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Written: 11.3.06
Acquired: 10.15.06
Status: CIB
Price: $10

Publisher: MeldacReleased: 2.25.94
Developer: KAZeScarcity: 3

Whenever a successful formula is found, like Street Fighter II, rival companies clamor to clone it. Ever wonder why Mario Kart didn't have more imitators? Actually, there were quite a few... but most of them never made it past Japan

More of an F-Zero clone, this game is simply nuts. If you're suspectible to motion sickness you may want to pass. Astro Go! Go! moves so fast your eyes feel like exploding due to the rapid processing of multi-technic colors and scrolling scenery. The graphics themselves aren't particularly impressive, but the speed makes everything look better than what they really are

                          You have a choice of 5 racers,
                          each with their own unique
                          vehicle. SUPER PLAY shows
                          you the way....

Unfortunately it's only 1-Player, and one look it's easy to see why. The SNES trying to handle this game, split-screen, without severe detail being stripped and lack of slowdown?  Sh'yeah, right. The Grand Prix mode pits you in a race against the 4 other drivers, and a time trial mode saves your best lap and overall times. And... that's it

                                    Most of the visuals are

Best be decisive!

The trickiest part may be the controls. You can move the vehicle 360 degrees. That means, then, that most of us will spin out accidentally a lot until we get the hang of it. Why the 360 degrees control?  In certain parts you have to go left or right... or even INTO THE SCREEN!

Observe the various directions, and keep in mind this all happens at an insane velocity:

                                The Great Leap Forward...
                                and I'm not talking Mao

Landing on some lovely tiles,
you're warned to turn right

                                      Diagonal bit (871 KM!)

Flying left

(891 KM!  *falls over and twitches*)

                                 Screaming DOWNWARD
                                 (at 896 KM!!  *croaks*)


Worth getting?  Tricky, this. See, I can understand how one might enjoy this, but for me
I never viewed it as a "real" game. It's more of a
show-y off-y gimmick racer. While it's cool and
fun in 15 minute spurts, it doesn't offer much
more. The controls get better as you work it out
and memorize the layouts of the courses, but
it's far too lightweight to be considered a "great
racing title"

On a side note, this was scheduled for a US release under the HORRIBLE name Freeway Flyboys

Oh and for those wondering, Super Play slagged it with a 51% mark summarizing it as
"Engagingly off-beat, but only for a matter of seconds. Then its true color as a lazy
attempt to copy F-Zero will shine through, driving you to despair"