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Written: 10.29.06
Acquired: 9.14.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $14.41

Publisher: KemcoReleased: 8.5.94
Developer: ZoomScarcity: 4.5

Ealier in 2006, I made the grave offense of confusing G2 and R2

I was really looking forward to playing G2... I can remember the preview EGM ran on it, and the game looked like it'd be a blast to play. The Super Famicom version appears very hard to find, and although a US version was in the works, it never made it. After playing it, I can't say they made a bad decision.....

is a ho-hum action scroller. There are 15 levels. I beat the game on my first try in 40 minutes. You go through short levels, killing everything (hence the full name GENOCIDE 2... on a side note the US release was called Generations 2) but it's just oh so DULL. There's no variety to it, the controls are cumbersome and the graphics and sound very bland. If you ever seen the GAMERA monster films of Japan, the death cries of the enemies in G2 sound exactly like the screams belonging to the villain GYAOS

Gyaos' 1967 old school vs. his 1995 new school revival

But back to our friend, G2...

To me this game has a few problems. For starters, the levels are production line (a term to describe a job done without care or love). You simply go right, hack and hack (the special weapons aren't worth mentioning much either) and proceed to next level and repeat. It's more shallow than a slip-and-slide. OK, that was a little harsh... but it's true

So if the level design blows, you'd hope for at least interesting boss designs and battles, right? Not here, either. The bosses lack the same kind of oomph! as the generic levels do

                      The game seems very hard to
                      find. Quite frankly, it's not worth
                      the effort. I do know a few people
                      who enjoyed this SFC port, but I
                      really couldn't look past its flaws.
                      The concept sounds great. Control
                      a 20 foot tall ass-kicking machine
                      of destruction, but for me it just
                      never went anywhere past


I know I've been (exceptionally) hard on G2 thus far, but it's not total crap. It's better than a lot of junk out there

But what's worse than an average game besides a bad game?

An average game that, by all admissions, should have been very good

G2 gets a pedestrian 5.5/10, and I'm being nice. It should have been leagues better, LEAGUES. Proceed with caution