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Written: 12.17.06
Acquired: 6.19.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $9.95

Publisher: NamcoReleased: 7.23.92
Developer: NamcoScarcity: 2.5

SUPER PLAY is once again in the house. The following is directly from the pages of that legendary publication


What initially looks like a rather poor Wonder Boy clone actually turns out to be a top-notch arcade adventure, enlivened by some very versatile controls. These take getting used to, but once learnt prove to be extremely rewarding -- if a bit frustrating at times

Can you tell this is from 1992?  We barely can....

Graphically Sandra's a
mixed affair, with both
lovely and rather drab
bits. The main sprite
has consistent appeal
though, and the way
he can jump and land
on top of baddies with
his fork is a joy -- and
a lot less disturbing
than it sounds!

                             The gameplay is as patchy
                             as the background graphics,
                             however -- at some points
                             it's simply great fun, while
                             other bits are a real pain

Throughout it all the generally melancholy sonics add tons to the game, even if they do get slightly repetitive. Indeed, the whole feel of the game is tear jerkingly sad -- not just the music, but also the plot (our hero has to collect various special herbs to help cure his dying son), and general atmosphere

          Passwords are
          given at regular
          points, but it'll
          still take you a
          fair while to find
          the herbs, due
          to the fiendlishly
          designed levels

          You can almost
          feel the boy's life
          draining away as
          you struggle w/
          a particularly
          tricky section

A real discovery, then, and a game that offers the player a lot more than it first appears. Things get better and more complicated as you progress (indeed, it's fiendlishly difficult in certain sections) but don't let the Japanese text that crops up occasionally turn you off -- understanding it all is not crucial to gameplay. This is likely to remain an obscure game in the UK, though we expect something of a cult around it -- great fun -Jason Brookes

[Actually, it ended up receiving a UK release, very rare in this form known as WHIRLO -Me]

Graphics: 84%
Sound: 89%
Gameplay: 82%
Gamelife: 91%

Overall: 88%

Verdict: A wonderfully versatile and highly unusual game that, as a slightly bizarre trip into Japanese eccentricity and mysticism, is hard to beat. Despite some infuriating sections, this is highly recommended, especially to hardcore gameplayers. One thing is for certain -- no one will finish this in a hurry



Whereas I agreed with Super Play regarding Super Ninja Kun, I have to disagree here. I found Sandra to be simply not all that fun. The control could use some work and I think 88% was way way too generous, and this came from a magazine that graded tough!

This game just didn't do much for me. It's one of the toughest platform games you'll find on the SNES/Super Famicom