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Written: 12.28.06
Acquired: 10.3.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $10.81

Publisher: Den'ZReleased: 2.10.95
Developer: MetroScarcity: 4

approaches the puzzle genre with a fresh take. Instead of descending, pieces are stationed on the screen. You must eliminate all like-pieces. Using a mallet, you hammer one piece at a time off the playing field and onto the bottom screen. ONLY those on the far left are applicable. At the bottom the match-making occurs, thereby eliminating the possibility of a chain reaction. If a match doesn't take place, the pieces simply go
to the bottom of the well, bumping everything up

You lose by:

                                   The baddie reaching the
                                   top and cutting the rope

... Or by letting your pieces
reach the barrier line up top

The main game consists of a baddie trying to reach the top before the well is cleared

Successful matches momentarily stun the baddie, giving you precious breathing room

Later, four like-pieces are required to form a successful match, not just three

This map highlights
your arduous quest

                             In addition to the main game
                             there are several others, 2-
                             Player, Endless and Puzzle.
                             The endless mode drops a
                             new stack occasionally. Fall
                             behind and kiss it good-bye

In the puzzle mode you have a set
move count to line up the pieces as
the old man wishes. Matches are
removed for obvious reasons

Here you have 2 moves. First knock
the cats down

                                             1 move left -- now
                                             do the red ones

 Look at the
little fella jump for joy,

                                        The later puzzles get
                                        much tougher, good


Dharma, in my opinion, involves more logic than those standard falling piece puzzlers. Why? You constantly have to weed out the best method to set up matches. Sure you do that in the others, but it's different here. Believe me, it's a lot harder than it may sound. Tired of formulaic puzzle games? Looking for something different? Then be sure to check out Dharma Doujou

The Japanese sure love 'em some tanuki!

                                                       BEST PART OF DD!  [Oh yeah, baby... -Ed.]

                                                                      OH NO HE DIH-ENT!