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Written: 6.14.07
Acquired: 1.20.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $4

Pub: CapcomNov. '93
Dev: Capcom10 MEGS

Oh no, not another license turned video game!
You may think from the outset. And really, history would have your back. Thankfully, Capcom have incubated Aladdin with almost as much maternal care as Disney bestowed on the film. That means top-notch animation, plenty of jokes and an authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere all packed into a platformer based on 1992's most successful film

Instant classic, then?  Well...

roared onto the
                             scene in late '92 and
                             went on to gross over
                             500 million worldwide!
                             It was met with undying
                             fanfare. The songs won
                             an Oscar. The credits
                             at the end of the film
                             contain 513 people! It
                             was the first Disney
                             film to show a belly
                             button. Aladdin was
                             based, believe it or not,
                             on a cross between
                             Michael J. Fox and
                             Tom Cruise

                             Aladdin once killed 40
                             thieves, by the way

                             [That was Ali Baba,
                             you fool -Ed.]

The guy was such a
smash hit that he had
his own series as part
of the classic Disney
Afternoon lineup back
during the early to mid
90's. I was a pretty big
fan of the TV series. If
you don't remember the
Disney Afternoon, it was
essentially the cartoon
version of TGIF, except
it came on Mondays
through Fridays from 3
to 5 PM.... just perfect
for veggin' out right after

Oh they don't make 'em
like how they used to...
that's fer damn sure!

Capcom had a lot to live up to. But if anyone could do it back in those days, it was the Big C


Abu, Aladdin's adorable little furball, is loaded with excellent animation. He usually follows you on-screen and although he does not affect gameplay, his presence is a very welcomed one. Check out the little rascal!

Abu like apple. Apple make Abu very happy



In the dusty streets of Agrabah, the game begins

The good ole bop on the head never fails, eh?

You can also
toss an apple
from far away

           Either he's joined
           the circus or he's
           gonna have one
           hell of a bruise in
           a second

Apples only stun
baddies. The rest
is now yours for
the taking


              Ahh, you gotta
              appreciate that
              fine Capcom
              detail. Here,
              Al bounces off
              a peeping Amir
              [Har Har -Ed.]

              He's not a bad
              guy, even!

                                                        Little touches like this add a lot to a game

Dude's reaction
is hilarious

That's right, you tell 'im Abu!

           Indeed, there's a
           bit of a Prince of
feel to the
           whole thing

                                          Press down here to end his misery, smooth like you'd expect

These guys, in packs, are bad news

You never know what you may find in these: jewels, 1-UP, George Foreman's Grill, etc.

                                     Ooooh, will he make it?
                                     The suspense! It's more
                                     riveting than the 2007
                                     NBA Finals!

Hang on tight, Al! Least 'til that
barrel rolls by harmlessly

                               Now that it's cracked upon
                               impact, you're good to pass
                               go and collect $200

Apparently not

                                             Don't let these bums have
                                             the satisfaction of pointing
                                             and laughing at your fallen
                                             behind. I did for the SOLE
                                             purpose of getting this shot,
                                             of course [UH HUH... -Ed.]


The graphics, as you can see, are simply beautiful

"Where's that piece of garbage, monkey! SPEAK!"

They truly are!

Beams not only help get you to point X, but can also knock out baddies. Ace!


With a scimitar like that Al's got more guts than brains

Apples have no adverse-affect on this guy, not even "down there"!

As he prepares to
swipe for your head...

                                                  Evade it with a
                                                  well-timed leap

Abu's sparring animations
during this whole thing is
pure gold... priceless!

You and me both, Abu. You and me both....


Abu charges ahead. Aladdin,
on the other hand, is a bit
more apprehensive

                                   See, this just won't do.
                                   I'm gonna need some
                                   colesaw, some potatoes,
                                   some gravy, some...

That pinky-type action alluded
to earlier is a Godsend in these
Caves here. And watch out for
those pesky little scorpion guys!

                                   Apples don't stun but kill
                                   animal baddies. You can
                                   also hop on the bats, but
                                   obviously, you'd be a fool
                                   to do so with 'em scorps

The control is generally
pretty good, but jumps
and bounces off parts
such as these can be
a bit tough


"Way to go Abu! And to think, I doubted you for a second there! I'M -- WE'RE rich!"

Of course, greed comes with a price, usually

                                                                *Sigh* Shoulda listen to me, Al...

OH YEAH... ouch

Magic Carpet's game debut is a very memorable one, thanks in no small part to Abu!

The next level in the Caves
involves this water log ride.
Why can't Carpet just carry
you to the exit?

[Why do bad guys leave food
lying around for convenient
consumption? Oh look, just
write the damn review -Ed.]

Your timing here must be impeccable like a 12th degree black belt ninja. Alright I lied

Don't hang there too
long for it will drop

                                                         Say, my man, ya got numbers for me too?

Never doubt the power of mumbo jumbo!

Trademark Capcom detail and animation on full display, folks!

This level is the classic tricky force scroller

Look at that boy cheat death!  Amazing

You gotta be quick
and nimble on your

Bounces here are a bit tough

            The carpet force
            scroller is filled
            with oooh and
            ahhh moments

            Not to mention
            plenty of D'OH!
            ones as well!


These Genie platforms frown once
you come into contact with it... so
many games incorporate this detail,
but it never gets old

[I beg to differ, but carry on -Ed.]

Maximum concentration is required here. Love how Al's hanging there for dear life!

Slightly disturbing...

... Totally frustrating

Nothing tops versatile gameplay. Either hang on the balloon or pop it for a boost!


You know, it's moments
like this where you really
have to ask yourself, "Is
she really worth it?"

                                               One bounce though and they die as quickly as they come

The shifting sands will send the plodding gamer to an early grave

                                                                  Neither do I, Al, neither do I...

Another tricky bit, but don't
be fooled -- the game is by
and large quite easy


Whether you want to admit it or not, this is the greatest sight (and sound) in the entire game. Based on the scene from the movie, it even has the infamous "A Whole New World" song!
Sans lyrics, of course, but it is a near-perfect rendition otherwise. The whole damn thing is
almost enough to make even the most hardened warrior feel all warm and tingly inside

So uh, how about them Bears?


One of the cooler
parts of the game...

                                       That oughta "brighten"
                                       up his day!

In the TV series he became an ally believe it or not

The sword-flinging baddies are the toughest of 'em all... cool little bit this is

The flame pit rises and
sinks. Act accordingly


I hope Jafar has his favorite BBQ sauce because he's about to eat his own words!

Repeat this simple pattern for prosperity and good health, friend


                                               The only part in the game that suffers from slowdown

Use your rug to serve as a parachute until the platform rises again


Ahhhh the memories...

Old Snake-Breath has an easy pattern. Do yer thang, Big AL!


                                                                *COLLECTIVE GROUP GASP*


                                                    Oooooh, gruesome. You think he's seen 300??

Is it?  Only you can find out...


If you manage to track
down the golden scarab
beetle that appears from
time to time you get to
play this wheel game at
the end of the level

The continue screen is brilliant. Check out Genie and Abu's priceless reactions!


Virgin did the
Genesis game
and it is very
different, much
more emphasis
on action than

Both games were
highly praised, but
the Genesis game
edged out by most


  • EGM: 8, 8, 8, 9
  • GameFan: 87, 89, 90, 90
  • Super Play: 81%


In the mood for a pure platform game that you could easily beat without clearing your schedule? Then you'd want to check this out. One gaming magazine called it "A short burst of gaming heaven." I disagree slightly. While a very nice game, there's simply not enough. The levels are over just before I was able to sink my teeth into 'em. The lack of enemies, not to mention the lack of enemy diversity, was also a major disappointment

It's a shame you can finish this game before you could the movie. If only there were more, the score would be much higher. Nonetheless, what you have here is still better than many games
I could name. The graphics are splendid, filled with detail, fine colors and scrolls. The sound is
pretty good, especially the renditions of the movie's various themes. Gameplay is classic stuff,
sprinkled with a little Prince of Persia feel to it. The control is generally solid, but I hated how when you press left or right, Aladdin takes a step or two in that direction. On small platforms
this causes him to slip every now and then, so be thankful for that hanging-by-the-ledge-with-your-pinky business! Some handspring bounces off obstacles are also a bit tough from time
to time, but that's about it. Overall the game is very easy

It's always hard when you play a game that you like quite a lot, but it ends all too soon. If I had
three wishes one would definitely be to double the length of the game. The other two?  Well, if I
were to share that with you the guys with the white coats and the net will be looking for me, so
best leave that alone... [Note to self: next time, I need to conduct a background check... -Ed.]

          In the end Aladdin is the
          classic enjoy it while it
game. You hate
          Capcom for not doing
          more with it, yet at the
          same time you love 'em
          for what they did do.
          Seems a bit strange,
          maybe, but fitting for a
          game that you'll praise
          while playing, and then
          damning once it's over

In fact, it's so short the whole blasted game is over before you can scream IT'S A WHOLE NEW WORLD!  A DAZZLING --

*Men with the white coats and net enters*

[Alright, there he is!  Get 'im! -Ed.]

Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8
Longevity: 5.5

Overall: 8.0

Silver Award