joe (see left),
some fat guy, a fat pig
(like from THE MONKEY
) etc.

Very ho-hum cast, all in

                                               I love the Jason

Her special move (X)
releases some hungry
dino friends

                                          Level 2 sees a nice
                                          effect when it starts
                                          to drizzle

And then pours

Y+B grants a different special move


It's not all bad, but it's missing that "oomph"

It's a shame too that things slow down to a crawl when certain special moves are executed

On the upside, it's pretty tough, so you won't be flying through it in one night. On the downside, it's one player only and the 1-plane restricts a feeling of freedom that, in my opinion, makes these games so fun to play

At best it's just BARELY slightly above average for the genre. At worst it's a very forgettable don't even bother with it unless you must play every beat em up known to mankind type of game. Nice to see an all-female cast for a change, and the sprites are huge, but the enemies lack variety and when all is said and done -- it's just very, very average


Written: 10.14.06
Acquired: 9.13.06
Status: CIB
Price: $14.41

Publisher: Toshiba EMIReleased: 11.19.93
Developer: System VisionScarcity: 3.5

I can't get enough of the early-mid '90s fighting games. The pre-Super Special moves era where fighters only had 3 to 5 special moves each -- there's just something beautiful about that, and I thought BATTLE MASTER would fit right in...

Sadly, it was one of the most
disappointing games I had
played in some time. I came in
with high expectations, but as
the seconds passed, the mental
I had of this game dipped
and dipped and dipped, faster
than a snowball rolling downhill

Unresponsive controls, choppy animation and frames are lacking. A sorry excuse for a fighting game sadly. So much potential. Even GAMEFAN, the most generous of critics, slammed this game... 'nuff said