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Pub: SNKReleased: 4.4.97Special Thanks: Kent R. (pix)
Dev: SNKWritten: 8.9.03Slightly Revised: 8.25.07

Although I had some good times
with Mario on the 8-bit Nintendo,
it was Konami's Contra that made
me a gamer for life: the music,
enemies, the gun-shooting alien
atmosphere -- there was nothing
like it. The overwhelming sense
of vanquishing evil and restoring
order to the universe provided
grounds for a mega jam-packed
adrenaline rush like none other

Many moons later, Metal Slug strolled onto the scene. And it had gamers claiming of a return to the good old days of ''go-right action,'' ''two player 2D shooting bliss,'' insert other like-cliche here

The memories I have of Contra -- the endless nights spent destroying alien monsters alongside my brother and uncle... feels like a different lifetime. Perhaps Metal Slug will take me back, just like it did those many other gamers...


What can I say?  From the start I became a believer. Suddenly I was thrust into the shoes of one, Marco Rossi. Blasting my first enemy soldier, he crumpled to the ground bleeding a horrible yet satisfying death. Oh yes, there will be blood, and lots of it! Bad guy up in your grill? Pull out the knife and BLAM! Talk about a reality check!

Not before long I found the flame thrower. The results were priceless: enemy soldiers engulfed in flames wildly wailing their arms about. A thing of beauty if I ever saw one -- yes siree


The enemy roster I found a tad disappointing though. The soldiers pretty much all look identical. Some attack differently, but I wished they were physically more distinguishable from one another

Where's the token bald-headed soldier? Or the fat one? Or the ''Elite Soldier''... you know, the guy who is slightly bigger than the rest and takes four, five bullets to kill instead of one. I know this ain't Final Fight or Doom we're talking about here, but such enemy diversity would have kicked extra ass. But hey, I guess that's what sequels are for

Halfway through the game I finally had my wish granted. This beefy punk springs up outta nowhere. Possessing a killer gun and the dirtiest mouth in town, I knew I was in for a dogfight...

A barn-burner

A slobber-knocker

Survival of the fittest

Last man standing

Duel to the death

Cutthroat warfare

I think you get the idea

[We do -Ed.]

What a pleasant break from
the run-of-the-mill soldiers.
Killed, he screams ''SEE


Also livening the happenings are
the "slugs" scattered about which
you can hop in and unleash utter
devastation. These bad boys are
sure to rip the bad guys a new one!

                    "COMING THROUGH!"

The details are amazing. Flags can be shot to shreds. [Heh... heh... ahem, nevermind -Ed.] Jump on a snow-covered platform and some of the snow falls off. Stand still and Marco takes a quick swig. Things like such will applease any gamer appreciative of the finer details in life (or at least, their games)

It's good, honest, hard work put in by the programmers

No corners cut

No substitute for hard work

The whole nine yards

The works

Everything but the kitchen sink

Going the extra mile

The early bird gets the worm

I think you get the idea

[Again, we do -Ed.]


Unfortunately, the game does go through occasional bouts of slowdown here and there, but it's not too bad. There are only six levels, so it's pretty short-lived, but it's so easy to pick up and fun to play that you'll probably be back for more in the future


The bosses were, for the most part, marvelous. Unlike other games of this nature you won't find any organic behemoths here. The bosses consist of nothing but cold steel and hot lead. The end boss was a mild disappointment. I expected a little more. But like the rest, he's a blast to blow up. If you love the timeless flash unflash boss patterns of the 8-bit age like I do, you'll be right at home here

                 Don't cha hate blue balls?

                 [I wouldn't know... -Ed.]


I never thought I'd own much less play the Saturn game, ever. But a stroke of luck changed all that. I had a loose copy of US Dragon Force and someone offered to trade me his CIB Metal Slug for my DF copy. The trade was on, March 20, 2002. (My cheap ass probably would have bought it eventually, but at the time I really thought I would never own it). The next morning I had class at 9 AM... but somehow woke up early at 6. It was a sign. I sauntered off to the game room and for the 1st time ever, I could be called a Metal Slug virgin NO MORE!

I still remember how blown away I felt, and how the amazing on-screen frenetic action lit up my gaming room in an array of blood and debris. That day in class, I just kept thinking about my first go. It was one of those "magical" moments that never leave you. Playing games at the ass crack of dawn rocks...


A Sega Saturn import classic and treasure. Every game library needs a title like this. Metal Slug definitely took me back to the good old days and then some. Remember... come back a hero or don't come back at all!

Soldier dismissed