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Written: 1.17.12
Acquired: 2.17.06
Status: Cart only
Price: $6

Pub: NintendoOct. '94
Dev: Nintendo IRD16 MEGS

When gamers all over the world first heard the rumblings of an enhanced state-of-the-art 16-bit Nintendo system that would take any and everything great about the 8-bit Nintendo and amplify it, a shout of euphoria erupted across the gaming landscape. Goodbye '80s and hello '90s!  The possibilities were endless, and most of us began dreaming of our NES favorites making the jump to 16-bits. It took a while (seven years) for Punch-Out!! fans to be vindicated, but vindicated we were!  Dust the gloves off, Mac!
Are you ready for round 2?  Because these old favorites are!

                                          ~CELEBRATION OF MY SUPER NINTENDO RESURRECTION~

Tuesday January 17, 2006 is a night I shall always remember. It was the night I returned to my gaming roots. The night my tender childhood came bursting back. The night a dear old friend came back to the fold. Six exact years later, it's Tuesday evening as I write this. 10 days ago I celebrated 5 years since RVGFANATIC dot com hit cyberspace. Part of me cannot believe how fast these last 6 years have flown by. 5 years ago on this very day I wrote and published my first US SNES game review; a game in which I bought one exact year prior and the first game I bought in my SNES resurrection. You could say January 17 is an important date to me [You poor sad thing -Ed.], and how fitting it is that I celebrate this huge day by bringing into the RVG fold one of my favorite SNES titles -- SUPER PUNCH-OUT!!  I could go on and on (literally) about 5 years since this site has been up, or 6 years of SNES rebirth and redemption. After all, I am a bit of a sentimental sap, you see [More like "mental sap"... -Ed.]. Let me just finish my little trip down memory lane by saying the Super Nintendo has given me so many rich gaming memories over the years. These past six years have been blissful, replaying old favorites, unearthing new ones, and finally finishing classics I should have back in the early-mid '90s. This site for the past five years has been my humble attempt at chronicling my memories and experiences. It's been fun and I hope over the last five years some of my material has struck your fancy. Here's to five more!

Tuesday night, January 17, 2006. Having finished dinner, I logged onto eBay. Just for fun, I typed in "SNES." And the VERY FIRST item I saw ending soonest... was Power Moves. I couldn't believe it. And it was ending in 38 seconds!  I didn't even have the system yet but I knew this was no coincidence. The very first import game I ever rented back in the day... would become the very first game purchase in my SNES resurrection period. How fitting eh?  I remember feeling like an innocent, wide-eyed ten-year-old all over again. Had I really just bought my first SNES game in nearly TEN years?  Am I really coming back to the system that I adored the most during my sweet childhood years? YES and YES!
The joyful memories were flooding back...

I didn't have too long to just sit there and get all mushy. Clicking on the seller's other items, I
also bidded on and won Prehistorik Man, Ignition Factor and Fatal Fury Special all within the next ten minutes. Now I was really shaking and had ample time to get mushy!  I went from zero SNES games one minute, to now having four of them within the next ten!  Furthermore, I had *always* wanted to play Prehistorik Man back in the '90s, but never got around to doing so. I was a huge fan of SNES Fatal Fury 2, and so I was also always curious about how Fatal Fury Special played. Ignition Factor I'd never much noticed back then, but it looked cool enough for me to buy. The next day, I bought childhood favorite Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, Mega Man X, Plok!, NHL '98 and Sky Blazer. Not one to stop there, two days later was back at it again when I purchased NBA Give 'N Go, Super Turrican, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Super Tennis and Kirby's Avalanche. It was all a mix of childhood favorites, games I missed out on, or games I always was curious about but never got to play. It was a glorious, golden time. I was reclaiming my childhood. Bit by bit. Day by day. Game by game. Precisely one month into my SNES resurrection, I sniped Super Punch-Out!! on eBay with one second to go. I was the 9th and final bid. The auction ended at 6:30:00. I sniped it at 6:29:59. At that point it'd been nearly a dozen years since I last played Super Punch-Out!!  There truly was something real special and magical about those days in early 2006, as well as the mid '90s when all these classic gems first came out. Looking back, those were the glory days, indeed. The absolute golden era of gaming :)


If you were a child in America back in the '80s, you had a NES or at the very least you knew of a friend who did. For me, and for many other kids, growing up in the '80s meant, among other things, a steady diet of NES, TGIF, and WWF.
It was Mario and Hulk Hogan. It was Contra and Randy Savage. It was Mega Man and Bret "The Hitman" Hart. It was Castlevania and the Ultimate Warrior. And you can't talk about Nintendo greats without mentioning Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Saturday morning cartoons, WWF and NES defined the late '80s!

Oooh boy, if you missed out on Punch-Out!! back in the day... man lemme tell ya. That was a man's game. It separated the little boys from the men (figuratively speaking, of course). In the late '80s my bro and I rented this game innumerous times. Our friends came over all the time and I swear, a group of kids never had so much fun with a 1-player game before. Who could ever forget classic Bald Bull, Glass Joe or Soda Popinski?  When word broke out about the Super Nintendo, we all figured it was only a matter of time before we'd witness Super Punch-Out!! in all its glory. Many NES legends were resurrected for Nintendo's new hot flagship system, and the mere thought of a souped up 16-bit Punch-Out!! made everyone moist with high hopes and wet dreams [Whoa whoa, speak for yourself, playa. Ya freak -Ed.]. 1991 came, and went. So too did 1992. It was no different for 1993. While gamers the world over delighted in the joys of Super Mario World, Super Castlevania IV, Contra III: The Alien Wars, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and others, still there remained no sign in sight for Super Punch-Out!! Was there no justice?  No love for our man, Little Mac?  Mega Man and Metroid both joined the "Super" party in early '94, but Punch-Out!! fans waited in the dark... until Mac fans were finally vindicated in October 1994. Better late than never!  Was it worth the wait?  Let's take a look...


Old and new faces, souped up graphics and sound... BRING IT!!

It was a long and bitter wait for many. One of the last great NES icons to make the big 16-bit jump. Although, I guess many
of us simply missed the prophetic message given at the end of the NES game... look closely...

                                        See it?  Doggone it, can't believe I missed that back in the day...


Indeed, some old familiar foes have returned. I guess that's why they say the past has a way of catching up with ya. Bald Bull, Mr. Sandman and Super Machoman are back for round two and hungry for revenge. It's a definite nod to fans of the original who waited so long. I would have loved to seen more old faces return, such as Piston Honda and Soda Popinski, but I'm glad they picked three of the very best. Now let us meet the other boxers shall we...

Although 3 formidable old foes stand as champion of their respective circuits, there are plenty of new adversaries looking to put a quick end to Mac's comeback attempt!  My personal favorites being Masked Muscle and Piston Hurricane. I guess King Hippo is enjoying his retirement!  As always, Punch-Out!! delivers character-driven boxers and a wacky, zany universe all its own. It just wouldn't be Punch-Out!! if it were any other way!

Mac's all grown up... but is he ready?  Only one way to find out!

                                                 After many years and many moons... at long last.....

About darn time, Nintendo!  Now all your sins have been forgiven

                                                                 Others have tried, but no one's done it better


In the NES game you'd receive a star for when you counter-attacked, landed in a swift blow, and so forth. This acted as your rite of passage to using "super punches." In this game things run a little differently. No stars, just bars!  It will be there as long as you don't get hit

Make the pain rain, Mac man!

                                                                                                  MEET THE BOXERS


Ranked #3 WVBA Minor Circuit
From: Paris, France
Age: 56
Weight: 110
Record: 1-99

Born in Paris, Gabby Jay originally was a waiter at a small café near the Eiffel Tower. However, one day something snapped and he felt the need to become a professional boxer. After graduating from the Glass Joe Boxing School (by KO'ing Glass Joe -- his one lowly win), he entered the professional circuit. Some have advised him to change his ring name as it bears too much resemblance to Glass Joe, but Gabby Jay insists on not believing in silly superstitions of being associated too closely to a crappy boxer

He should have listened

Jay opens each fight with his pathetic war cry of "YAY!"

Pop goes the weasel, and to the weasel GOES POP

                                                                                      Glass Joe 2.0. Still got bugs, too...

Jay's your first challenge, and I use that word loosely. Just like Glass Joe from the NES game, Gabby Jay is a joke and an ideal foe to accustom yourself to the game's mechanics. Poor bugger. He's 56 for crying out loud. It almost pains ya to dish out the hurt. ALMOST. Look at the way his poor eye pops out like that. Some folk just need to know when to quit

Alright, enough clowning around with this old fool. One super punch and Jay's been knocked back to 1944

We all need to know our calling in life. What you do is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. For Mr. Jay, he should have stayed bussin' tables in Paris!

We kids back in the day called 'im Gabby Joke...


Ranked: #2 WVBA Minor Circuit
From: Saskatoon SK, Canada
Age: 32
Weight: 440
Record: 17-12

Surviving in the frigid northern zones of Canada requires a lot of insulation. Bear Hugger's got all he needs. The heaviest boxer you'll face, do not take him lightly
[HA HA -Ed.]. Though he lacks in boxing technique, his punch packs a wallop!

Originally a carpenter, Bear Hugger grew up beating up on all the animals in the forest. His favorite however was his pet grizzly bear. The bear was his closest rival until leaving Saskatoon to begin his pro career. Bear Hugger will be happy to teach you the necessity of ducking

And you thought Americans were obese...
                                                                    "Go ahead, hit me in the stomach, I dare ya!"

Bad news and good news. The bad news is, to
get him in the right frame of mind Bear's manager
encourages his man "Just imagine your opponent
ate the last slice of your Canadian Bacon pizza"

Thankfully, the good news is, as mean as he looks, he's quite the predictable big dummy, the git

Don't bother wasting your time trying to nail Hugger
in his ponch -- it's as futile as LeBron James in the 4th quarter [Now that's cold -Ed.]

Throw a punch up top to set him up like such...

Throw JUST ONE. Don't get too cocky...

Then prepare to quickly duck out of the way. Dodge sideways, and you'll be hurting

Now show this massive mountain man who the boss really is with a knock-out blow

Although King Hippo is
now sipping magaritas
in Hawaii, his spirit is
strong in Bear Hugger

Aw, no more Mario moonlighting as the ref. Can't have it all, I guess


Ranked: #1 WVBA Minor Circuit
From: Havana, Cuba
Age: 25
Weight: 170
Record: 21-10

After losing his home during a terrible storm, Piston Hurricane hit the streets of Havana. Being out on his own in the mean streets of Havana taught him a thing or two you can't learn anywhere else. It wasn't long before he became known as "King of the 'Vana." Everyone knew him, respected him and feared him. Nobody dared to mess with him. Legend has it, he once knocked out his own mama for looking at him funny. So just imagine what he'll do to you...

When the opportunity to turn pro came along, he was gone like the wind. And everyone in Havana was very thankful for it. Piston's immediate goal is to become the Minor Circuit Champion, and he's determined to demolish anyone who gets in his way. Can you survive his flurry of punches?
                                                                              "Get ready for a CLASS 5 HURRICANE!"

I remember my gaming group gearing to fight this sucker for the very first time, thinking to ourselves, "OH MAN, NOW THINGS GET REAL."  Hurricane just looks like such a bad-ass boxer, you know what I mean?  But then what do we see... Piston playing some sort of peek-a-boo game right before the bell rings!  Laughter exploded in the room. We figured then he wouldn't be much of a threat. I still remember that. Ahhh, the sheer joy of it all...

The streets of Havana must be pretty soft if this guy was king. Dodge his simple punches and toss in some of your own. Extremely satisfying how you jerk his head sideways...

To his credit, he is the first adversary to throw a flurry of punches. So you better be adept at dodging and blocking. Definitely not a class 5 hurricane though. Not even a class one!

Few things in gaming are as satisfying as seeing your opponent all dazed and confused, leaving themselves wide open for a super knock-out punch special. Ah, simple pleasures

Truly one of the pure joys of Punch-Out!!
is seeing your opponent knocked out silly, flying back to their neutral corner to give you an all-too important breather (and in classic Punch-Out!! form, madly tap the buttons to recover any health you may have lost)

It's sadistic. It's barbaric. It's a man's man's game. No wonder we love it so!

And oh, it's absolutely fun, too

                                                                "Go back and be the queen of Havana, sucker!"

Of course, sometimes they don't get back up. That's when you reserve the right to gloat and taunt like there's no tomorrow. Camera flashes abound and the crowd cheers in approval of Mac's mayhem. It's a winning formula that just can't be beat

"Better luck next time, PUSSY HURRICANE!"


Ranked: WVBA Minor Circuit CHAMP
From: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 36
Weight: 290
Record: 34-19

Truly, one of the ALL-TIME iconic villains in Nintendo history. There are many memorable bad guys in the history of 8-bit gaming, but among my two favorites were Abobo and this guy. Universally beloved by Punch-Out!! fans,
it just wouldn't be right if this git wasn't around

And around the block he's been. This certainly ain't Bald Bull's first rodeo. Some boxing pundits claim at his age his best years are behind him, and that he's more reputation at this point than dominance. Nevertheless, they also agree that Bald Bull at 80% of what he used to be is still better than 80% of all the boxers out there

It's been a long day coming. Mac's bigger and stronger now than he was in 1987. But Bald Bull is confident his trusty old "Bull Charge" is still good enough to take down the Mac man. You've had a long and illustrious career, Bull...
                                                                     "Kid, just like fine wine I get better with time!"

The long awaited rematch enjoyed many months of hype, and completely captivated the boxing world. Mac, now grown up, gunning for one of the game's best. Was Mac's win over Bald Bull back in '87 a giant fluke?  Folks, we've waited seven long years for this. Bull has been burning for this moment...

The fight begins with Bull on the offensive. No surprise there

He throws a giant left hook, but Mac swiftly dodges it


Bull tries his big right hook, but Mac is just too quick for him. Gotta love the spittle!

So much hype for this rematch, but it's quickly evident to the entire boxing universe that Mac is a boxer entering his prime, while Bald Bull's an old champ on his way out. Such a sad way to see a classic villain go out, but few bad guys have enjoyed the career he has!

In a last ditch effort, Bald Bull turns to his devastating Bull Charge. Unfortunately for him, Mac's got this ancient maneuver well scouted. The Minor Circuit champ's been dethroned!

The infamous "Bald Bull is flat on his belly defeated" position. You know you love it. Don't feel sorry for him. He's had a heck of a career, but now it's time for the Mac man era!

"Welcome to 1994. THIS AIN'T THE '80s NO MORE, B!"

Mac celebrates his big victory in style. Say hello to the new Minor Circuit champ

At the end of each fight you're given a rather detailed assessment of how well you fought. Mmm mm mm. 30 seconds. For shame, Bull, for shame...

                                       I love Abobo... but where's BALD BULL'S BIG ADVENTURE, eh?!

The awesome power of the SNES saves up to 8 files per boxer. This provided a fierce healthy means of competition amongst my gaming group back in the day. It was always fun to see who could earn the fastest scores

I'm the best there, and that's no BULL

                                               In addition, whole circuit points are recorded. Sweet

Outta the Minors... and into the Major League you go


Ranked: #3 WVBA Major Circuit
From: Kingston, Jamaica
Age: 26
Weight: 140
Record: 24-13

This guy loves to juke and jive. In fact, back home he was crowned the "Jive King" of Kingston. Now he's in the States looking to make a name for himself in the boxing world. Speaking of names... he's thought to be boxing under an assumed name, but no broadcast journalist has dared to ask him since the, ahem, "Columbus" incident

Tony Ellis, our thoughts and prayers go out to you for a speedy recovery...

What we do know is that Bob has some of the fanciest footwork in the game. He's delivered plenty of knock-outs due to his wild unconventional, unorthodox juke and jive boxing style. Bob, sometimes, may appear to be out of control, but don't let looks fool ya... he knows damn well what he's doing out there!
                                                                                "Bob Charlie not Sideshow Bob, mon"

While it looks like Bob's invoking some spooky ritual voo-doo dance, he's actually setting you up for one of his big moves. Don't be mesmerized by his goofy smoke and mirrors...

Nice try, mon, but Mac wasn't born yesterday, son

Mac shocked the capacity crowd when he successfully dodged out of the way. Nobody ever has been able to do that on their first time seeing Charlie's Spin Dryer attack. Second, yes, if they're good, but the very first time?  Never has happened before...

Folks, we're witnessing history being made here!  A legend is being born before our very eyes...


                                                         "Get that WEAK SAUCE outta here SIDESHOW BOB!"

Charlie's dizzy after all that,
and Mac is the beneficiary!



Ranked: #2 WVBA Major Circuit
From: Hong Kong
Age: 22
Weight: 130
Record: 15-7

The youngest boxer in the Major Circuit, scouts are impressed by Dragon Chan. Only 22 years old, and quickly ascending the ranks of the boxing universe. He makes for a terrible interview, though, since he nor any
of his people speak any lick of English. Pain, however, is universal. And that's exactly where Chan earns his chops

Trained as a kick boxer, Dragon Chan is not afraid to use any type of offense he knows. If you thought Bob Charlie to be a little unorthodox, you haven't seen anything yet

Watch out for Chan's devastating kicks!

He also possesses the cunning agility of a cat, and if you're not careful, Chan will straight up kick your head clean off your shoulders
                                                                                    No stereotypes in this game. Nope...

See that?  Doggone Chan loves striking his opponent with fierce powerful kicks

He also thinks he's real sly with his crazy rope magic trick... but don't be fooled...

... it's not too difficult
to duck out of the way

Boxers here resort to more unconventional means...

                                                                         Told you that sucker's quick!

But he ain't THAT quick, no sir

How do you say KNOCK OUT in Chinese...


Ranked: #1 WVBA Major Circuit
From: Mexico City, Mexico
Age: 29
Weight: 240
Record: 19-5

I <3 this guy (no homo). I remember when I first saw him in October of '94 I thought to myself... "Now THIS is Super Punch-Out!!"  The design is brilliant, taking a hulking masked wrestler and slipping on him a pair of gloves. This guy ain't no puny Rey Mysterio Junior!

After being banned from professional wrestling for spitting an unknown substance at his opponents that caused them to become disoriented, Masked Muscle earned the dubious titles of Amigo To None and Crown Prince of the Cheap Shot. He's a tough hombre with zero ethical codes and a nasty disposition to match. If you can beat Mr. Muscle, then you've truly earned the opportunity to face the WVBA Major Circuit Champion!

Beware his dreaded purple shower...
                                                                                "Deep down everyone wears a mask..."

Interesting pattern here. When Muscle misses left, you can only counter him with your
left. When he misses with his right, you counter with your right. All brawn, no brains!

What he lacks for brains, he makes
up for it with his noggin. Take a look

When you see Muscle rev up like he does here...

             ... get ready to dodge!

                                                    You can't telegraph your moves like that on MAC MAN

Now bust that sucker in the crackers

I sure do hope he's wearing his cup...

          Desperate, the vile Masked
          Muscle resorts to more...
          underhanded shenanigans,
          like this deadly purple mist!

                                                               Somewhere, the Great Kabuki is all smiles

Mac ain't no fool, though. After successfully dodging the purple mist, Mac hammers Masked Muscle back to Mexico. Oooh, look at that lovely spittle there. Beautiful...

               What happens though if the mist
               connects?  Let's take a look...

                                                                     The WVBA has no rules. Suck it up, soldier

AH -- total disorientation!
Everything goes hazy. You can only dodge and block while your vision is fuzzy. A very cool touch. First time we kids saw this it just about BLEW our minds. Good ol' Nintendo magic

Thanks for the memories, Masked Muscle. You're a solid bad guy


Ranked: WVBA Major Circuit CHAMP
From: New York City, New York
Age: 30
Weight: 270
Record: 28-4

Classic Mr. Sandman returns from the NES original. He looks superb in 16-bit eh?  The first seven boxers were easy to dispose of, but I vividly recall quaking in my boots when this mammoth came on my TV screen. And indeed, he's the first real challenge you'll face

With his mighty powerful punches and even temper, Mr. Sandman confidently reigns as champion of the WVBA Major Circuit. Often in the habit of holding back, the big guy waits until he's in danger of losing a match before unleashing his full arsenal of punches. When he does though, it just may be "lights out." But don't you worry, Mr. Sandman will be sure to bring you a nice dream all right... or a nightmare to end all nightmares

Can you survive the Chocolate Thunder?
                                                                                      "GOOD NIGHT LITTLE MAC!!!"

The Champ sure packs a mighty punch. Better dodge them all, or you'll be face down on the canvas after a couple blows

You're playing with the BIG BOYS now, Mac

   "Umm, are you sure he's
   even tempered?  He sure
   doesn't look it to me....."

                                                  You just worry about keep dodging and weaving, son!

Even Sandman's jabs pack dynamite. His fist is as big as your whole head!  One punch from you might have little effect on him, but string together a couple and you'll certainly have his full attention!  It's a bad thing to stir Sandman's anger, but you're in it to WIN IT!

You better not get smacked by Sandman's devastating uppercuts. Watch out for his
delayed version too. Special delivery... that one can be a bit tricky for first timers...

Mr. Sandman takes Mac to the distance, but in the end, David slays Goliath. Look at all that spit coming out that foo's mouth. He never knew what hit him, that's fer doggone sure. You had a heck of a run, Sandman

Congrats, Mac -- you've graduated into the World Circuit. It's headlined by another old friend... Super Macho Man!

Mr. Sandman will return later on... you'll see...


Ranked: #3 WVBA World Circuit
From: Dublin, Ireland
Age: 23
Weight: 160
Record: 18-10

Aran's mother insisted upon spelling his name in an untraditional fashion. From the time he entered school and all his classmates learned of this, he was subject to endless teasing. Unwilling to take it and live out the true meaning of NVC (non-violent communication), especially when mention was made of his mother, he grew up to be the unrelenting scrapper he is today. How lucky for you

To be honest, I never did like this guy much. He uses Piston Hurricane's sprite and is quite forgettable. After facing such cool bad guys as Masked Muscle and Mr. Sandman, you can't help but be a little disappointed in the direction they took with the first World Circuit boxer

When agitated, Ryan gets his squeeze on...
                                                                                "Ya need a four-leaf clover to beat me"

Just like Piston Hurricane, watch out for his down-low, up-top combo

Aran's sort of a turbocharged version of Piston, with some wrinkles tossed in

Aran Ryan may be fast, but
you've got him well scouted

So much for that four-leaf clover, eh?

Nothing like a face full of FIST to get one's attention!  Have some humble pie, playa

                                                  Be weary of his last-ditch effort... it's a tricky one!

The timing is a bit tricky, if you mess up on
it he'll grab and squeeze the life outta ya. All
the while regaining his. That doggone son of a
biscuit... who in tarnation does he think he is?

"Hey Ryan, go give your momma a hug!"


Ranked: #2 WVBA World Circuit
From: Osaka, Japan
Age: 19
Weight: 120
Record: 14-8

After being trained as a youth in Nihon Buyo (a form of Japanese ballet), Heike Kagero learned how to box to defend himself. He is not afraid to use his quick speed and dance moves while boxing

The youngest fighter in the entire game, Kagero is full of energy and has a promising future. His unusual style often confuses his opponent. He is definitely no push-over, especially the first time around. And, you better beware the hair. Beware the hair, ya heard?

Like Aran Ryan, I also never did care much for this character. It's Dragon Chan's sprite in a very bizarre twist (bizarre though as in 'meh' not 'memorable' if that makes any sense). Oh well, can't win them all I guess

                                                                                              BEWARE THE HAIR

He'll whip his hair around in a mad twirl. It's about the only interesting thing about him

I always thought back in the
day how much he looks like
a horse... an UGLY one too

Not much to see... let's move on...


Ranked: #1 WVBA World Circuit
From: Milan, Italy
Age: 27
Weight: 370
Record: 17-9

Originally an opera singer, Mad Clown joined the circus after suffering a nervous breakdown. After tiring of the nightly performances of juggling and attempting to drive a car that was much too small for him, he turned to boxing. There he found immediate success and quickly rose his way nearly to the very top of the World Circuit. Mad Clown believes that clowns aren't scary, they're just horribly misunderstood. And he isn't above beating some knowledge into ya either!

And no, there's zero truth to the rumor that he's Bear Hugger after a mid-life crisis..... Nintendo IRD simply got a little lazy for the World Circuit

He's a clown. He's mad. He's Mad Clown...
                                                                              "I'm a HIT at parties -- really I am!"

Mad Clown's a big boy. Avoid those meaty hooks or else. You know he's got serious issues with that red nose and green hair. My daddy always used to say never get into a fight with a crazy, ugly person. Coz they got nothing to lose...

Shame they didn't give him white face make-up

Mad Clown hasn't forgotten his roots.
In fact, he's rather proud of it, the git

                                                                  "Hey man, is this boxing or a freak show?"

One of his tricks is tossing his balls [No comment... -Ed.] at 'cha. Which way will they go? Better be on your toes, for you won't know until nearly the last split second. Dodge quick!

Then he springs into action. For
a 370 pounder, he is surprisingly agile. Get ready to duck, Mac...

Mad Clown does a MEAN cannonball

Just like Bear Hugger eh?  Hmm, maybe they're long lost brothers, or something...

Beware his lethal tricky punch

"I've had enough clowning around..."

A super punch sends the big lug twinkle toe-ing his way down to the canvas. NICE


Ranked: World Circuit CHAMP
From: Los Angeles, California
Age: 28
Weight: 230
Record: 29-3

Some things simply refuse to die off along with the '80s. Super Macho Man is back for Round 2 and he's as vain as ever after all these years. But hey, he finally managed to obtain an even tan. Not only has he worked on perfecting his tan, but he's also taken his boxing skills to the next level. As hard as he was last time you fought him, he's double tough now. He's not the reigning Champion of the WVBA World Circuit for no doggone good reason. The champ describes himself as a mere two hundred and thirty pounds of lean, mean, fighting machine

Right smack dab in the prime of his career, Super Macho Man is looking to advance to the Special Circuit. But only one of you will make that jump...

                                                                          "Step aside, kid... I'm posing for my fans!"

You thought Bald Bull and Mr. Sandman were tough? You ain't seen nothing yet, son. NOTHING

Mac Man vs. Macho Man -- it's the rematch of the decade!

Macho don't play. After missing a mean hook shot, he goes right in for the kill...

Remember his classic spin around punch in the NES game?  It's back, and believe
it or not, more vicious than ever before. Be prepared to duck... up to SIX times!

That's right, Macho will spin-punch anywhere from once up to six times. Which one is it gonna be this time?  Guess wrong, and it's lights out. Guess right, and it's night night!

Sweet seeing his head snap back in agony

                                           Uh oh, now you've pissed him off. HERE COMES THE PAIN

Macho's flurry of heavy blows catches Mac off guard, and now he's off his feet to boot

Macho's corner man gives the final instructions... good luck kid!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on Mac. Not this time...

In the end, after a long hard fought battle of blood and sweat, our Mac man goes out on top. Yeah, you better believe it. Look at that boy's eyes over there rolling JUST rolling in the back of his head. That's what I'm talking about! Look at that, the knock out punch didn't even connect yet. But he just knows it's coming, and his mind shut off in anticipation. Go ahead Macho, show off to your fans your best pose -- flat on your back!

Special Circuit's a cool movie [Short Circuit, fool -Ed.]

                                     Best of luck, Mac. From here on out, it's a WHOLE NEW ball game


Can you figure how to hit him in his precious face?

                                                     You better find out if you want to beat this git!

Hoy knows all the tricks in the book. Heck, Hoy wrote the book!

                                                 He's a tough son of a fortune cookie, believe you me

This is one baaaad mutha... his only loss comes via his twin bro...

                                            Say a prayer and get the hospital reservation ready to go...

The best and most dominant boxer in the universe. Unstoppable...

                                      There certainly weren't folks like the Bruiser Bros back in the '80s!


Who could ever forget Super Punch-Out's graduating class of '94?

                                             Us kids got a good chuckle or two out of this back in the day


I love the time attack mode. It allows you to fight for the fastest times and records your high scores for glory and the right to taunt and gloat. It's something the 8-bit NES version didn't have. I often fire up Super Punch-Out!! just to beat up on certain boxers... it never fails to satisfy for a quick 10-15 minutes... every time

Even though it's 1 player only, this mode made it very competitive

While the main game is clearing all four circuits, once you do that, the real meat of the game is coming back to the time attack mode time in and time out. This mode increases the game's replay and longevity significantly. I doubt I will ever tire of stopping Bald Bull dead in his tracks during his Bull Charge. It's not the kind of game I play for hours on end, but the kind which I pull off the shelf consistently for a short burst here and there

                                                         WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. NO TIME FOR LOSERS...

Nothing beats beating your previous high except beating someone else by one tenth of a second. It's no doubt a HOLY COW type moment

Beating someone by one tenth of a second is AWESOME

I don't know what to say. Some people are just natural gamers... and really good at what they do. What can I say... it's a gift...

                                                                    I was simply locked in the 'ZONE' that day...

Believe it or not, I've beaten Super Macho Man in under 8 seconds. Look and see for yourself right there. I submitted this shot to Nintendo for the world record, but for some weird reason unbeknownst to me they have rejected my submission. Me thinks they just jealous I broke the mold on Super Macho Man... [Me thinks you're a buffoon -Ed.]

Under eight seconds baby, oh yeah *pops collar*


Super Punch-Out!!
received some serious magazine love in late '94. With its huge and colorful characters, the previews and reviews for this game taunted us with its loud razzle and dazzle. The SNES was at its absolute peak and it was a sequel long overdue. Needless to say, my entire gaming group couldn't wait to get our hands on it. Check out some of these magazine spots and recall how cool gaming mags once were

Embark with me if you will, on a fond trip down memory lane

Goodness gracious. GameFan's glossy pages, their unique and intriguing layouts combined with the game's larger than life graphics made this epic preview one for the ages

                                               Kids of today will never know what they missed out on

I remember studying each bio, imagining how it would play

                              Back then all you needed were some screenshots and your imagination

More tantalizing magazine action. It was a mega event in my group

Nintendo Power Magazine got in on the act too. As always in the '90s, they had their own artwork and some classic mini game breakdowns. Underrated mag during SNES' reign

                                            Piston Hurricane's one of my faves. Love knocking him out

Another fave of mine. I always loved the mask design on him


                                     And of course my main man, B.
                                     He's probably my #1 favorite in
                                     the series. When we first boxed
                                     back in 1987, I knew Bull and I
                                     shared a kinship. He's simply
                                     what video game bad guys are
                                     all about. Highly memorable,
                                     distinctly unforgettable, with a
                                     fun moniker, a great design and
                                     satisfying to fight everytime out!

                                                                                               We'll never forget ya, B


It was a cold and dark night in Anytown, USA. An old bulldog roamed the streets. If you looked close enough, you'd recognize him as Mac. Yes, that fabled '80s boxing teen heart throb. Made a comeback in '94 and then disappeared into the background of life. Mac is now 59 years old, and tonight, Mac cannot sleep. Something gnaws away at his core. A feeling he hasn't felt in over 20 years... what was that rumbling from deep within?

At some point we all hit a stage where we long for past glories...

Ya better believe it. That rumbling was coming from... the basement. Mac's basement. The knees are feeling good. The joints are working. The back's never felt better. Was it possible? Could it be?  At 59 years old, would Mac make one last return to the ring?

                                              Mac was itchin', and he knew he had to scratch that itch

The night was eerily calm and still. Like the calm before the storm. Mac's old trainer, Doc Louis, couldn't believe what Mac wanted to do. Mac didn't tell Doc explicitly, but Doc knew. He had seen that look in Mac's eyes before. The very same look that Mac had right before he knocked out the likes of Bald Bull, Mr. Sandman and yes, even Rick/Nick Bruiser. The Mac man is hungry, and he wants one more fight. One more shot to shine in the bright lights

It was a surreal night... the kind you only see in your dreams

Mac and Doc got back in the car and drove around town. One by one, they stopped off at Mac's old haunts. Mac peered inside the store as though he were peering down his very soul... it was dark...

                                             This place used to be the life of this town, Mac thought...

Then they headed over
to the old pet shop on 4th Avenue. It was where Mac got his first pet fish. Poor Freddy. It only lived six weeks. Mac recalls it

Mac: *sniff*

Doc: Hey Mac, you crying?

Mac: Ah no. No no no

Doc: Looks like tears to me, Mac

Mac: C'mon Doc, you know I got allergies
"Ha... yeah, whatever you say, Champ"

Mac: Damnit Doc, look at this will ya?  This is where I grew up. My mom bought me a Nintendo with some boxing game in 1987 here. Lotta memories, Doc. You know they say if you live in a place long enough, you are that place...

Doc: I ain't no talking building. Listen, enough yapping. I gotta get your 60 year old butt ready for the Sandman!

Mac: 59, Doc. And you know what to do: bust out that old bike of yours
                                                       "Man, where does the time go, huh, Doc?"

It was just like old times. Except now they're both really old. Mac and Doc's wild training regimen was legendary in the '80s and '90s. Doc had Mac training 24 / 7. Tonight begins the comeback trail!

Doc: Hey Mac, some great memories of our infamous bike runs eh?

Mac: Speak for yourself Doc. I did all the hard work you know!

Doc: I keep tellin' ya, it's one of those cases where it hurts me a lot more than it hurts you...
"Of course Doc, of course... aiite, let's get this show on the road!"

Doc: Man Mac, I gotta be real here. You sure put on a lot of weight in the last 20 years

Mac: I'm not the only one who's changed. You hardly look like the Doc Louis I knew!

Doc: What, you must be going blind in your old age

Mac: Doc, shoot real with me. Am I doing the right thing by stepping back into that ring... do I have a shot to shock the world?

                                        "Mac, life only gives us one shot. LET'S SHOCK THE WORLD!"


Doc: Alright Mac, this is your night. You've put in the hours. You've dropped the weight. Whatever happens out there tonight, I'm proud you got this far. Few people make it here

Mac: Just one thing Doc. You should know me better than that. I ain't satisfied making it this far. I didn't come all this way to finish in 2nd place. Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody

Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that!

Doc: Um...

Mac: Whoa, sorry. I get my wires crossed from time to time you know

Doc: That one's probably Nick Bruiser, 1994, Cleveland. 1st round uppercut

Mac: Don't worry 'bout me Doc. I still got most of my mental facilities

Doc: *mutters under breath*  Faculties

Mac: Say something Doc?

Doc: *shakes head*


Mac: Hey listen Doc!  They playin' my music. You know what that means

Doc: I know what it means. Hey Mac, I'm proud of you, like a father. This is your night. Mr. Sandman ain't what he used to be. Heck, none of us are. But you're better than him. Always were, and you always will be. Now you go out there and you give it everything you've got!

Mac: Man, I love you Doc Brown

Doc: *mutters under breath*  Soda Popinski, 1987, Vegas, 2nd round hook

Mac has adoring fans of all generations. Grandpa's have passed Mac's legacy down to their fathers. And fathers to sons. After all this time away from the spotlight, folks still fondly remember. And they're not shy to show Mac the appreciation he's due

                                                        Go ahead Mac, enjoy it. You've earned it

For one last time, Mac, with good ol' Doc Louis by his side, makes that long walk down the aisle, with the capacity crowd chanting his name in ecstasy. The show of adoration sent chills up and down Mac's spine. Even if he doesn't win, this moment is forever etched in time and in his heart

"LET'S GO, MAC!  *clap clap*  LET'S GO, MAC!  *clap clap*

Mr. Sandman paces in
the ring, awaiting Mac's arrival. We haven't seen Sandman in decades. He still looks good... REAL good. It's the rematch of the century. Mac Man vs. Sandman... ring the bell!

                                     R.I.P Bernie Mac. The REAL Mac legend, now making Jesus laugh

At the end of a hard fought battle, busted and bruised, Mac took a moment to acknowledge his loyal legion of fans. It's been one heck of a ride. We've witnessed here tonight two boxing legends go toe to toe one last time. The sport will never be the same again. As for who won, the fans did. The sport of boxing did. In an era where we push youth and quickly cast aside the old, this was a historic night where tradition was honored and appreciated



Super Punch-Out!!
was very well received by the majority of fans and critics alike. While more seem to prefer the NES original, very few have had anything less than favorable to say about Super Punch-Out!! on the whole. It graced the cover of GameFan (and a truly superb cover it was), October 1994. GameFan's signature character, the Postmeister, stood in Mac's place. A bit of a glory hog, that one. EGM gave it ratings of 79% and 86% (given by their two sports game writers, as opposed to the traditional four person review panel). GameFan rated it 90, 95 and 95. Finally, Super Play Magazine lavished Super Punch-Out!! with a lovely 90% score

That glory hogging Postmeister was on many GameFan covers...

EGM ranked it the 56th best game on their Top 100 Games list (issue 100, November 1997). Interestingly enough, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! did not make the cut. EGM obviously were in the camp that preferred the SNES version. Fans could argue all day which is the superior game...

                                       Interesting it never came out in Japan until March '98 (flash ROM)

I was angry EGM didn't give it the traditional four person review!

                                        I was even more appalled when I saw this score back in the day!

Ah, good ol' Super Play. Reliable chaps, they were. PREACH IT!


There will always be a special spot reserved in my gaming heart for this franchise, for Mac and for all his crazy enemies. The original on the NES was one of my favorites back in the late '80s, and I couldn't wait for the inevitable 16-bit "Super" treatment. It was a wait longer than any of us expected... but just like "make up presents" in early January -- better late than never. I'm extremely glad Nintendo kept some old faces, such as Bald Bull, as a nod to the fans. And did he ever look great in 16-bits!  The graphics are bigger, better and you can really see the bulging muscles on their bones. I also love how the visuals has sort of an arcade-like look to it. With an older and bigger Mac there's a certain nostalgic charm that comes along with it. Everything is larger than life. It's Punch-Out!! the way it's meant to be  ^_^
Super Punch-Out!! is a perfect example of better late than never!

In addition to the three old faces, there are some new opponents to scout and take out. You'll have to learn all their techniques, such as Masked Muscle's paralyzing mist. It all adds to the wacky and zany fun of the game. There's just something special and sacred about Punch-Out!! Maybe it's all the larger than life boxers. Maybe it's the comic-like silly brutality of it all. Maybe it's figuring out all the opposition's weaknesses and then exploiting them for it. Or maybe it's simply a timeless classic from the golden days of retro gaming. I like to think it's all of those things, along with, of course, the fact that I think all of us can relate to Mac. We all love a good "underdog" story, and I believe there's a little Mac inside each of us. It's David vs. Goliath, good vs. evil, you against the world. There's something simple and beautiful about that

                                       Indeed there's a little Mac inside each and every single one of us!

Sure, Super Punch-Out!! is far from perfect. Seeing a few more familiar faces wouldn't have hurt my feelings, especially Piston Honda. Many fans prefer the villain roster of the 8-bit original, claiming the 16-bit roster to not be as memorable. Fans have argued over the years about which game is better. My personal preference you ask?  It's real close.
I love both and am glad I don't have to choose just one. The NES one is better overall
I think, but there's something to be said about the 16-bit super-ization of Punch-Out!! that took the game to new heights graphically and really brought home an arcade-like feeling and quality. The SNES game eliminated the 3-round system and instead had a 1-round three minute rule. I do prefer how the SNES version tracks your knock-out punches (full meter vs. earning stars) and you had four different knock-out punches in Super Punch-Out!! as opposed to just one in the NES game. The Bruiser brothers are brutal, but they're definitely no "IRON" Mike Tyson. Did I mention the awesome battery-backed capabilities of the SNES game, allowing you to store top scores and compete among friends?  Oh, but did I mention the legend that is SODA POPINSKI?  Look, it's like being forced to pick your favorite child. I love both of these games for different reasons. The bottom line is, sweet boxing carnage awaits. The games, not your kids...

All in all, Super Punch-Out!! is, undoubtedly, a Super Nintendo classic. It's aged very well too. It's still a game I love to pick up and play even to this day. You can't talk about the best SNES games and *not* have this one come up somewhere in the discussion. Whether you prefer the NES version or SNES, there can be no denying that Super Punch-Out!! is a worthy sequel. Sure, more boxers, seeing ol' Doc Louis and having some cut scenes would have been great, but I'm more than satisfied with what they gave us after making us wait seven long years. This is one of those games that I envision myself playing well into my twilight years, when I'm as old as Hoy Quarlow himself (God willing). It's fun, highly accessible, and I'll never tire of stopping Bald Bull dead in his tracks. Video game boxing just doesn't get much better than this. Play this classic game today, and remember how lucky we were back when SNES was alive and well. These are our sacred childhood memories. Like Mr. Sandman, Bald Bull and Super Macho Man, they shall never fade away... now if you'll excuse me, I got me a couple Bruiser brothers to go beat up... ;)

Graphics: 9
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 9
Longevity: 8

Overall: 9.0

Gold Award

A few old friends coupled with a whole batch of new competitors, combined with that classic Punch-Out!! gameplay, and what you have here's a bonafide instant classic in Super Punch-Out!!  Every SNES fan has to own a copy in their library, or else your collection is incomplete. Thanks for all the memories, Mac and cheesy fiends. From Glass Joe to the Bruiser twins, you guys will always have a special place in gaming history. Bust out your copy and destroy these fools all over again... and remember the days when gaming was so simple, fun and pure magic

Finally!  After nearly 20 years, I finally dethroned both Bruisers  :)