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Written: 12.16.08
Acquired: 2.7.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $10

Pub: SquareOct. '92
Dev: Square4 MEGS

Before Final Fantasy III, AKA Final Fantasy VI, and after Final Fantasy II, AKA Final Fantasy IV, there was a little sidestep in the noted franchise with an entry-level based RPG called Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Still with me?  [Ya lost me at... "before" -Ed.].  It has often been deemed THE black sheep of the Final Fantasy family. Some have gone as far as calling it an albatross, or even the ugly red-headed illegitimate offspring. You get the idea. Is it that bad?
Does this remind anyone else of...

                                          I wonder if they were fans of Mystic Quest?  [Prob'ly not -Ed.]

Of course, with one extreme, you have the other side. There are many Mystic Quest defenders who will proudly tell you this game isn't THAT bad; in fact, it's actually pretty good. As it is with many things in life, there's only one way you can find out for certain: by experiencing it yourself. And last Christmas, I set out to do just that

Speaking of which, it reminds me of a song:

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart

But the very next day,

You gave it away

[Bah humbug -Ed.enezer Scrooge]


Growing up I was a huge fan of fighting and action games. Any game which granted instant explicit gratification from the moment you pressed start, I was a fan of. My brother, on the other hand, was obsessed with RPGs. I never got it. Why would anyone want to spend all day conversing with boring townsfolk, or engaging in slow, plodding turn-based combat?  What the heck is SO appealing about the genre?  I couldn't figure it out at all. As far as I was concerned 15 years ago, RPG might as well stand for "Real Poor Games."  Pretty harsh I know, but hey, I was 10. Then about 10 years later, in late 2003, SEGA SATURN MAGAZINE's championing of RPGs had an incredible affect on me. Suddenly, and for the first time in my life, I began to see the genre in a new light. It didn't take me long to procure all the Saturn RPGs, from Albert Odyssey to Panzer Dragoon Saga. Sadly, I never got around to playing any of them. Flash forward to January 2006. Upon rediscovering my childhood love, the Super NES, I was determined to finally play my first RPG ever. Super Mario RPG perhaps?  Earthbound?  Chrono Trigger?  None of those, actually.
I knew in my heart my first RPG could only be... FINAL FANTASY MYSTIC QUEST

Yeah, sure I'd read some negative opinions on it and yes, I'd heard through the grapevine it wasn't worth anyone's time, but that didn't sway me any. Ever since I first saw the Mystic Quest blurbs in EGM back in the day, part of me was always a bit curious about it, despite my fervent RPG dislike then. There was something about MQ that appealed to me. I guess
it was the whole training wheels idea thing. I had decided that if I were to ever play RPGs, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest would be the very first. Besides, it's not a bad idea to start at the "bottom" and work your way
up. This whole ordeal was just another chance at gaming redemption and fulfilling the wavering fantasies of my youth. Last December, I decided it was time to finally quell a 15-year curiosity. Having experienced the likes of Brandish, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, and Soul Blazer, and enjoyed the adventures very much might I add, the time had come to 'level up' and conquer my very first RPG. All things considered, I can't think of a more "perfect" RPG to begin with...

Man, I remember those weird-ass ads like I do the back of my hand. I always thought it was pretty cool how the game was going for only $40, too

Every 5,000 miles and you're good to go!

                                                 They made no bones about it: FOR RPG ROOKIES

Let us begin the journey...


For centuries the Focus Tower stood at the very heart of the World. It had been a center for trade and knowledge, and the people of the World met there to peacefully settle their differences. But on one warm summer day, the Tower was suddenly transformed into a symbol of the purest evil. For on that day, vile monsters battled their way into the Tower, stole the four Crystals of the Earth, and took off with the magical Coins that had kept the Tower's doors unlocked
What is it with monsters and crystals anyway?

With the Tower doors sealed behind them, the monsters relaxed their guard and turned their attention to the Crystals. As they basked in the radiant glow of the Crystals, the monsters grew stronger and meaner and even more wicked. The more light the monsters consumed,
the more the World was drained of its warmth and color. Tremors soon shook the land. The sky grew cloudy and dark. The seasons went berserk. Monsters then appeared everywhere and terrorized the people. The World was thrown into total chaos. Something had to be done

                                                          The World desperately needed a hero...

Enter Benjamin; the most normal youngster you could imagine. Like most responsible villagers his age, he arose at the butt crack of dawn to take his family's livestock to the upper meadow to graze. Other kids teased him because he read while tending his herd, and because a village Elder had taken him in as a promising student. Although he seemed mature beyond his years, he still dreamed of being more than he was: faster, stronger and more daring
"Huh?  Hey Shorty, where did Benjamin go?"

                                Little did he know his wishes were about to be fulfilled the hard way...



RPGs require a little extra thought compared to other genres

In battle mode you can attack with your weapon or by conjuring a variety of magic spells. Spells are usually stronger, but eat up magic points and some enemies are immune to certain spells, further adding to the strategy of the RPG genre

                                     IT'S RAINING MAGIC, HALLELUJAH, IT'S RAINING MAGIC, AMEN!

Life's made simple: you needn't worry about management so much

                                                  Well you don't hafta, but I like being a stat hound

Very nice indeed. You're given every chance to succeed


Starting out at the Focus Tower, before all is said and done you'll travel to 29 regions, ranging from ice pyramids to yes, volcano mines. Not very original but hey, all the classic ones are here

Hey, you asked for a little more adventure, and you got it, kid!

Your movement in the overworld map has also been simplified for the novice in mind. You're quite restricted but hey, you'll never get lost

                                              For better or worse, you always know where to go next


I shall rename Benjamin to be STEVE, yes  [Glory hog -Ed.]

                                       Girls... they're nutthin but trouble in video games [... or life -Ed.]

You gotta love ol' Fee-Bee. Quite helpful, that lass

Your party can only contain two members at any one time, and not by your choice. Along the journey you'll be joined by different characters for different reasons, as well as discover many items, weapons, magic spells and armor. It's nowhere as extensive as other RPGs, but again, this was made with the novice in mind. Let the journey begin!


Quick boy quick!

Follow the old geezer and leap safely onto the other mountain before the one you're on crumbles. Unlike many other RPGs, you can leap in Mystic Quest. Not just for fun either, but you'll find it serves a purpose later on

[I'd say it served a purpose already. Nice not being roadkill -Ed.]

                                                                                "Kid, IS IT THE SHOES?!"

"Look over there. That's the Focus Tower, once the heart of the World. An old Prophecy says, "The vile 4 will steal the Power, and divide the World behind
4 doors. At that time the Knight will appear!"  The Prophecy has now come true. 4 monsters have locked the doors of the Focus Tower and escaped with the keys. They're draining the light from the 4 Crystals of the Earth, and the World is in chaos. The people are in extreme desperate need of help. STEVE, only you can save the Crystals and the World, AND ONLY YOU"

"Come again?"

                                                  Hey!  I think STEVE will make a fine hero.... ahem

But before the Old Man and
STEVE can chat it up some
more, BEHEMOTH shows up!
The screen shakes and roars.
It's time to jam...


                                                The very first RPG battle of my gaming career, ahhh

You have the option to
attack, use an item or
spell, or defend yourself


                    After choosing your option, a big yellow
                    square appears on the screen. You may
                    direct it on any enemy, yourself or your
                    party member (in case of using the Cure
                    spell, f'rinstance). Of course, right here
                    and right now, strike down that son of a
                    gun!  PRONTO!  C'mon Itchy, let's go!

                                                                                    [Was that the cat or mouse?  -Ed.]

Behemoth strikes first with Atrocious Morning Breath!

The Swift Sword takes off 25 health points

Sometimes, a critical hit occurs, accompanied by a flash. Triple damage!

Just as quickly as he came, BEHEMOTH vanishes after that final critical blow

Well, actually it was more of a guess... -Old Man

                  Ah, the infamous heroic shrug of our
                  main chap!  It adds an enjoyable and
                  quirky touch to the festivities. Anytime
                  STEVE is confused [Oh boy -Ed.] he'll
                  look at you and give a stumped shrug
                  of the shoulders, as if to say, "WHAT
                  IN BLOODY BLAZES?!"

                                                                                        [Art truly imitates life -Ed.]

"That depends. What do
I get out of it, gramps?"

"... Something more valuable than your eyes will ever believe!"

                                                   "I'm a man of my word. Here ya go, TAKE THIS!"

"What the!?  You call this priceless, gramps?"

"Silly kid. Open your eyes, and open your heart. Then find the young girl in Foresta, the rest is up to you, son..."


"Ohhh-kaaaaay. That was creepy"

Open all the chests you see littered across the land. Cure potions, heal potions, etc. are all important to collect

                                        They actually regenerate, so you can abuse the system if ya wish

Speaking of cures, there's a certain bed in a certain town that won't cost
ya a dime and will fully recuperate our hero. Hmmm, judging by the look
of ecstasy on his face, I think he did more than take a nap, if ya know what
I mean [What do you mean? -Ed.]  Probably cost him more than a dime too!

Well, you heard the old fart, off to Foresta with the Tree Wither!

Talk to all the townsfolk. You never know what information you may pick up, or clues you may unravel. Plus, it's all part of the fun of playing an RPG; to become enraptured by its fascinating fantasy world...

                                                   "Right sure, now listen. Where can I find a cheesesteak?"

Just imagine if people in real life talked like this!

Some folks give you a valuable clue to progress the story while others simply add to the atmosphere of the town, and ultimately, the game itself

                                                          "Sure thing granny, that's what they all say..."

You'll meet up with Kaeli here

             "KAELI!  Don't you dare storm off with
              this stranger!  You remember what
              happened last time?"

             "Awww Mom. Look, I have to do this.
              I hope you'll understand some day"


                                                                            "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her"

"You had better!"

"I will"

"I mean it!"

"Yes, m'am"

"I know a lot of people who will make your life
Hell should anything happen to my little girl!"

"R-really?  Heh, uh, Kaeli, y'know, maybe I can
do this by myself..."

"Don't make me laugh!  I'll be fine, Mom. Let's go!"


                                                                  "OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH!"

"Yes yes, down a little more, Steve.
You're doing very well my son!"

                                 "No, up some more now.
                                  Up up, THERE ya go"

"On second thought, it'd
look real nice to the right..."

                         "Or maybe to the left... hmmm,
                         yes, the left. Definitely the left"

"Thank you, my boy.
Now it's perfect"

*grumble*  "I like to show you the meaning of perfect..."

                                                                In the end, all that hard work is worth it

Leap safely onto the
tree stumps and over.
What riches lie ahead
for our hero?  My lips
are sealed...


Very nice indeed. One of the things I hated about RPGs as a kid watching my brother play them were the sundry random enemy encounters. Sometimes it seemed like you couldn't take 3 steps without the screen flashing into battle. In Mystic Quest there are no surprises

                                              AT EASE!  YOU SORRY MAGGOT-FILLED RPG VIRGIN!

Speaking of cool touches, here's another one. This is a typical enemy screen in an RPG, no?

Well, Christmas IS right around the corner...

But wait, what's that?  Yep, enemies' weakened states are shown and some
of them are rather amusing, such as the bandaid this goof sports. What a git!

                                                    "Can ya believe they ran outta the Mickey Mouse ones?"

[Oh... where to even begin?  -Ed.]

                                                    One of the most vital Man Laws to live by, folks

Unfortunately for our
diplomatic hero and
lovely heroine, their
moment is shattered
by the appearance of
a vile creature


Everybody knows that when you turn 40, first to go are the horns, then the arm bands

After battling the Minotaur, Kaeli faints [Way to go, STEVE-O -Ed.]

                                                    In addition to jumping, it's another cool feature

Battlefields are optional, but it's wise to clear them all

Scattered across the world are battlefields. These are regions where monsters dwell deep below the surface and your sole purpose is to hack 'em all. Not only
do you gain experience points from killing the monsters, but you may win key items as well. You don't have to fight them all at once, so when your health runs low make sure you heal up before reengaging in battle

                                               Some adventurers never return from these hellholes...


See the importance of clearing
out the battlefields?  Here you've
won the Charm Necklace, which
protects you against, big surprise,
charm attacks. Don't be a wimp.
Eliminate all foul beings at every
battlefield you come across

Hey who's that bloke?  Find out soon

                                                   Tell me about it. Where have I seen this before?

"I just wish I knew what was inside that temple..."


"But we're not dead!"


"I knew I would hate this"

Not looking so tough now ARE YA?!  Humph


Very strong ally he is, and not a moment too soon, either

As STEVE is confused and perplexed [big shock there -Ed.] out of nowhere
a strange fella appears. Who is he, and what does he want anyway?

"I'll sell you some for, say, 9000 GP. Well?"

                                                           "My allowance is only 2 GP a month!"

[HA!  I smell what that guy's cooking, and I like it!  -Ed.]

                                               Be fun if you could hack 'em here, but ARPG this ain't!

Just a friendly general hint:
it is wise NOT to go for the
straight path and try to finish
the game as soon as you can.
Taking side trips to stock up on
items and such will help make
the game easier not to mention
more enjoyable. That is, if you're
the gamer who cares to see and
experience everything in a game,
and not just to see the ending in
the quickest time possible

I guess that Robert Frost guy was right eh?

                                       Besides, you could use the EXP points before the first real boss!

Yuck. Some of the enemy designs
are well done. This ugly Sand Worm
(Beetlejuice, anybody?) is basic yet
pretty damn effective. Just wait until
we get to some of the boss characters.
The graphics won't blow anyone away,
but they more than get the job done

It's gotta be the teeth

Loading up on Tristam's ninja stars is your reward for taking this little road trip. I find it most gratifying to take your time and really feel the 'pulse' of a game rather than rushing for the exit

                                                         FYI: They are to ninjas what diamonds are to ladies

Bone Dungeon has some memorable moments, such as this one

You'll come to an entrance blocked by a ton of rocks. Never fear, for Tristam shows
off his handy bomb attack. He will then offer to sell you 50 bombs for 30 GP. Buy it!

Let's check out the bomb in action

                                                 Nice!  Connects on all and is quite powerful to boot

HE-MAAAN!  [Don't EVEN start -Ed.]

                                                  "IMPOSTER!  DOWN WITH YOU YOU VILE SWINE!"

Bomb has its uses outside of battle as well. Blast that rib cage! 

                                                 "Sounds like a good pla -- HEY WAIT A SECOND!"

Now you're equipped with
the black magic to cause
bone-jarring earthquakes.
Gotta "explore" the Bone
Dungeon to find it


                                You know that long and dreadful
                                walk down the aisle, well, if you
                                haven't experienced it yet, I'm
                                sure one day we all will. Video
                                games seemed to have taken
                                that lengthy walk and infused it
                                into their own. How many times,
                                before squaring off with a giant
                                hideous boss, are you forced to
                                waddle across a long stretch of
                                land for ages?  Things are no
                                different in Mystic Quest. At the
                                far northern region of the Bone
                                Dungeon lies the final skull cage.
                                What horrible creature could lurk
                                beyond these realms?

                                                                                     There's only one way to find out....


                                                              Defeat Rex to earn the Sand Coin

Easier said than done; watch out for his bone missiles!

The best thing about ole Rex is seeing his sorry sack of bones deteriorate after the
proper amount of damage has been inflicted. Mystic Quest is no world beater when
it comes to graphics, but this is a great touch you don't see in very many other RPGs


"Well, I hate to break it to ya bud, but you're breaking up"


Rex battles to his grave. You gotta admire that about 'im

And there goes Rex... POOF!  Ah, I'll never forget it. Slaying my very first
RPG boss. Hey, I know it sounds corny but you never forget your first time

"WHOA, take a
look at this, kid!"



                                                  "Uh Tristam, I think you better look at this instead..."

"Yeah yeah I've already seen the Kingdom of Crystal Skull, kid!"

"Now this Dragon Claw on the other hand... now THIS is something to gawk at!  Check out the reach on this baby!"

"Yeah, that's pretty good"

"Oh yeah kid, don't forget our deal now ya hear"

                                        "I know I know. I keep everything. Well thanks... for everything!"

"HA HA HA, nice try, kid"


"Here ya go kid. Your very own bottle
of Elixir. The Dragon Claw -- I KEEP"

"Aw gee, THANKS. I'm overwhelmed, really I am"

    After their witty and revolutionary
    banter ceases, Tristam leaves ya
    with a final message:

                                                              Back to a party of one  [Story of your life -Ed.]

Followed by, of course, the infamous
heroic shrug. Why did they do this? 
Why ask why?  It's a fun quirky touch
that brings some extra personality to
the game. It's nice seeing a game not
take itself TOO seriously, especially
when it's not setting out to win any
Oscars or anything

[Shocking, STEVE is stumped... -Ed.]

                                                Ooooh, things are back to being alive and so... LUSH

"Oh that's OK. You might not believe this but I've been called strange, HA!"

                                                                   [OH PUH-LEEEEASE!  -Ed.]

Give her a sip of your magic juice -- THE ELIXIR -- and move it!

                                                       But you WANT to, right?  ... Hello?  Hello?

"Sorry, I swung it by AXE-cident. Get it?  *crickets*  ... OH-KAAAAY"

                                                Time for funny business is over when you enter here

God Bless that Phoebe lass huh?

                                                   The non-battle scene action is much appreciated

But before you go charging into battle, Don Quixote, be sure to switch
from the Cat Claw to your bombs, as bombs are far FAR more effective.
Don't take my word for it, just look at the difference in the ATTACK
ratings for yourself. And because you can see enemies on the map,
you know when to switch. You can also switch on the main screen
without having to flip to this menu. Rather nice, isn't it?

Like The Boss once sang, "You can't start a fire without a spark..."

I get up in the evening
and I ain't got nothing
to say
I come home in the morning
I go to bed feeling the same way
I ain't nothing but tired
Man I'm just tired and bored with myself
Hey there baby, I could
use just a little help

You can't start a fire
You can't start a fire without a spark
This gun's for hire
Even if we're just dancing in the dark. Even if we're just dancing in the dark. DAAAAANCIN --

[Ahem. THIS boss says you're fired, again -Ed.]

Actually, the Centaur is on fire, hahaha..... ahem, I'll go pack now

PS- Hey Centaur, whose hands are up now, BITCH!

Work your way through. At the end, Squidite awaits

                                                                    "THAT WORKS FOR ME!"

An eyeful of arrows is not a fun way to spend a Tuesday night, or any other night for
that matter. Quite a strong mini-boss, but we'll be having squid soup soon enough

It's very critical to heal your
weakened characters during
battle. Don't try to be a macho
man by brute forcing it

You gotta use your head a little
bit and know when to attack and
when to heal. And as most of us
know, it's not hard at all knowing
when to do this or when to do that.
Role playing games really are not
all THAT complicated, especially
Mystic Quest, specifically made
with RPG rookies in mind

"Need an eye-patch there, buddy?"

              "Well STEVE-O, let's see what we win
              for slaying that stupid squid, shall we?"

              "I wonder what's inside that chest?"

              "Only one way to find out..."

              "... *gulp*  Oh uh, you first, Phoebe.
               Heh, after all, ladies first!"

              "Alright, just stay behind me..... !!


              "That better be a flashlight!"
                                                                                             [A small one -Ed.]

Can you revive the frozen town of Aquaria?

"Y'kno something Steve, being a hero really is overrated..."

But before you can travel to the Ice Pyramid you must cross Falls Basin. Here you must push ice pillars to solve the puzzles within and slay the evils

                                                              Be sure to keep your cool... sorry

The enemies get bigger, badder and oh yeah, a whole heck lot uglier!

This Snow Crab and Hag is a real drag

Hmmmmm, what does STEVE mean by that?

                                                    What a smooth guy, huh?  [In his dreams -Ed.]

"OK, I got the ugly one"

"Cool. Um, which one?"

Squidite's evil cousin, Phanquid, would like a word with you

                                                         [It'd be a shame if STEVE fell, huh.. -Ed.]

Uh oh, you know what this big guy means... it's boss time!

Equip yourself properly before rushing in, and away we go!

The Ice Golem guards the pyramid with malice

[*slaps forehead* -Ed.]

                                                     You'll receive the River Coin for your troubles

[Kind of weird?  Hey toots, yer talkin' to the KING of weird!  -Ed.]

                                           "Yeah, that's him. Said his name was Barry or something..."


Click if you'd like some musical accompaniment for the following entertainment

It's not a Rick Roll. You have my word  [What a comfort -Ed.]

There she was just a-walkin' down the street, singing "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"
Snappin' her fingers and shufflin' her feet, singing "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"
She looked good (looked good), she looked fine (looked fine)
She looked good she looked fine and I nearly lost my mind

Before I knew it she was walkin' next to me, singing "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"
Holdin' my hand just as
natural as can be, singing "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"
We walked on (walked on) to my door (my door)
We walked on to my door, then we kissed a little more

Whooooa-ohhhhh, I knew we was falling in love
Yes I did and so I told her all the things I'd been dreamin' of

Now we're together nearly every single day, singing "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"
We're so happy and that's how we're gonna stay, singing "Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do"
Well I'm hers (I'm hers), she's mine (she's mine)
I'm hers she's mine, wedding bells are gonna chime

I'm hers she's mine, wedding bells are gonna chime

Whoa-oh-oh-oh, oh yeeeah
Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do, we'll sing it
Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do, oh yeah, oh, oh yeah
Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do!

*clap clap*
*turns off lighter*

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, THE BEST OF YOU?

                                           I'VE GOT ANOTHER CONFESSION TO MAKE!  [Ahem -Ed.]

Next up is the Mine, oooh

                                                                That guy really hates trespassers

"Great, look who let the Jinnie out of the bottle!"

Jinn is actually nothing to make fun of. It's not only his name, but it's actually the name of a
form of demon. Back during my college days, I met a pretty interesting friend who knew a lot
about the supernatural, and he emailed me about "jinns" once. Here is what the email states:

  • So who are the jinns? 

    The jinns have long accompanied the fantasy and magical world of the human imagination for centuries. They compromise the world of fairies, genies, wish masters, aliens, ghosts, demons, and other supernatural beings. Humanity has long been interested with the jinn and has placed them into films, stories, legends, and even beliefs. We have all seen Aladdin with his genie that would spring out of the lamp, we have all seen Alice and her dreamy “wonderland," and other such tales. In Christianity, when they warn against doing salvation or having trust in SPIRITS besides THE HOLY SPIRIT, they are talking about these dudes.

    Ultimately, the jinns are mortal, carnal, lower spirits that dwell in the lower heavens and
    on earth amongst mankind. Rather than regarding them solely as demons, Islam regards
    them as a race or life form that dwells in a world parallel or maybe even perpendicular to
    that of mankind. This world called "The World of the Jinn" is also referred to as the SUPERNATURAL WORLD.

    The word jinn in Arabic means "the unseen.”  Therefore, we cannot see the jinn. The light that illuminates off their forms have different wavelengths from visible light (they're either infrared or ultraviolet).

    When a jinn possesses the living, it can make them ill both physically and mentally. That’s why possessed people act crazy. [Oh, of course -Ed.].  They can also tempt or convince them to do things to other people or themselves that may be good or bad for them.

    Because they are mortal, jinns like humans copulate, consume, and drink. They need
    to survive just like me, you, or any ol’ Bob or Bill out there.

    They have their own customs, languages, rules, and beliefs. Their ways are different, however they can learn and follow our customs, languages, rules, and beliefs. They can follow our ways because they can see, hear, and sense our presences, but we can’t do the same to them!  HOWEVER, they can make their presences known to us by taking
    on the forms, voices, and smells of things familiar to us. Never do they ever show their
    true faces; nevertheless, so forever they remain the UNSEEN  [I see, or not -Ed.]

    Every time a prophet, shaman, or important spiritual figure comes to existence amongst the humans (such as Muhammed, Jesus, Moses, Buddha, etc.), the jinn hears this news and spread it amongst themselves like a wildfire. When Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), recited the Quran in mosques, the jinns would flood through the windows and back doors of the mosque simply to listen to him (you can’t see or hear this happening). They have listened to the preaching of other prophets such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, etc. before.   

    Because they can hear, they can learn and speak our languages and religions. Jinns
    that dwell in England can speak English, those that live in China can speak Chinese,
    etc…. Those who dwell amongst Muslims will be Muslim, those amongst Christians will
    be Christian. There are jinn families, boyfriend and girlfriend jinn, young and old fart jinn,
    nerd and jock jinn, etc. [Maybe jinn brothels too... sorry, no disrespect intended -Ed.] 

    These spirits are also associated with curses. They dwell in places that are filthy, old, dark, and abandoned (public baths, public bathrooms, caverns, deserts, historic ruins, sewers, garbage disposals, shit tanks, etc.). People should avoid entering such places where they dwell for it can harm their well being. [Oh yeah, Saturday I'm going shopping, then off to the track, topped off by heading to the ole shit tank -Ed.]. In fact, most jinns don’t like it when humans enter their dwellings and can hurt or even kill those folks who trespass into their lairs!  People in the past especially archeologists have died soon after simply picking senselessly into cursed ancient artifacts and caverns. Fortunately, they usually let humans know openly that they are not allowed in these areas in various ways.

    [WHO IS THIS GUY?!  Your friend huh?  'SPLAINS A LOT!  -Ed.]

When I fought Jinn in Mystic Quest, I immediately thought back to that email my college
buddy sent me so many years ago. That's pretty cool to see actual folklore make its way
into the enemy roster

                                                   Speaking of folklore, up this hill awaits Medusa!

This is a good time to stock up, refill, take a leak, do whatever ya gotta do. Being able to see where the bosses are on the map is a tremendous boon to RPG virgins who may detest the whole random battle bit. Heck, I know I did. So, before tackling Medusa or any other (sub)boss, make sure you're at maximum power

Don't leave one chest unopened!

Sure, she doesn't look too hideous here, but wait til ya see her 2nd and 3rd forms, ugh!

                                                         "All in favor of running, say aye. AYE!"

Aw see, that Tristam cat ain't all bad

                                                     Dare you find out what lies behind that door?

Not exactly a brand new Corvette is it?

Uh oh, look who guards the Lava Dome: none other than the dreaded Dual Head Hydra

                                                   And who said Two Heads Are Better Than One?

Hydra is tough as nails... good luck!

Y'kno, one of my fondest earliest memories from Kindergarten involved my dad. It was about 20 years ago that my dad made me an offer I couldn't refuse. See, I was going through a stage where I hated eating in public. Kneeling down beside me, right outside Room #1, my dad said, "Son, you eat your lunch today. If you don't eat it, you'll die."  (Well, not in those exact terms, PER SE, but you get the idea). When he realized his pep talk probably wasn't gonna help, he proposed that if I ate my lunch today, later he'd take me to the video store so I could rent one Godzilla movie. And Lord knows I loved the Big Guy (oh, and Dad, too) so of course, that day I gobbled down my lunch without a care in the universe. That night I rented Godzilla vs. Monster Zero (Ghidorah). Gracias GODZILLA, and thank you Dad for knowing the fine art of bribery

                                           Hydra reminds me of ol' King Ghidorah, well, minus a head

Boy, video games used to be so subtle

"So STEVE, you want my magic potion do ya?"

"Of course!"

"Well... you can't have it"

"What?  Why not?"

"My tree friends, you've chopped them down!"

                                           "Oh THAAAAT... haha... my bad. Now, about that potion..."

In some circles, King Ghidorah is known as King Ghidrah. Just a coincidence I'm sure. Gidrah, later Chimera,
is almost as tough as
the Dual Head Hydra.
Waste those Skuldiers
first, then concentrate
all your firepower on the
3-headed abomination

Doesn't the head on the far left remind you an awful lot of...

                                                   ... The Almighty King Ghidorah himself?  (again)

Nice to see a game not take itself too seriously

                                                                      "The time has come..."

"So STEVE, Steven, Stevie, Steverino, the Stevemeister!"

"... Yep, that be me"

"I guess you're expecting some eloquent, moving, meaningful, passionate, poignant, stirring and/or touching soliloquy, right?"

"Weeell, yeah"

"Sorry kiddo. No can do"


"Hey, do you know what it's like to be stereotyped? I DIDN'T ASK TO LOOK LIKE THIS ALL RIGHT!"

"At least yer good-looking"

There's a rather remarkable likeness, wouldn't ya say?

                                                          You're now in the Dark King's backyard

There he is!  Kill him and save the universe. Die, and well, what does it matter... you won't be around to see what Dark King does anyhow. He's easily the strongest foe in all of Mystic Quest and it will take much healing to get through this one. If ya hate spiders, oh you'll love his later forms...

This is it. It's now or never

                                                     A guy can get used to this 'Captain' business..


Who could forget those strange Mystic Quest ads back in late '92?

                                                   This is the one that sticks in my mind most of all

No shirt, no shoes, no service, hahaha  [Zip it -Ed.]


As opposed to... the American side of interpretation and taste...

                                                     I think I'll slide with the Japanese on this one


MQ's artwork as seen in the manual. Pretty nice huh?  But familiar...

                                                     Hmmmm... noooo. Not really THAT similar, is it?

Link uncovers a treasure chest...

                                                                          Didn't I just see that?

Prepare for battle, Link!

                                                                  Heeeey, wait a second here...

Wait, is that Link or STEVE?

                                         I wonder if the same artist handled both projects?  *MQ shrug*


Level 37
HP: 1480
Attack: 230
Defense: 128
Speed: 90
Magic: 51
Accuracy: 93
Evade: 46
GP: 22,288
EXP: 762,582
Time of Completion: 17:05

Short game, really. I just took some extra time to, ahem, level up


  • EGM: 8, 7, 7, 7
  • Super Play: 79%


Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is an interesting game in the sense that rarely have I seen a game have as much supporters and haters as this one has. This is a title that gamers seem to either understand and like, or simply blast to death. There doesn't appear to
be many who are in the middle. You either like it or you don't. I can see why some people, in particular, RPG experts, might look down on the game. Is it as good as Final Fantasy II?  No way. Final Fantasy III?  Hell no. And there's the other thing about it... the title itself. Many expected an effort worthy of the famed Final Fantasy label. Instead... they received a game that, basically for all intents and purposes, serves as an RPG starter kit. Mystic Quest is perfect for RPG rookies. Hardened RPG warriors?  Not so much
"Are we compensating for something here, HMMM?"

I'll always remember Mystic Quest for being my first 'real' RPG that I beat. It eased me along, kept my interest and helped prepare me for bigger and better RPG experiences. This time last year I was happily playing through this game, thinking to myself, "Hard to believe 15 years ago I all but discounted the genre." Now here I am, *gasp*...
a converted fan. Mystic Quest didn't sour me on the genre, so it must have done something right. I heard all the jeers about this game but as I always do when entering a new game, I keep an open mind. A small part of me was indeed intrigued by this 'starter kit' of an RPG back in 1992, and it's nice being able to put a 15 year curiosity to rest at long last. Graphically, it won't blow anyone away, but RPGs were never made with graphics as its top priority. The visuals in Mystic Quest get the job done. Our protagonists are small, but adequately detailed, and funky traits like the !! bubble and shrug add some charm to the proceedings. The monsters are well detailed, particularly the giant bosses. The first time you lay eyes on the first boss, Flamerus Rex, you're pleasantly surprised. At least, I was. Speaking of the bad guys, damage is shown on them as the battle progresses. Some bosses show as many as four different health status stances, and some of them are very cool, such as the Ice Golem almost melted but hanging on by a grasp. It's a superb touch that adds to the fun of dismantling all the nasties found within Mystic Quest. The game's music is the one area that most people agree is flat out terrific. Battle themes are appropriately intense while towns have a more subdued theme, adding to the atmosphere of the game

Mystic Quest is an easy game. The plot is simple and moves along at a brisk pace. Sure it's not the most elaborate plot in the world and granted, the character development isn't as in-depth as other RPGs, but where else can you see all your enemies on the map, or jump, move pillars, or chop down trees as you're walking about town?  Don't forget about hooking onto a platform high above with the grappling hook either. There is plenty to do and the game doesn't beat around the bush. It's very basic, simple and really does its job well as sort of a "training wheels" for the RPG newcomer, if you will. One can beat Mystic Quest in about 15 hours or so. It never set out to be the "defining RPG" of our generation. If you can ignore the Final Fantasy label and take the game for what it is, you just might enjoy it too

Some folks judge a game based on its overall quality, time of release and other factors be damned. That's all good, but I like to judge a game's merits by examining the whole picture. And for what it sets out to be, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was
a perfectly fine video game for newcomers to the genre back in late '92. Never ever played an RPG before in your life?  Thinking of doing so? Well then may I humbly recommend you try out Final Fantasy Mystic Quest before you do, say, a Final Fantasy III. Sure, MQ is not as good, but it'll ease ya in, and you'll appreciate it MOST if it's the very first RPG you ever play. And you know what they say: you never forget your first time. Your mileage may vary of course... but for me, I know I will never forget rescuing the four Crystals of Earth and restoring peace and balance to the fair World. I'll also never forget how this was my first role playing game experience. How it eased me in. How it prepared me for deeper and more gratifying adventures in this wacky, crazy, 'devil-may-care' genre. Mystic Quest isn't the best by a long shot, but it's not shabby, and perfectly ideal for RPG newcomers. As a kid I always gravitated toward fighting and action games. Never thought in a million years I would ever enjoy and appreciate the RPG genre as much as I do today. I thank Mystic Quest for laying down that very first stone. If nothing else, I'll always remember it for such

RPG rookies, give it a shot. RPG veterans... you know what playing MQ would be like really? 
It'd be like riding a souped-up motorcycle, doing gigs on the road, and then forced to go back
to your old bicycle; even take a lap around the old neighborhood you grew up in. Everything's
simple and you've seen it all. There is no challenge whatsoever. Some folks would like to ride
around their old block again, while others feel they have grown up and cannot look to the past
because they've tasted the fast track already. It's all about the latest thrill, the next high, the --

[SNIP!  We get it

Folks, basically...

Have a nice night

It looks like rain

We'll see ya -Ed.]

Graphics: 6.5
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 7
Longevity: 6.5

Overall: 7.0