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Written: 12.3.06
Acquired: 8.2.06
Status: CIB
Price: $14.99

Publisher: HudsonReleased: 8.4.95
Developer: CAProductionScarcity: 3

Be careful... there are, including this one, three Hudson Zenki titles on SFC. The other two being Kishin Douji Zenki: Denei Raibu and Kishin Douji Zenki: Tenchi Meidou. Raiden is the beat 'em up of the bunch. For simplicity's sake Raiden will be used from here on out

Based off the manga, Raiden is slightly similar to Battle Zeque Den in that it's a 1-plane side scrolling beat 'em up. Whereas I was lukewarm toward BZD, I actually like Raiden. It's much deeper thanks to its platform-y essence

The dark creepy intro sets a nice tone

You play a small dude,
but certain levels he'll
be his super hero alter
ego. In level 1 you start
out as the little guy

By the way, isn't that washed-out backdrop simply awesome? It reminds me of those paintings by the infamous painter with the fro -- he appeared on THE SIMPSONS once or twice. Hell, my uncle owns a painting or two of the guy

[Bob Ross you
mean -Ed.]

Damn, yes, that be him. That's the drawing my uncle had...

Anyway, where was I?

There are plenty of neat
little boss fights, like a
giant wolf head and a red
dragon. This one here is
from the beginning

                                       Level 2 places you in
                                       the shoes of the alter
                                       ego of our protagonist

Some baddies pop out for a nasty surprise

                                    This part is pretty neat;
                                    you break a pod which
                                    releases a wavy energy
                                    current, lifting our hero
                                    up high

The shoulder buttons
allow you to dash

Comes handy in this

                                         Some baddies look
                                         menacing enough to
                                         pass as mid-bosses
                                         when in reality are
                                         just regular enemies

Your super attack will cost you some health


Yes, you're restricted to 1-plane but the nice thing here is it's more of a platform-slash-beat em up hybrid. There are some devious platforming bits to navigate, such as the difficult lava ride, which keeps the game interesting. Some bosses not shown are awe-inducing. Health refills are hidden inside pods, but sometimes a spider baddie lies inside instead, to keep you honest. Nothing ground-breaking, but done better than Battle Zeque Den

It's relatively easy but there are some tricky bits, like the aforementioned lava ride. Some stages have a force field at the exit, so you must collect a certain item on that level in order
to deactivate the barrier -- just like finding a key to unlock a, er, locked door

[*Slaps forehead* -Ed.]

There's a lot more to do here than in Zeque. I'm not crazy about Raiden, but I like it; there's definitely some quality here. Overall, worth checking out cheap, but you're not missing anything
if you pass