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Which is better?  My 2 cents...

On the internet, I've seen many praise the old GameFan issues, and that's cool. However, it does irk me slightly whenever GameFan gets all the "OMG they talked SO much about imports!" treatment. Sure, they had some coverage. But so did EGM. As a matter of fact, I actually discovered far MORE imports thanks to EGM than I did via GameFan

EGM covered a lot of SFC games, previewed in their INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK section. Sometimes, there were multiple pages devoted to one import title, like Firemen: Danny and Pete

EGM deserves more cred for all the obscure SFC games they highlighted, most of which GameFan never mentioned

Thanks to EGM, I found out about:

Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen
Bakuto Dochers
Basketball Dream: Dunk and Hoop
Battle Cross
Battle Racers
Ghost Chaser Densei
Go Go Ackman
Miracle Girls
Pop'n Smash
SD Hiryu no Ken
Spark World
Super Back to the Future II
Zen Nippon Wrestling Dash

Going from import coverage to overall mag quality and which one is better, in general, well, let's see now

GameFan had ace screen grabs -- no doubt. But their writing left a lot to be desired at times. They were often too cute, though ironically that was part of the reason I loved them so much back in '93. They wrote like an enthusiastic 10-year-old, which was perfect when you were ten; you could easily relate to it, and feasibly, it seemed like you could have wrote the mag yourself

Two examples:

Volume 1, Issue 8 page 69

Another option is picking from two games, Turbo Hyper fighting and um ... I can't remember. I'm sorry sometimes I forget... Oh wait!  I remember now, it's Champion Edition!  Oh yea baby!  Capcom is awesome

Volume 2, Issue 2 Editorial

Welcome to the Editorial Zone. A place where I, a person crazy enough to make a video game magazine, gets to write whatever I want. So, this month let's talk about the three toed Wallaby, a lovable little mate from down unda... uh, hold on. What was that you guys?  I'm a what?  OK, OK, I gotcha

Like I said, perfect when you're ten. When you're older, it doesn't have the same positive effect. GameFan hadn't aged as well as I was hoping it would, while EGM on the other hand is like a fine, fine wine. Their legendary 300-plus page holiday issues are still as good today as they were twelve years ago. Their pictures were good enough, not on GameFan's level but the writing, which was far more consistent, more than made up for it

So, for me, EGM > GameFan. I still like GF a lot today, but it's no EGM, especially in hindsight