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Written: 10.16.08
Acquired: 2.26.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $4.94

Pub: CapcomNov. '91
Dev: Capcom8 MEGS

One of the earliest titles
to hit the SNES, Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts is also often referred to as one of the top classics of its era. Its difficulty is notorious; certain eyewitnesses have even claimed that Chuck Norris had trouble finishing it. Now DAMN, you know that's some serious shit. As Sir Arthur, you must clear eight savage lands ranging from dark haunted graveyards to an icy forest to save your main squeeze. Easier said than done!
Can you survive the knightmare?  [Clean your desk -Ed.]

So set your jack-o'-lanterns and severed heads (plastic, I hope) aside for a second, kick back, and enjoy the horrors and wonders within... whether you're a grizzled veteran of the game or a nervous nelly newbie... come one COME ALL!  Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts finally goes under the proverbial knife... RVG-style!


I actually never really played this game back in the day. I do recall watching my brother's friend playing it, and cursing at it too I might add!  He never could get past the 2nd level. For years I've read on the internet what a great game this is and this and that. What a luxury it is to be older, have the means to collect the old gems I missed out on and see for myself firsthand what all the buzz and hoopla is about. Nearly 17 years late to the party I know -- but better late than never!


Ghost 'N Goblins originated in the arcades in 1985. It later received a couple home ports; most notably the 8-bit Nintendo. I remember seeing this game for the first time at my friend's house in the vaunted late '80s. Being
an enormous lover of monsters big and small, the brilliant cover art immediately struck my fancy. Just look at that vile troupe!  Now there goes a law-abiding group of good samaritans if I ever saw one. I watched my friend Tommy fail miserably through the first level. The zombies were relentless. Arthur not exactly being a ballerina didn't help matters any, either. But there was something compelling about it. I loved the ghoulish atmosphere. Capcom would later release a superb sequel, Ghouls 'N Ghosts, in the arcades, which saw a Sega Genesis version released. Then, in November 1991, Capcom treated SNES owners with an exclusive sequel. The GnG franchise has certainly developed a loyal fanbase since the first game hit the scene in 1985, and to this day, fans still love playing through these oldies


Several months after my SNES 'rebirth' so to speak in January of 2006, I decided to re-invest in another old childhood fave: the Sega Genesis. Oh, those were some fun and reckless times, I tells ya.
I was scouring eBay nonstop, checking forum selling ads and surfing Craigslist 24/7. And it was on a rainy-as-f*cking hell Friday afternoon that I met ex-gamer Kevin outside an Albertson's to exchange goods. It was my $20, and his five old Sega Genesis games. Among them, of course, was Ghouls 'N Ghosts. Kevin was feeling nostalgic that rainy late afternoon, as before he handed me the game, he looked me dead in the eye and said something that I still remember vividly to this very day. He said, "This is one of the best video games I have ever played."  For whatever reason, it was a statement that stuck. I stood outside his red truck holding an umbrella as he sat inside all nice, warm and toasted. A small cute-looking beagle stood on the passenger seat, its head tilted as it stared at me. Kevin went on to tell me that these games were all purchased from him 'back in the day' and that they had been resting unused in his attic for a good number of years now. Alas, he said, it was time to let them go to a new home; one that will seek some use out of these old gems. He cut me a great deal, 20 on all five as I said, and I couldn't have been a happier camper that rainy Friday afternoon. It was one of my most favorite experiences off Craigslist and a very fond game memory from that crazy year of 2006, where I set out to reclaim bits and pieces of my childhood. (see Craigslist Memoirs for more). As the humorless gray afternoon skies continued raining Ghouls 'N Ghosts, I drove home on that wet freeway with a grin as wide as the Mississippi River itself. What a deal, sure, but the human element made it one of my all-time faves

I had briefly seen and played Ghouls 'N Ghosts, ironically, once again at Tommy's place in the late 1980's. It had amazing visuals for its time. Who could ever forget that first gigantic boss who rips his own freakin' head off! Man, what a glorious sight that proved to be. Arthur wasn't much more athletic than
in his NES outing, but at least now he could shoot up. And like the NES game before it, Ghouls 'N Ghosts was damn tough. Sadly, try hard as I might, I just could not rekindle the passion I shared with the Genesis (as well as the NES) that I once had way back in the late '80s/early '90s. As a result of such, I sold off my Genesis and all 100+ games. Lemme tell ya, that doesn't go over too well with a pro-Genesis crowd!  *laughs*  But man, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Like Kevin did before me, it just wasn't seeing any use, and I'm glad to know they went to homes where people hopefully have enjoyed those games. Ironically, the last Genesis game I sold...  [Fighting Masters?  -Ed.]  what else but Ghouls 'N Ghosts...  *cue X-FILES theme*

Now let us turn our sights to the Super Nintendo effort... and what an effort it was...




"OH Arthur!  Welcome back home!"

"Thank you, Princess Guinevere. I've come back to check up on you. While journeying all over the world seeking more knowledge, I had a very strange premonition. So, how are things?  Anything peculiar?  Sick guards, dying crops, perhaps red demons?"

                                                    [Princesses.... they're nutthin' but trouble -Ed.]

"Oh Sir Arthur, I too have felt an uneasy premonition as of late. I feel that someone... or something... is watching me... waiting in the shadows...."

"Not to worry Princess. I'm here now. I won't let anything bad happen to you ever again"

"Thank you, Arthur. Your words comfort me but still, I can't shake that horrible feeling that we're being watched as we speak..."

*cue I always feel like somebody's watching me!*

Meanwhile... somewhere in the distance just beyond the castle...


                                                     "AWWWW, we NEVER get to have any fun!"

"Arthur, I know something evil is watching us right now!"

"Relax Princess!  You're safe with me"

"Oh you mean just like the last time huh?"

"Don't start that with me, woman!"

"SHHH!  You hear that?"

"Hear WHAT?!"


                                                              *WHOOSH, WHOOSH, WHOOSH*


                                                          [What did I say about princesses?  -Ed.]


A most welcomed change: Arthur's not so unathletic anymore!

You saw Sir Arthur in just his drawers above, which means he's one hit away from visiting the Grim Reaper. You start out with the steel armor. You can upgrade next to Bronze Armor (middle) then finally the Golden Armor (right). The Bronze Armor grants Arthur power to use the Weapons of Enchantment while the Golden Armor allows him to invoke magic. The shields are also invaluable

                                                          You'll find these inside treasure chests

Torch FTMFL, usually. I find the crossbow the most useful

                                            These weapons become available with the Bronze Armor

Here's the Flaming [Homer! -Ed.]  Lance in action. Not only does it leave a nice trail for ya, but it's doubly as effective as the normal Lance shot

Now you're playing with power!

              Whether you're using the regular weapons
              or their powered-up versions, at the peak of
              your double jump you can release a stronger
              shot. Success of such will be indicated via a
              red-ish glow. It's a lovely little touch that adds
              a bit more strategy to the game, particularly
              during those boss encounters

Here's the Magic Dagger in action.
Discover the rest for yourself!


Magic is at your disposal once wearing the Golden Armor

Here we see Thunder Magic (when you're wielding the Flaming [Moe! -Ed.]  Lance)

Have the Magic Dagger on ya when wearing the Golden
Armor?  Then you have the power to call forth some Fire
Dragon Magic!  The weapon you're currently in possession
of determines what kind of magic you can unleash. They
range in usefulness so discover which ones work best in
which situations. One magic act doesn't harm enemies,
rather, it searches for hidden treasure troves!



Thanks to bogleech.com for this lovely SGNG map. Trek through eight deadly worlds to save the blasted Princess!  Er, actually 16 but uh, let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet...

It's a looong way yet


Ah, who could ever forget the absolutely classic-looking first stage: a ghoulish romp through a haunted graveyard!  From this forgotten cemetery, zombies arise to attack the living. Only the brave of heart will survive a journey through this cursed land

The original Capcom zombie right there, folks!

The landscape shakes and shifts... it's a cool little touch that never grows old

Thank you for that one, Mr. Nick Adams. Rest In Peace

                                                           SWEET: Do ya go above, or through?

Danger lurks at every turn. Beware of savage wolves!

                                                                    Whew!  That was a close one, TOO CLOSE!

Occasionally, treasure chests will pop up out of the ground. Inside contains a random goodie; perhaps a different weapon choice or even precious armor...

"Who needs a lousy key?!"

                                                                     ... and other times the evil Conjurer!

Kill him before he can release his evil dark magic... OR ELSE!

... the following transformation could take place...

You see?!  You turn back into a helpless infant!  OH, the cruel world we live in today...

Thank goodness it's only temporary. You can also be turned into a little girl.... even a bee!

It's not very potent, but I love its speed and range

Stay on these pillars or the crashing waves will carry you away to an early, murky grave

(Double) jump at random points; you never know when doing such may trigger a
hidden treasure chest from its hiding place. It's fun to find them in an Easter Egg
Hunt-esque fashion... it's all a bit weird but cool at the same time

Alright you just found the Bronze (even though it's green, huh) Armor!  With this bad boy you can now employ the almighty Weapons of Enchantment. Unfortunately, once hit, Arthur goes semi-naked rather than back down to his regular steel armor. That's a bit of a bitch, but sort of sums up the game... this will separate the men from the boys

NOW we're talkin'

For example, here's
the crossbow given a makeover: it becomes a homing device!  Too bad though you can only fire one tri-shot at a time. Should one shot linger around searching for a target, you are left defenseless; having to wait until that sole shot dissipates

                                       Destroy those wretched bubbly masses before they can detonate

Leap over these fiery skeleton carts... and make sure you look back!

  It's the almighty Golden Armor, so now not only do you have the powerful Weapons of Enchantment at your disposal but also magic!

                                                 'Tis a shame one hit reduces Arthur to his sad drawers

Charge 'er up!  Doesn't take long, and potentially leads to awesome results

If you have the Crossbow, your magic seeks out hidden treasures

Remember how I said make sure you look over your shoulder after leaping over these fiery skeleton carts?  And here's why...

                                                              "Ah I'm safe now... TOTALLY in the clear..."

The landscape shifts, sending 'em rollin' your way!

                                                   Double jumping straight up in the air is your best bet

YIKES!  This is certainly NO place for a baby to be!

                                                     Plus the dramatic boss music hits, gotta love it


                                                           "TAKE HER TAKE HER TAKE HER!!"

I get all warm and toasty inside whenever I see the classic flash-flash

Careful of the enormous eggs the Cockatrice spews out. It cracks...

From Arthur's point of view... what a horrible looking egg...

                                                                               WHOA BABY!

No actually it's just this (relatively) harmless little guy. Hey, no complaints here, shooot...

"Hey pal, don't get any funny ideas now..."

The Cockatrice, like all the bosses in this game, is easy to defeat. In addition to his baby eggs, he'll stretch that horrible long neck of his out, in the hopes of pecking you to
a bloody death. This is a great example of a simple but effective boss design. Large, menacing and all-around badass

                                             What an amazing visual the Cockatrice was, heck, still is


This level is extremely aesthetically pleasing. What a lovely atmosphere it conjures; I simply love it. To start off with, Arthur leaves the decrepit dock. No sooner then does it crumble into the sea, and you have the makings of yet another memorable level

Wins the award for best looking sinking ship ever in a video game

Players find themselves trapped on the Graveyard of Ships. Long ago, this thriving harbor was home to hundreds of sea-faring men. But now the entire port is laid to waste, and only the ghouls remain

                                                               "Try this one on for size, bitch!"

Hurry Arthur and ascend before the sea swallows you whole!

                                                          Prepare yourself for a hellacious ride...

You'll encounter man-eating mutant fish...

                                                       ... and even this horrible squid-plant hybrid

Congrats if you can make it this far. It's actually not too bad if you know where to secure the Bronze or Golden Armor. This boss loves to toss these missile shells at ya

[I thought I fired you?  -Ed.]

                                                          Like the Cockatrice, he's easy enough

Yeah playa, I mean, what's the Princess ever done for ya anyway?

                                        Oh yep, I see the ole mandatory fire and ice worlds up ahead....


First, adventurers must make it through the Crucible of Flame. Deep within the earth, the flame of evil brightly burns. Its glow forebodes despair and darkness to all who venture here

Mini Firebrands swoop out of the fire pits looking for a taste of blood

                                                                            "OH MY GOD HELP ME, HELP!"

Visually, this level is pretty stunning. I love all the fire pits and how they turn different shades of red and orange. Nice. And you know what those demon head fire-spewing statues remind me of?

[My Mother-In-Law?  -Ed.]

                                                      These guys from Genesis Ghouls 'N Ghosts!

And I just love this guy. He's like the 'Andore' of this game. He's bigger than most other normal baddies and takes several shots before tapping out.
I always had a thing for those 'top tier regular
bad guys'

It's almost a shame killing this creature... almost

                                                  The green glow up top makes this bit VERY cool

The pillars go up and down, be patient but don't take too long either!  Used properly, the double jump comes in extra handy here. Sometimes you need to head back to the drawing board so saving the 2nd jump for any last second changes is priceless...

From the darkness the eyes of evil follows your every move...

Once safely past the Crucible of Flame, it's on to the Towers of Molten Steel. Here,
the mere sight of the twin towers strikes terror into the hearts of men. Within these
walls, the ghouls of the Phantom Zone practice their darkest evils

Slightly reminiscent of Nebulus (Commodore 64 among others) and Sky Blazer (SNES), this is a rather remarkable romp. The twisting and turning... seeing those gargoyle statues slowly reveal themselves... splendid

Who needs 3D graphics hmm?  ^_^

                                     Love the foreboding skies as you make your way to the 2nd tower

On your way down, nasty spear-wielding one-eyed demons give chase

                                                           [No seriously -- pack your things -Ed.]

Talk about a true monstrosity!  He's easier than he looks though. I find it best just to stay there and fire away. But man, what a boss

Big, ugly and intimidating... what more could ya want


To enter the frozen lands of the Emperor of Evil, you must first pass through the vile Ghoul's Stomach. It won't be easy, and it sure as hell won't smell too good, either. Those axe-wielding goblins are annoying gits

Kill them right away as you don't want a pack flying after ya

Every so often the landscape changes from bad to worse, and players must hotfoot it to safety via these platforms... or else

                                    You really got to be a master of the double jump by now to survive

Witness the amazing rotating capabilities of the Super Nintendo!

                                                                      Say HELLO to HYDRA!

Reminds me a lot of Godzilla's age-old rival: the mighty KING GHIDORAH!


First up is the Ice Forest. The blizzards constantly blow in this frozen world of ice and snow. Many have tried to conquer this land; none have yet returned

BRRRR!  Good thing Arthur's still in his armor suit... for now anyhow!

                                                   Ah my favorite guy's back -- in icy form this time

Last past the Ice Forest and you'll come to the Ice Wall. A wall of sheer ice surrounds the palace. If the freezing cold doesn't kill ya, surely the savage wolves will

"Nice boy... nice boy..."

                                                  Hang onto a ladder during avalanches to stay safe

At the end of this icy prison you come face to face with this terrible ice demon -- the one they call Freon. His frozen legs actually break and he takes off looking for retribution any way he can get it. He looks quite tough, the git, but he's really not. The design isn't bad, but I think it would have been simply flat out awesome if he was whole and not broken before you could lay a finger on him. Would have been much more pleasing if you could damage him bit by bit, until nothing remained but his sorry frozen head... but perhaps that's just my sadistic side speaking... also it would have been more dramatic if he came bursting out of those frozen prison bars, but now I'm just nit-picking!


                                                 Come on Arthur, you know NO girl is worth all this


At the very beginning players are once again greeted by the double tough Firebrand, or Red Arremer if you will, but I much prefer the former

"ONE day I'll star in my very own SNES game... you'll see!"

                                                    The castle possesses a strikingly sinister design

A version of the Cockatrice stuck within the castle walls?!  What kind of foul play is this?! It's all twisted and PLAIN WRONG... it's like a nightmare very much indeed

"What did I say about putting your head in cracked walls?"

It's the mighty demon Asutaroto!  You gotta love the way this guy looks. He's Sardius' right-hand monster so to speak, with two faces so hideous not even a mother could love. The bottom one looks like an evil tree, no?  Perhaps it's just me

                                                     "At last we meet Arthur, the buck stops here!"


This is it. The last stop. The final whistle. You'll run into some old faces here all in a mad attempt to thwart your quest. Be thankful you're not forced to fight all the previous bosses again. Don't you hate when games do that? You're so close to your final destination... can you make it?

Looks like a reject from the
Contra franchise doesn't it?

Not this git again!  Yep, once more you must duel with Asutaroto. No matter, you defeated him before and you sure as hell can do it one more time. Gotta give him credit though, he's one persistent bastard. He spews fire from his bottom mouth and fires lasers up top. Be patient, and don't double jump unless absolutely necessary; his laser beam might do ya in otherwise

"Alright you miserable pile of horse dung -- THIS TIME WE PLAY FOR KEEPS!"

                                              "YOUR MOVE FIRST, ARTHUR, IT'LL BE YOUR LAST!"

. You pissed him off now. After defeating Asutaroto, he turns into his superior form, Nebiroth. Watch out for his improved laser shot which cuts a huge swath. He's a tough cookie, but if you play it smart you should be OK

"Only Fools Go Rushing In"... and they were right


Welcome to the Throne Room, home of the one and only, Sardius!  There are no other baddies to contend with, just him. Talk about a menacing and imposing final boss. Towering over Arthur with his elaborate golden armor, it sure looks like
a tall task indeed. To set
the mood proper, lightning strikes the dark night sky, sending waves of white blinding flashes all over the throne room. It's a modern day David and Goliath, if you will. On paper at least. But in reality Sardius is a big joke. You can kill him without ever being hit!

It all comes down to this...

A series of laser beams fly out of his mouth. Position yourself around here. His right or left leg works fine. Oddly enough, just for your convenience, Sardius also sends out two icy platforms. You'll want to double leap onto one of them, but not when he sends the lasers late, which he will do a time or two. Be on your guard

                                                                   Position yourself properly...

Once on the platform, it'll take you up to his head level. You'll be able to land a couple to several shots in before the ice gives way

Sock it to him, Arthur

Regrettably, he's all bark and no bite. Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts is a challenging game, but that comes mostly in the levels. The bosses themselves are surprisingly easy to dispatch. It's too bad too, because they're wonderful designs and you would expect them to put up more of a tough fight

And speaking of challenging, you must beat this game TWICE, but more on that in a little bit. For now, let us enjoy our victory and bask in the glow of a job well done

                                                                      SAYONARA SARDIUS!

"OH ARTHUR!  Calm down will ya -- NOT RIGHT HERE!"

                                             Guy saves girl. Girl and guy ride off happily in the sunrise

Capcom you sumbitches, thanks for all the great franchises you gave us

                                                       All is right and peaceful... for now at least...


How evil and wrong this is. You must beat the game twice and kill Sardius with the Bracelet to get the ending. The Bracelet isn't exactly the best weapon either. In your 2nd trip, the difficulty of the game also rises. To find the Bracelet, you must have the final power-up item, the Sun Shield, and the next treasure chest you uncover will contain the weapon required to properly kill Sardius. Don't lose the Bracelet either!
Talk about tough love!

"You know... I've JUST about had enough of you..."


God bless this option to jump anywhere in the game

How nice of them to even allow you to pick the area in the stage you want to go to! With no save or password option, this cheat does well to increase the game's longevity, as sometimes when the craving strikes to replay a certain level, say the Ice Forest in level 5, you don't need to waste time trekking through the previous 4. Level select codes are among my favorite types of cheats, especially when the game is lacking a password or save option. It's a godsend
                                                             Continue off where you please... woot


It seems everyone loves Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts. The overwhelming majority, anyhow. And if
not love, then they at least have mad respect for it. Super Play awarded the game with a hearty
85%, calling it a "classic Super Nintendo game."  And WELL before Sarah Palin could use the
term "Joe Six-Pack" or John McCain with "Joe the Plumber," there was "Joe Public" (as coined
by Super Play some odd 15 bloody years ago)

  • "This is a game where, if you possess really, really, really top-notch gameplaying skills, and have lots of patience, you might be OK. However, if you're Joe Public, and as such only -- well -- average, you could find you're in severe trouble"

    -Super Play GOLD 1993

    [You darn right!  Say it ain't so Joe!  -Ed.]

Below are excerpts from three magazine publications with some Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts praise and ponderings for your enjoyment, because I care, vote for me!  Er, sorry, the third and last Presidential Debate still ringing in my ears you see... [Vote Obama y'all!  -Ed.]

SEGA Saturn Magazine, last issue, final review (November 1998)

                                               Darran Jones of Retro Gamer Magazine (March 2006)

EGM's Top 100 Best Games List, issue #100 (November 1997)


Demon's Crest
, released in 1994, continued the high quality Capcom tradition; with gnarly visuals, convincing sound, addicting gameplay (Super Metroid devotees will instantly eat it up), huge bosses and a totally badass protagonist. What's not to love?

                                            Capcom's finest hour on the SNES sans SF. Yeah, I said it

Firebrand is a wonderful character to control. Who knew back in the mid '80s when players first faced the red demon that nearly ten years later he would star in his own equally awesome video game?  Be sure to also check out Gargoyle's Quest on GameBoy and the sequel on the 8-bit Nintendo. But for my money, Demon's Crest is where it's at


"Hey Arthur... I can't believe I'm saying this but, remember that time long ago where I tried killing you by dropping
ya 900 feet but failed miserably?"

"Sure... kinda hard to forget stuff like that..."

"Well I just want to thank you for making me see the light. I turned the other cheek and got my own Super Nintendo game, and it's even better than yours"
                                                               "WHOA hold on a second pal..."

The age-old rivals reconciled their differences and dance a jig to prove it

                                       DYK: Firebrand also appeared in SNES Brandish... [Stop it -Ed.]

Demon's Crest: a real SNES gem. Play it ASAP if you haven't already


Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts is simply a classic. It's been a real pleasure to play through this game and discover all the little nuances, from perfecting the double jump to finding out where the hidden treasure chests lie. This game kicked my ass too. But not in a cheap way. Not because of faulty controls or anything like that. The level design is brutal, especially the first, oh say, 20 times through. Some video games are frustrating in a cheap way, but this is not one of those games. It's tough in a "Oooh I'll get you next time!"  sort of manner, reeling you back in for another go and before you know it, an hour's flown by. And if you're good, maybe the level too. And it's all worth it -- oh yeah.
I never found myself blaming my losses on account of the game


The game has a great atmosphere and truly lives up to the name of the title. Rotting zombies litter the Haunted Cemetery, the rolling swirly mist in the Graveyard of Ships soon turns itself into ghastly apparitions, and what can you say about those vile monstrous bosses?  Their incredible size and grand detail is damn near awe-inspiring. From the sight
of the very first boss, the abominable Cockatrice, you knew you were in for one hell of a ride. The monsters steal the show. Arthur is nothing special to look at, but his enemies sure are. The levels are well-detailed and though there are two areas per level, they're actually fairly short. I was expecting the game to be a bit longer than what it is, but no matter, it's a blast to work your way through them bit by bit. From undertaking tumultuous raft rides of death to scaling demon-infested towers, Arthur has plenty to do                               "Ever thought of getting a pedicure, mate?"

Not only are the visuals and sound right on the money, but the game is a sheer joy to play. From its varied locales to tricky predicaments, various tools of destruction and even magic, it's got the lot, this one. Capcom was also nice enough to give us four difficulty options. On Beginner, it is very manageable. So is the default Normal difficulty. Personally, I don't think this game is as hard as many tend to say. With grit, patience and the right equipment... but don't get me wrong, it IS a very challenging game. I don't consider myself a "Gaming God" by any stretch of the imagination, but even I was able to get through the game on Beginner and Normal. It just takes a good deal of persistence and the right weapon in tow. It's too bad you can only carry one weapon at a time (I hope you don't get stuck accidentally with the torch) and it's even worse that Arthur can only withstand two hits (highest armor or lowest), but it's a fun challenge. And that's the big fundamental difference between games like this, and games that are flat out impossible and/or controller-chuck inducing. The fun keeps you plugging away until you at long last break through, and it's a great high when you finally do

The more I played Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
the more I came to appreciate it in all facets. Initially, I didn't really like Arthur's "stiffness" but it grew on me. Mastering the double jump is crucial. Arthur can no longer shoot up, but oddly, it works. It just does. Yeah, there is some slowdown during the more hectic parts, but does it adversely affect the gameplay? Not really. The bottom line is, this game delivers in all the areas where it counts. There's a reason why Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts is as beloved as it is. It's rock-hard but not impossible, and a memorable cast and level design all add up to a true classic. One of the best on the SNES
                                                                          Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts: it's a scream!

Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 9
Longevity: 8

Overall: 9.0


Or is it... ?  MWAHAHAHAHA... *ahem* sorry. Happy Halloween!