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Written: 12.12.06
Acquired: 9.2.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $13.51

Publisher: Technos JapanReleased: 5.27.94
Developer: Technos JapanScarcity: 3.5

This is essentially Puyo Puyo / Columns
meeting Kunio blokes. Select from Puyo
style gameplay or Columns. Oden
features 1P practice, VS. CPU and two
player modes

                     As you clear pieces your power
                     meter increases. When full, press
                     R to send forth the clear-all icon

                     Notice garbage blocks come via
                     those skewers. They vastly hinder
                     the hapless victim

Just a very simple chain reaction (4 like-pieces must touch to dissipate)

Combo's can flow like fine red wine. Observe these 3-hitters

Follow the green...

This chain reaction shows how easy it is setting things up:

Keep your eye on the left hand side

By the way here is a nifty code found in the manual that a bud of mine discovered:

*View Momozono’s secret Lover to Friend Concert*

To view the hidden concert version of the BGM "Lover to Friend", select omake mode (bottom option) on the title screen. Then, scroll through the list of BGMs until you find Lover to Friend. Once highlighted, hold down Select+L+R, and press A-B-X-Y in that order while still holding down the other buttons. If done correctly, the screen will fade out and you'll be taken to a screen where Momozono will be standing in spotlight with stars in the sky. Now read the Japanese words and sing or hum along to her music! [credit Vyse the Determined]


Some puzzle games just have that right feel... it makes all the difference in the world between a good and fun puzzler versus one that's best avoided. In my opinion, Kunio no Oden has "it"