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Written: 11.3.06
Acquired: 9.22.06
Status: CIB
Price: $19.95

Publisher: Video SystemReleased: 10.27.95
Developer: Video SystemScarcity: 3.5

You may remember the regular
F-1 Grand Prix games on Super
Famicom. Here's their Mario Kart
clone version

Pick from 10 different animals
each with their own unique abilities

Chuck E. Cheese's rejects!

                     There are many different camera
                     angles to pick from. The default
                     is Mario Kart style. But one
                     allows you to make SD F-1 look
                     just like the earlier F-1 games...
                     that being from a bird-eye's view

1P games include:

  • GP Mode: first you race around a bare track for 2 laps to be awarded a starting position (1-10). Then you start the race at your designated spot against 9 rivals. Icons litter the course, collect enough to fill a bar and gain a temporary speed burst
  • Crash Mode: None of this 2 laps positioning nonsense. Start at #10 and instead of speed-bar-filling-up icons you get regular weapon icons (projectiles, etc.) I personally prefer this traditional Mario Kart mode over GP
  • Time Trial: Keeps track of best lap and overall times

2P game (besides obvious GP and whatnot):

  • Dog Fight: Pick one of (surprise surprise) four specific battle arenas, and fight to the death. Goal = zap other driver's energy to zero by blasting him or her with any means necessary. Groovy

Like Battle Racers, you have a health bar that's reduced any time you fall in a pit, ram into barriers or blasted by the opposition. Unlike Battle Racers though, instead of finding health refills inside capsules, SD F-1 has a healing strip along the beginning of each track much like F-Zero

Mario Kart meets F-Zero?!  Sure looks guilty...

                         It's almost as if Video System
                         took Mario Kart and replaced it
                         with furry animals

Some tracks contain helpful arrows

                         Lovely beach track, one of my
                         faves. The super jump bit is
                         very cool, reminiscent of Ghost
                         Valley 1

Northern Lights!
  The ice has
nice detailing as well. Another
one of my faves

The Lava track has a super jump section much like the Beach one. Check it out:

WOW!  Graphically, it's better than Super Mario Kart...

I love how you can see this
course unwind far into the

                       Remember GamePro Magazine?
                       Here's where they'd have one of
                       their brilliant protips:

                       Protip: Avoid the muddy spots

Lovely parquet flooring a la
the old Boston Celtics forum

[That's stone -Ed]


NAGASMK (Not as good as Super Mario Kart) but what on the Super Nintendo is? Or any other system, for that matter?  (I'll take SMK over Nintendo's other MK versions any day of the week)

But of course, I wasn't expecting SD F-1 to touch the legendary go-kart racer, and neither should anyone else. On its own, it's very good. Thumbs up