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Written: 5.20.12
Acquired: 2.23.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $3.50

Pub: NintendoAug. '91
Dev: Nintendo EAD4 MEGS

Growing up as a child in the mid-late 1980's proved to be something of a gem. While every generation will claim their time was the best era
to grow up in, man, I tell ya, there was nothing like being an innocent child in the '80s. We grew up with the 8-bit NES and that portly plumber named Mario. Many great memories were forged. Then came the '90s. Insert Super Nintendo, and Super Mario World. The gaming world as we knew it changed forever

20+ years later and still as awesome as the day it was released!

                                                                               SUPERSTAR OF THE '80s

If you were like me and were fortunate enough to have been a child of the '80s, then you too grew up on 8-bit Nintendo. Which meant you got to experience all the joys of the Mario Bros. games as a youth. All three titles were finely tuned and crafted platforming games. Mario was beloved by all, and went on to become a household name. Together, the faction of Nintendo and Mario dominated the '80s. The winner?  All of us lucky enough to be alive during that magical era. As long as the universe has existed, there is one undeniable truth. Time passes and change is inevitable. As the '90s approached and our old best friend,
the 8-bit NES, began showing its age, the rumblings could be heard. There was a new enhanced system just over the horizon. It would double the bits, and hopefully double everything else that was sacred about the NES. It was the Super Nintendo. And it's fitting that the system would debut with a 16-bit version of Mario. The stage was set, then, for continued video game domination. And once again, the fans were the winners
                                                                3 of the very finest 8-bit Nintendo games around


I have a confession to make... I had yet to play through Super Mario World until 16-ish years after its Japanese release. I can remember growing up and watching my brother and his friends playing it, but I never really did, myself. I'd just sit there watching the older kids going at it. Even through just watching it, you could feel the energy in the room. The year was 1991. The world was ever changing. Things of the old guard were starting to go the way of the ill-fated dinosaur. The future was now. Childhood favorites "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage were giving way to new and young superstars like Bret "The Hitman" Hart and "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. Godzilla at the time seemed dead (to an eight-year-old with no knowledge of the Heisei series). And another dear old friend from the '80s was gasping its final breath of air. As the 8-bit Nintendo faded off into the sunset, in came a brand new cowboy. And with it rode proudly Super Mario World. It was a fitting passing of the torch as the Super Nintendo would debut with an old portly friend spruced up in 16-bit trimmings. It was nothing short of video game magic; an instant classic. It's with great joy that Super Mario World finally enters the annals of RVGFANATIC lore

What took me so long to play it?  This may shock you but I've been a weird guy [No way! -Ed.]. Sure
I appreciated the Mario games growing up, but mainly I would watch my brother play through them. I was always a big fan of the lesser known games and have been that way my entire life. But after returning to the SNES on January 17, 2006, I knew this was a second chance at gaming redemption. 2006 was a great gaming year... the SNES had me roaring back. And I knew it was time to right a 15+ year wrong. I turned off the computer, plopped onto the sofa, kicked my feet up and finally booted up Super Mario World, really, for the first time ever in my life. And what followed was a week filled with some of the best single-player gaming moments of my life. It was a sheer joy to play through and was brilliant top to bottom. As for this review coming after over 5 years... it's the same as finally playing Super Mario World back in 2006... better late than never!


On January 7, 2007 RVGFANATIC launched and the dream began

More than five years ago I launched RVGFANATIC; an SNES fansite that would chronicle my SNES thoughts and memories. For a site dedicated to SNES it was a little bit shocking it took this long to finally get Super Mario World represented. There are so many deserving games to get to; it's just the nature of the beast if it takes a while. This review is EXTRA special to me because the pictures you see were taken back in May 2007. Yes, five years ago!  (the website opened on January 2007). I guess you could say this review has been five long years in the making!  When I first started this site I had a vision / goal of reviewing as many SNES games as I could. This one marks US review #54, and I hope to hit 100 reviews some day (maybe before the 10 year anniversary?). And after all these years, my SNES fire still burns as brightly as it did six long years ago when I got back into all things SNES. It's been a stupendous journey and I'm glad to have been able to share some of it with y'all these last five-plus years. Ah sorry -- I'm getting a little sappy here, aren't I. I guess I have a propensity to do that. At any rate, it's with a big smile that I present to you this review. Five years in the making... I'm thrilled to be able to say that it's finally here. My hope is that this retrospective look back will inspire a few of y'all to blow the dust off your copy, or simply to reminisce along and remember how truly special this game, and the SNES, was and is. Now let us journey and take a fond stroll down Star Road


That blasted princess. Some folks just can't stay outta trouble...

                                          ... the game review that has been "five years in the making"...

Happy It's-a-"Me-Mario" Day weekend!  [Don't start that now -Ed.]

                                        Quite obviously, to play classic games like Super Mario World!


Mario can do it all, the fat chap

                                                  Lots of different ways to take out the opposition

New to the Mario universe is this magical cape. It possesses great power. You can spin attack the enemies with it, and you can also take to the skies

Remember when game manuals were awesome?  And in color?

                                                 Of course, there's always the good ole hop 'n bop

Many enemies litter the world of Super Mario. Here are a couple of the more annoying and tough ones you'll meet along the way

One might argue that these guys can be tougher than the bosses!

                                        Plenty of items to work through and with. I love the Grab Block

And... a star was born

                                                               Variety is indeed the spice of life

It's so cool how there're different types; Miyamoto magic lives on

                                                      A neat look at the different versions of Mario

Mario and friends came to Dinosaur Land hoping to catch up on their R & R. Instead of course they find themselves in a world filled to the brim with danger

Castles, bridges and valleys -- OH MY

It's a long and tough road ahead. But a wise person once said that an arduous journey begins with one step [That was me -Ed.]

                                          Can't you just smell the adventures ahead waiting to unfold?

Progress is made in a linear fashion although you can backtrack and even skip ahead, provided you know how!  *wink wink*

Only five more areas to go after clearing this one...

                                             The Koopalings are back, in addition to evil ol' Bowser

Hey, no one ever said they'd win a beauty contest or anything

                                       How the Koopaling gang preps for battle. Most excellent strategy


FACT: These pictures were taken May 2007 (yes, five years ago)

FACT: The text was added in November 2010. I wanted to launch this review with the 20 year anniversary but obviously that didn't come to fruition

FACT: Super Mario World was released along with the Super Famicom on November 21, 1990

[HAR HAR. Oh, it's gonna be a loooong review I see... -Ed.]

Indeed, Mario didn't come alone to this rodeo. Yoshi, a rollicking reptile with an appetite for menacing meanies, will help carry Mario through some tight jams. Though he'll quickly run for the hills the second an enemy hits back

                                       They couldn't get a ninja/robot ally so they did the next best idea

Talk about a thing of beauty!  These lethal flames will ROAST the opposition and left you feeling utterly satisfied

Sorta like the Fire Flower power-up, only on STEROIDS

Who could ever forget the classic staple of exiting through a pipe and coming out on the other end filled with either goodies or baddies?  It's all part of the Mario universe and it's back in Super Mario World

                                       Players learned quickly to press down wherever there was a pipe

Man, I remember when that song was all the rage. Junior high...

Gigantic Banzai Bills come flying at 'cha in the very first level. You had to listen closely for their warning sound and either duck, or jump. We all know what a great game this is, but I feel the visuals don't get enough love for their time. Pardon the pun but shots like these point to the game being no slouch in the graphic department!

                                        Looks like Mario's hat is about to come screaming off his head!

You were always excited to see where a pipe would lead you

                                        Sure would be nice if we had some in real life here and there...

Yoshi wasn't created simply for marketing purposes or to add in some cosmetic changes. He gave you an extra hit and some added offensive firepower as well

You knew that some day he would get his very own video game...

                                      "Damn I probably shouldn't have eaten all those cheeseburgers..."

Indeed, it is the little things that make Super Mario World so special, and so good. You even had the option of doing
a regular jump or the
spin jump. I always did
the spin jump. It's more dramatic that way ;)

Mario is about to hit the MEGA JACKPOT

                                       Grab as many as ya can within the time limit. Always a mini rush

Look, Yoshi even has a mailbox, the silly chap

Remember how cool it was seeing those little islands dipping when ya stood on them too long?

                                       It's always the little details about a video game that stay with you

One of the most bizarre enemies on the roster, this smiley cactus dude can be gobbled up by Yoshi piece by piece. Do you remember the sweet sound that accompanied it?  Some morbid humor can be found when only its head comes crawling after you, smile fully intact (!)

Mario is a serious headbanger. Good thing for his fluffy hat, no?

                                                               Mac returned the favor all right...

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! is a game you gotta love. It still holds up remarkably well to this very day

Mario, a jack of all trades, moonlighted as a ref back in the day

At certain points you can switch over to the other side. Definitely added an extra dimension to these chain linked parts

                                                                 Pick your spots wisely, Mario...

I'll be saying this a few times because I feel it bears a little repeating: the visuals have a nice "thick" look to them. Sure it didn't blow you away back in November 1991 like F-Zero did, but it's plenty solid in its own right

I love the unique details carved into that huge crushing pillar

Hard to explain but that pillar looks like it's thicker than a redwood tree. The convincing sound of them crashing down only adds to its brilliance

                                               Love me those red doors. Time for our first boss fight...

Iggy Iggy can't you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid

Beating Iggy is no "Biggie"  [HAR HAR HAR -Ed.]

Indeed. Playing through this game one can't help but notice all its funky nooks and crannies

                                          A tap or two of Miyamoto's wand and you had gaming magic

These guys aren't exactly Casper the Friendly Ghost...

Part of the "secret" is not showing them your butt

                                         On second thought, NO ONE should ever see Mario's backside

Oh I swear to you
I'll be there for you
This is not a drive-by
Just a shy guy...

See what I mean?

     Rotating platforms,
     coins and koopas...
     what's not to love?

                                                 It's a classic formula that somehow never gets old

Ah, and of course, the classic question mark yellow boxes magically suspended in mid-air

Not to mention empty shells flying all over the place!

Another example of Miyamoto MAGIC: knocking out a string of bad guys with a single shell. Completely badass!

                                                  Talk about killing seven Goombas with one shell!

Will our fine-feathered friend pass through here safely?

                                                   Just making sure you stay sharp on your toes...

You know you do. It's all part of the fun. Never fails to put a smile on my face

How can you not love the Goomba?  What a classic bad guy

The castle dungeons are filled with hazards galore and will put your hand
eye coordination and platforming skills to the ultimate test. With silky smooth control and stellar sound, Super Mario World set the bar, and set it PRETTY DAMN high

                                               Better be ready to show off your fancy footwork, Mario

Palms sweat, senses heighten and you start to sit closer to the edge of your seat when you're little Mario. It's all great stuff

Life is all about timing, preparation, execution and some luck...

                                       The Dry Bones aren't too bright. Take a look and see for yourself

What I tell ya...

Somewhere, Bowser's having a serious facepalm moment

Big ole Morton is boss number two. This time it's a more traditional boss battle, requiring 3 hits to do him in for good

                                        That teeth whitening appointment prepped him rather well, eh?


Yes Yoshi, I know. At long last arguably the one title most synonymous with Super Nintendo gets a review on an SNES fansite that's been running five plus years and counting. Sorry for the long delay! Yoshi's Island superior? Hmm, we'll see about that... in due time...

                                       Gotta love the Super Star power-up; it gives ya sweet invincibility

Hey, don't knock Flower Power until you try it

                                               [True... but we also all know how it ends as well... -Ed.]

Sorry gotta say it somewhere... DAMN, he has a killer mustache

I do love me some
Vanilla Dome. It's not
as "vanilla" as its name
might suggest. Some
sweet old fashioned
platforming levels with a
great atmosphere make
it one of my faves in the
entire game

                                      Those annoyin' Chargin' Chucks can give Mario hell if not careful

On a somewhat related note, have you ever tried the hack Luigi's Adventure 3 on SNES?  It's bloody crazy. PowerPak rocks...

My friend, can I interest you in some DDPYOGA?  [BANG!  -DDP]

Egads!  You knew those baby ghost Boo Buddies had to come from SOMEWHERE...

                                      As big and bad as he might be, every enemy has an Achilles' heel

One of my favorite items in this game

The switch block adds
yet another layer to an
already excellent game

                                        Where will this switch block take ya?  Adventure is guaranteed

Yet another memorable moment from the Vanilla Dome world

                                                 Midnight munchies will get 'cha every single time

Thank you, Chris Daughtry

                                             Talk about having a bullet or two with your name on it...

Lemmy's castle is filled with dangers, like this Magikoopa f'rinstance

It's a tight space so you must play free of error

  Grrr, the bloody punks

                                                    Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor

These platforms bob
up and down, and you
must go with the flow


Classic platforming fun

                                                   Uhhhh.... how exactly am I to get across this?

Lemmy Koopa guards
the 3rd castle. Brings
back some memories
of Whac-A-Mole, eh?

Avoiding the fire and guessing right never failed to satisfy

On to the Twin Bridges we go, AKA section 4 of the game. Can you find the two secret stages in this world?  I'm not showing...

                                              Killing two Monty Moles with one shell makes my day

If you thought the Chargin' Chucks were bad, wait 'til you feast your eyes on these guys. Somehow they are able to produce
a fire show on command

Make haste or be waste!

        "Itsa me, Mario!" -

                                        I was sad when the wrestler died  [That was Ludvig, ya git! -Ed.]

Some folks don't understand the concept of a rhetorical question

                                                   Quickly now... the spiked ceiling is descending!

Like a light at the end of a tunnel, exit doors are quite heavenly

                                             Ludwig's castle definitely requires some skill to survive

Fail: If you gonna copy someone, you might as well copy the king. Nope, it's not Elvis Presley...

Of course, I'm talking about the KING of MONSTERS, Godzilla!

                                                  Nice try, Ludwig. But hey, great head of hair, eh?

Area five is the Forest of Illusion. Here almost every section of the forest maze includes multiple exits

Talk about getting high... *rimshot*

I absolutely adore the underwater bits in this game. Maybe it's the way Mario's movements slow down or maybe it's the fish-based baddies; it's simply sweet

                                            Thankfully, Mario can hold his breath underwater forever

After all, he's no hedgehog...

If you get too close to
the bugger, he'll pop up
and give chase, the git

                                       Brings back memories of the board game 'DON'T WAKE DADDY'

The enemies are all over the place, but they're no match for a skilled Mario player. Arrivederci, baby!

The game's ultra responsive control assures maximum enjoyment

Even the exit gates
serve an extra purpose.
Depending on how high
you can hit it, extra
points are awarded

                                               Not quite a photo finish, but still a tantalizing victory

It's the classic stuff you know you love

Roy's castle introduces a tricky snake platform ride. Hold on tight IS RIGHT!

                                      This is where pressing "R" to scroll the screen becomes a lifesaver

Somewhere in the ride, you might get lucky and discover this yummy ice cream treat, like I did...

Mmmm... Yoshi-flavored ice cream, my favorite

Ice cream is awesome.
I remember all the fond summer memories I have, and how often ice cream was somehow part of the memory. Many innocent and lazy summer days back in the early 1990s were spent out in my cousin's driveway, just chilling and waiting for the ice cream man to rumble on by. Whether it was ice cream feet with bubble gum as the big toenail, twin pops, WWF bars or snow cones, man, those were the good old days!

                                       I wouldn't be surprised if there was a YOSHI ice cream in Japan...

Just a sight gag. Request at your own risk; not on a secret menu!

Getting the switch block
is like carrying around a precious golden egg. Every movement you make is done with extra precision and calculation. Every change in direction, even the slightest shift as you navigate your way through, is critical. Brilliant

                                          It's just like holding a baby...  [You're not holding mine -Ed.]

Festive though they
may be, with Bowser
there's no such thing
as fluff. Everything has
its own purpose. This
one?  Mainly the sole
purpose of killing you

Lions, tigers and Bowsers, OH MY

A more up close and
personal look yields
some pretty interesting
yelps between the two

                                       "Yep, the old bossman Bowser has me stoned out of my mind..."

Every switch block has
its own specific place of function. Let's take a look and see where this goes...

Look at the ole lad. So proud of himself for finding the solution


                                      Along with Yoshi's ice cream, one of gaming's greatest sight gags

Definitely not. Thank goodness for the game's ultra smooth control, then

Some areas require pinpoint precision and uber platforming skill

Indeed, Mr. Roy thinks he's the most interesting Koopaling in the world. Why just ask him if you don't believe me

                                                "I don't always kill... but when I do... I prefer MARIO"

Who else is cool enough to be a boss AND pal it up with Mario?  Before 1996's Super Mario RPG with Bowser as an ally, Roy Koopaling was way ahead of his time, believe that

Look at those two chumming it up like old buddies. Get a room!

                                               "I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you..."

Roy's quite the drama king. Talk about someone who knows how to ham it up, the attention whore!

What a diva Roy is. On the bright side, such lovely sprite scaling!

I guess you could say Roy tends to get a little big-headed from time to time... *rimshot*

                                           Doesn't anyone practice conflict resolution skills anymore?

At the end of each successfully defeated castle, there's a little cutscene. Post Roy's
is one of the best. Poor
Mario gets charred for
all of his hard work!

Mario looks like a big old rat there, no?

Said it before and I'll say it again. I love the way this game looks, and more importantly, the sense of soul, spirit and adventure that the Nintendo staff carefully infused it with

                                       Some of the best looking titles can only dream of playing as well

Welcome to World 6, Chocolate Island. Here you'll find dino critters
of all shapes and sizes

Where's Yoshi when you need him?

There he is, and not a moment too soon either. Mario is about to have a scorching headache

                                       It's true what they say about Italians being hot-headed... *rimshot*

This Chargin' Chuck has leveled up since we last met him. The good news is, so have you!

Just grab that nifty block right there...

         ... and KA-POW!

                                       I guess this settles the debate then: soccer > baseball [Duh... -Ed.]

Yeah, and it only took me 250 tries to figure out, grrr

This is one time where you had to be extra fast to last

The jump board is another favorite item of mine. With it Mario can reach unseen heights like never before

                                       An ol' Vanilla Dome baddie, the Muncher, returns to haunt Mario

Trust me, I speak from personal experience...

What's this bail money that you speak of?  I have no clue, sorry...

   Talk about a rug burn!

                                         Hands down, Mario's got one of the best backsides in the BIZ

Ahh, those tricky Nintendo bastards...

                                       Playing SMW, with moments like this, puts a smile on your face

Ye old nemesis, Chargin' Chuck, never gives up. Persistent sucker, in he?

[And I reckon it's all "downhill" from here... -Ed.]

These little cheese-esque hills descend, so unless you wish to be lava soup, keep Mario moving!

                                       Don't cha just love the timeless simplicity of Super Mario World?

Finally, we arrive at
Wendy's castle. And
what a castle it is. All
sorts of traps lie in wait
to snag Mario for good

Spiked pillars are enough to convince a hero into early retirement

                                              Somewhere I can still hear Van Halen's JUMP blaring

This house of horrors is certainly not for the weak or faint of heart

                                                The SLIGHTEST miscalculation and... *slices throat*

Yes, I'll have some Mario pizza, with Yoshi ice cream on the side

                                         To quote Booker T (not Washington), "OH MAH GOODNESS!"

No pressure or anything...

                                       [What?!  You like Super Mario World's visuals?  Who knew -Ed.]

[How much am I paying you?  Oh right, nothing. Carry on -Ed.]

                                       Without her precious army backing her she's not so tough is she

Wendy's posse is down and out. What 'chu got now, WENDERS?

Back in the glorious late '80s to mid '90s, I ran with a group of folks who were my brothers and sisters. Our monthly family friend sleepovers were in a word, legendary. They were my gaming group. They were the friends who gave me countless memories. One that sticks out occurred in 1993. There were about 20 of us kids, and my older brother, myself, "Sushi-X" and his brother Z, we were assigned the mission of buying burgers for all. So we hit up a local Wendy's and I'll never forget it. The guy we affectionately called Sushi-X (for his intense love of Street Fighter which matched that of the EGM persona) ordered 30 (!) Big Bacon Classics (nowadays they call them Bacon Deluxe). Behind us was a rather lengthy line of folks. The ones immediately behind us, an elderly couple, shook their head at one another and bickered, "I told you, Hank!  We should have gone to Red Lobster!"  They stormed off and a couple of the other people behind them left as well. Standing off to the side of the cash register, I watched in bewilderment as Sushi-X single-handedly drove off the customers. We brought the loot back home and crowded around the Sony TV in the living room to watch Saturday Night Live and enjoy our burgers. 10 were left in the fridge for a midnight snack. Today, every time I drive by a Wendy's, I can't help but think of that Sushi-X memory and the night of our epic bacon feast. Thanks for all the memories, Game Crew and Dave Thomas  :)

WHAC-A-HO!  Man I always wanted to say that  [HUMPH! -Wendy]

Before you can pass through to the Valley
of Bowser, you must
contend with this evil
Sunken Ghost Ship

                                             Ever get that uneasy feeling that you're being watched?

They say love can make ya do some crazy things. Look no further

My grand daddy used to tell me all the time that money doesn't grow on trees. I used to tell him "You're right... they don't, because they grow out of thin air, and I know this because Super Mario World told me so"

                                       Then, he'd look at me sideways and say, "Son, yer a special boy"

Once you've escaped the Sunken Ghost Ship you're ready to BRAVE it all and step into the deadly Valley of Bowser. I hope she's worth all the trouble...

"Hmmm, actually, we could always appoint a new princess..."

                                       Tonight, on Mega Mole Confessions, a cheating plumber speaks

But in this case, they serve a great purpose by breaking the wall

                                       [*GRUMBLE*... good help is so hard to find these days... -Bowser]

Chuck understands the key to evolution is reinventing yourself

                                       [Hey, is this stock footage?!  What are we now, GODZILLA?! -Ed.]

You'll need Yoshi in
Valley of Bowser 4 if
you wish to nab the
key to the Star Road

Yoshi's long tongue can do more than just swallow enemies...

Larry's castle sees the return of an old friend...

                                                  With friends like these, who needs enemies, eh?

The battle with the last of the Koopalings lie in the balance...

The battle against Larry
is highly reminiscent of
the one with Iggy, way
back in World 1. Defeat
him and face the KING

                                      Anyone down for a yummy steaming bowl of KOOPALING SOUP?

4). Beat Super Mario World every "MeMARIO Day" weekend  ^_^

If there's one undeniable fact in life it's this: Robots are cool. So we have this

                                                   You can either spin cape the hell out of them or...

... Jump on their head and then heave the suckers sky high!

Oooh, an intensely
atmospheric scene.
Isn't it great how those
red glowing eyes peer
on in the background?

                                       OK, in my dreams. Hey this *IS* an RVGFANATIC production ^_^

I'll be damned if this isn't one of the coolest game shots in 16-bit gaming history. All done in 4 measly megs. Super Mario World proves you just need soul, not flash

Great gameplay + classy visuals holding up well today = SNES <3

                                      True love is so sweet. Until a 2,000 pound Koopa wants your head

21 years later and both this game and SNES still standing strong!

                                        Or Skeletor... Rita Repulsa... Megatron... Cobra... Doctor Wily...

Oh Mario... what a gullible lad you are. And all for what, hmmm?

                                       Suddenly it all makes sense. Huh. Well then, playa, get on with it

*cough*  I'll uh... I'll just let y'all use your imagination...  *cough*

                                       [You pervert. Tsk tsk. Nothing of that sort here... only a kiss -Ed.]


Did you know all this?  Pretty cool stuff. See if you can do it...

                                       Ya gotta love a game that keeps on giving. It'll be forever classic


Super Mario World earned high marks just about everywhere. In EGM's 100th issue (November 1997) SMW ranked #11. EGM gave it scores of 9, 9, 9 and 9. EGM reviewer Martin Alessi wrote, "I'll take 96 levels of Mario over 20 of Sonic any day!" Nintendo Power placed it #16 on their Top 100 list in issue #100 (Sept. '97) and later bumped it up to #8 in issue #200. Super Play Magazine had it at #4 in their own Top 100 SNES games countdown. SPLAY also issued the game with a massive 94% score. While fans have long debated which is superior: Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros. 3, consensus is any way you wanna slice it, Super Mario World is an exemplary example of the platforming genre done right, and then some. It was the perfect game to debut with the Super Nintendo 21+ years ago

Mario leapfrogged his competition with the greatest of ease

                                          Super Mario World placed a lofty #11 on EGM's Top 100 List


Early Sunday morning, November 19, 2006. 10 months into my SNES resurrection, and two days before the game's 16 year anniversary, I at long last powered up Super Mario World. I had never beaten it before. Bloody heck, I'd never REALLY played it before. Early that Sunday morning I shifted my way through the darkness, determined to atone for past sins. In the riveting book The Kite Runner Rahim Khan's piercing words over the telephone haunts Amir. "There is a way to be good again..."
I happened to be reading through that novel when I was going through this game for really the first time. As sad as it may sound, it was exactly how I felt about finally playing and beating this classic... "There is a way to be good again" ... it was
my gaming redemption

An enchanting platforming experience that haunts me to this day

Going through Super Mario World for the first time in 2006 was a bittersweet feeling. I wished I hadn't waited so long to finally beat it, yet I was thrilled at the opportunity to redeem the gaming missteps of my youth. As I waded my way through every castle, fortress and hill valley, it was *almost* as though I had taken a time machine back to the early 1990s. This game reaffirmed my love for this classic genre, as well as for this amazing system. Over the past 21+ years, the Super Nintendo has given me a bevy of memories. Somehow, it was always playing in the backdrop of my youth. Getting back into it in 2006 was the greatest decision of my gaming career. Thomas Wolfe was wrong, I discovered. You can, indeed, go home again. And as I ventured back to the roots of my childhood, I recalled all the characters (i.e. Sushi-X from my Game Crew) and favorite games. It wasn't just about reminiscing, though. I had another mission firmly set in mind... travel down the gaming roads I never did back in the day but should have. And these pathways have opened up a whole new treasure chest of gaming memories for me to carry on forever. Super Mario World is a rare gem of an adventure I shall always cherish. Gaming redemption NEVER tasted SO SWEET

Graphics: 8
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 10
Longevity: 9

Overall: 10


You can't talk about Super Nintendo's very best without mentioning Super Mario World. It is a timeless adventure that exudes excellence from top to bottom. A quintessential platformer, Super Mario World deserves its rightful due place on Super Nintendo's Mount Rushmore

                                       THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MEMORIES, MARIO AND NINTENDO